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Drive your E-Commerce Sales with 10 Effective Social Media Strategies

Social media tools from Vines to Kickstart can accelerate your e-Commerce Business growth. Here are some essential strategies that will get your brand noticed. When you’ve played your cards right by using these proven technologies, your online sales will reflect your level of success.

Planning and carrying out a successful e-commerce campaign requires knowing the media tools available to you, and how to best use and coordinate them.  Below are the ten of the most useful media tools, with examples of how to best use each to ensure the ongoing success of your campaign.


Vines can be used to show a product in the process of being used. Vine is a new iOS app allowing people to record video in 6 second loops.  People are always drawn to your site to see if a product will suit their needs. Taking a brief video demonstrating how a real person, you for example, is making use of a product in your life is an excellent mechanism to connect others to help them envision how they might use that product as well. You can encourage your customers to take videos of themselves as they’re using your products. One Vine video for Gap showcases women demonstrating how certain pants go better with selected show styles.


Your Google Account gives you the opportunity to create a public YouTube channel. You will be able to upload videos, leave comments and make playlists. TRESemme’s YouTube channel is a great example of how a company of any size can make use of YouTube for ecommerce. Each product in a how-to video is available for purchase when the “Buy Now” button is clicked.


Useful for company recognition, brand recognition and product recognition, larger companies are harnessing Instagram for associating their brand with au courant style and greater popularity.  This vehicle of eCommerce promotion is helpful for showcasing your products as the most desirable. Conversely, Instagram has fewer of the powerful features possessed by Twitter and Facebook. Metrics can help you evaluate just how effective your presence is.


If you have a film or entrepreneurial product in need of funding, perhaps you should be thinking about Kickstarter. Crowdsourcing.org recommends that you build your reputation on this site by telling your heartfelt story on a stunning video and creating a sensible reward structure. When you have succeeded in capturing the demographic appropriate for supporting your plans, you’ll find yourself with a circle of devotees in a community outside you family and friends. These supporters will contribute the time, skills and funding you need.

Ross Fish illustrates a happy example of his successful art product pre-sale. You can see the delightful details on Young and Naive.


One effective way to drive business to your e-Commerce site is by identifying the problems your products solve and publishing them on your website. Organize your website by category with each one on an individual page. Then search for people asking questions that your product will solve. In Twitter you can ask questions that your product will provide an answer to, such as “Best chairs for scoliosis?”

your category link as an answer.


Most everyone loves coupons. So why not take advantage of Facebook to use coupons to draw customers to your website?  Facebook-only coupons and special offers helps attract new customers while keeping current customers happy. Use of coupons does not always require 3rd party apps. You can create special promotional codes that are defined for your e-commerce site and post those to Facebook.

LinkedIn Networking

With LinkedIn Networking you can connect with companies, individuals and businesses relevant to your E-commerce and business goals all over the world. You can prune and grow your network to accommodate the best fits. Keep your focus on the pulse of the industry you represent and the customers you serve.


Yelp is all about authenticity. They recommend that you provide great customer service and that will be reflected in a positive way on Yelp. You can help things along by creating Yelp promos that will offer service seekers a great Yelp Deal.


Advertising with Reddit can increase visitors to your site at a very low cost (under 4 cents). If you’re fortunate, your ad will go viral. A visually appealing and even surprising search engine ad with a catchy title will draw the attention you seek. Take a look at some successful Reddit ads to get a creative direction for your own. Then use your analytics to monitor your traffic in order to discover if you’ve actually been effective.


Vimeo is an outstanding platform for disseminating information of a non-commercial nature. It provides the bandwidth for presenting informative videos which can help educate an audience in a non-commercial way. When used in combination with your company name, you can show yourself as an expert in your field.

Patrick Richards presented his graduate paper “Applying the NPR COPE strategy to Cross-Channel E-commerce,” demonstrating how multi-channel e-commerce is creating exceptional growth in online retail. Missing out on multi-channel opportunities because of poor accessibility can cause potential customers to switch to other retail providers. When you write a well presented and well-reasoned presentation, your online stature will grow.

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