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Demand Studios Rewrite

Demand Studios allows content writers to whip up $15 worth of content at a time (most of which can be finished in a half-hour), submit it and be paid the following week.  Sounds like a pretty decent gig, right?

For the most part, it is.  When you’re short on client work and have finished all your marketing, website maintenance and whatever else you do as a freelance writer, Demand Studios makes nice filler income.

There’s a little catch, though.

Demand Studios’ editors have the ability to bring your PayPal deposits to a screeching halt by requiring you to rewrite your content.  Editors have that right, and you agree to it when you sign up to work with Demand Studios – but with Demand Studios, sometimes you’re better off not rewriting your content at all.

You don’t know your editors at Demand Studios.  Each of your pieces is anonymously graded by a different editor.  Different editors have different peccadilloes, preferences and interpretations of Demand Studios’ guidelines.  You only get one chance to rewrite it according to the editor’s guidelines, and you don’t get to contact them to ask for clarification.  If they reject your rewrite, the article goes into the trash and you won’t get a dime.

When should you choose not to rewrite your content?

Many writers never rewrite Demand Studios articles – it simply isn’t worth their time.

You should avoid rewriting your content for Demand Studios when: the editor’s requests seem unreasonable; the rewrite would take just as long to complete as the original writing (essentially cutting your pay in half); you’re unclear on what the editor wants; or you just don’t feel like it.

At $15 a pop, it’s okay to take out a few words here and there or re-punctuate an article according to AP style (which you should’ve done in the first place).  It’s not okay to rewrite an entire piece because you’ve then written two for the price of one.

When you’re unclear on what the editor wants, you run the risk of missing the mark entirely.  In most cases, it’s better to cut your losses than to rewrite an entire article while speculating on what the editor was looking for.  Remember – you can’t contact the editor for clarification, and you only get one shot at a rewrite.

Any time you feel that rewriting your article isn’t worth your time, it isn’t.  That’s all there is to it.

If you do have rejected articles, Demand Studios allows you to appeal the rejection in hopes of getting paid; however, that’s more time you could’ve been writing for clients or maintaining other aspects of your freelance writing business.

Articles that have been rejected or sent back for rewrites by Demand Studios’ editors are still the property of the writer – and you’re probably better off submitting those to empty titles on Helium or selling them on Constant-Content.

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