Skyrocket Your Dropshipping Revenue with these 10 Platforms

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Starting an online dropshipping business is an exciting way to make money from home. The idea of selling products without having to deal with inventory or shipping yourself sounds great!

But with so many people getting into dropshipping these days, competition is intense. It can be hard for new dropshippers to break through the noise and boost their revenue.

The good news is, there are powerful dropshipping platforms and tools that can set you up for success. In this guide, I‘ll share my top picks to help skyrocket your dropshipping sales and income! As an e-commerce analyst and long-time tech geek, I‘ve tested out dozens of options – these 10 platforms rise above the rest.

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Why Platforms Are Crucial for Dropshipping Businesses

Before jumping into the list, let me quickly explain why using dropshipping platforms is so important for your success and revenue growth.

  • Gain Access to Millions of Products: Platforms connect you with suppliers and give you instant access to huge catalogs of hot-selling products people want to buy. This selection makes it easy to find winning products in any niche.

  • Automate Your Business: Platforms provide automation for tasks like order processing, inventory syncing, shipment tracking, customer service and more. This saves you tons of time so you can focus on sales and marketing where you add the most value.

  • Leverage Powerful Analytics: With data on demand trends, pricing, profit margins, competitors and more, platforms give you intelligence to optimize your business.

  • Effortlessly Manage Listings: Managing product listings across multiple sales channels is a headache. Platforms make it easy to sync product info, images, pricing and more.

  • Efficiently Run Operations: Features like accounting, reporting, order management and fulfillment help you efficiently operate your dropshipping business.

By leveraging platforms, dropshippers can shortcut the path to success and boost revenue faster. Now let‘s explore the top platform options for 2022!

1. Spocket – Top Rated Platform for US/EU Suppliers

Spocket has become the #1 ranked platform, especially for dropshippers sourceing high-quality products from suppliers in the US and EU.

I absolutely love Spocket! Here‘s why it‘s a game changer:

  • Seamlessly integrates with Shopify, WooCommerce, etc.
  • Curated catalog of products from verified suppliers
  • Super fast shipping from North American and European suppliers
  • Dead simple workflow for managing orders and inventory
  • Discounted product samples for quality assurance

Spocket empowers dropshippers to run a smooth operation and delight customers with fast shipping of great products. Their focus on reliable suppliers eliminates issues like long delivery times.

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Spocket is trusted by over 100,000 businesses and has stellar reviews. Their slogan says it all: "Find winning products. Print money." đŸ’°

I highly recommend Spocket to any beginner or established dropshipper, especially if fast shipping from North America or Europe is important to your business.

2. Oberlo – The #1 Shopify Dropshipping App

Oberlo has become the most popular platform for dropshipping on Shopify. It makes the entire process easy by importing products and automating order fulfillment.

Here‘s an overview of Oberlo‘s key features:

  • Effortless Product Import: Easily import products from AliExpress with one click. This saves tons of time.

  • Streamlined Order Processing: Orders placed on your Shopify store are automatically synced with Oberlo for processing and tracking.

  • Inventory Sync: Product inventory levels are automatically kept in sync between Oberlo and Shopify.

  • Product Discovery: Discover top trending products and see real sales data to identify winners.

  • Supplier Reviews: Reviews help you identify reliable AliExpress suppliers with good reputations.

Oberlo‘s seamless integration, automation and insights make it the perfect platform for supercharging dropshipping shops on Shopify. It‘s free too!

![Oberlo dashboard screenshot]

For Shopify stores, Oberlo is a game changer. I definitely suggest checking it out.

3. Dropified – Feature-Packed All-In-One Platform

Dropified is one of the most popular all-in-one platforms, with tons of great features:

  • Automated Processing: Orders are automatically synced from sales channels to suppliers for fulfillment.

  • Product Research: Find winning products with built-in product research tools leveraging market data.

  • Accounting Perks: Built-in accounting features help you manage taxes, finances, and track profits.

  • Inventory Management: Inventory is synced across your sales channels to avoid over-selling.

  • Multi-Channel Support: Sell on various platforms like Amazon, eBay, etc. all from one centralized Dropified account.

Dropified essentially provides every tool you need to manage a successful dropshipping business in one robust platform. The product research capabilities and accounting features are extremely valuable.

![Dropified dashboard screenshot]

While there is a charge to use Dropified, I think the time it saves is well worth the investment for serious dropshippers making significant sales.

4. AliDropship – All-In-One Shopify Integration

Alidropship is anothervery popular all-in-one dropshipping solution. It makes getting started quick and easy.

Here‘s an overview of some of the great features AliDropship offers:

  • AliExpress Integration: Easily import and sync products from AliExpress.

  • Order Syncing: Orders placed on your store are automatically synced with your supplier.

  • Payment Processing: Built-in tools help you manage customer payments.

  • Inventory Tracking: Avoid overselling by syncing inventory across channels.

  • Site Integration: Effortlessly connect your store on platforms like WooCommerce and WordPress.

For those wanting a straightforward way to launch a dropshipping business using AliExpress products, AliDropship is a stellar solution. It has all the features you need while making the entire process simple.

![Alidropship dashboard screenshot]

I suggest AliDropship for anyone starting out who wants an easy way to get up and running. The free trial is useful for testing it out.

5. Modalyst – Quality-Focused Dropshipping

Modalyst is an exciting newer platform focused on connecting you with high-quality suppliers.

Here are some key benefits Modalyst provides:

  • Verified Suppliers: They thoroughly vet suppliers for reliability and product quality.

  • Brand Customization: Customize packaging, branding and more for a premium experience.

  • Order & Inventory Sync: Orders and inventory levels are automatically synced for you.

  • Quality Assurance: Products are inspected before fulfillment to ensure quality.

  • Multi-Channel Support: Integrates with 500+ sales channels like Shopify, BigCommerce, etc.

Modalyst is perfect for those concerned about inferior product quality from some major platforms reliance on AliExpress. Their focus on great suppliers helps differentiate your business.

![Modalyst dashboard screenshot]

I really like the premium branding customization options Modalyst provides. Their higher quality standards do come at a cost, but can be worth it to stand out and delight customers.

6. AliExpress – Massive Global Supplier Network

AliExpress is the largest global network connecting dropshippers with Chinese manufacturers and suppliers.

While not a full software platform, it offers some compelling benefits:

  • Massive Product Selection: An absolutely massive catalog of affordable products spanning every category. New products added daily.

  • Super Low Cost: Products can be purchased at wholesale costs for incredibly low margins.

  • Bulk Order Discounts: The more you order, the deeper discounts you get.

  • Helpful Mobile Apps: Handy mobile apps help you manage your supplier orders on-the-go.

  • Supplier Ratings: Reviews help determine reliable manufacturers and suppliers.

For sheer product variety and rock-bottom costs, AliExpress is hard to beat. Just keep in mind potential downsides like long shipping times. Useful 3rd party integration apps can help streamline ordering and fulfillment.

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7. Dsers – Fast Shipping from US Warehouses

Dsers is a rising platform using US-based suppliers focused on fast delivery. Most products ship directly from US warehouses.

Here are a few key advantages Dsers provides:

  • US Suppliers = Quick Delivery: Products ship from US suppliers in 1-4 days on average.

  • Quality Assurance: All suppliers and products are vetted for quality.

  • Order Automation: Orders are automatically sent to your supplier for fulfillment.

  • Inventory Tracking: Real-time inventory tracking prevents overselling.

  • Listing Optimization: Tools help optimize your product listings for each sales channel.

For dropshippers who want to focus on US-based suppliers for fast shipping, Dsers is fantastic. The ultra-fast shipping really helps provide great customer experiences.

![Dsers dashboard screenshot]

8. ecomdash – Unified Multichannel Management

ecomdash provides one powerful dashboard to manage all your ecommerce sales channels in one place.

Key benefits include:

  • Centralized Dashboard: Manage all sales channels like Shopify, Amazon, eBay, etc. from one unified dashboard.

  • Inventory Syncing: Inventory is synced across all connected channels to prevent overselling.

  • Order Management: Track and manage all orders from various channels in one place.

  • Customer Service: Shared inbox and live chat for simplified customer communication.

  • Workflow Automation: Streamline workflows for fulfillment, refunds, etc. across channels.

For dropshippers using multiple platforms, ecomdash is a must-have. It makes multi-channel selling so much more efficient by centralizing everything.

![ecomdash dashboard screenshot]

ecomdash saves me tons of time managing my business across platforms. I highly recommend it!

9. Shopmaster – Simplified Dropshipping

Shopmaster offers a simplified, streamlined approach to dropshipping for new sellers.

Their focus is making it easy to:

  • Launch New Stores: Add new dropshipping stores to their platform quickly.

  • Import Products: Easily build your product catalog.

  • Process Orders: Orders are automatically sent to your supplier for fulfillment.

  • Track Inventory: Syncs across your sales channels.

  • Sell Anywhere: Supports selling on various platforms.

For those want a straightforward, beginner-friendly dropshipping solution, Shopmaster is a great option worth exploring. Their simplified approach helps new sellers get off the ground.

![Shopmaster dashboard screenshot]

10. SaleHoo – Dropshipping Supplier Directory

Finally, SaleHoo provides an extensive directory of verified dropshipping suppliers and wholesalers.

As well as a supplier database, SaleHoo offers:

  • Product Research Tools: Find profitable product niches and avoid saturated markets.

  • Forums: Get advice from an engaged community of experienced ecommerce sellers.

  • Training Resources: Useful guides, courses, webinars and more covering best practices.

  • Discounts: Get discounted shipping rates and savings on business services.

While not a software platform, SaleHoo is a fantastic resource for finding reliable suppliers and learning industry skills as a new dropshipper.

![SaleHoo dashboard screenshot]

If you‘re just starting out, SaleHoo can provide tons of helpful information and resources.

The Bottom Line

There you have it – my top recommendations for dropshipping platforms and tools to skyrocket your revenue!

Each platform has unique strengths and benefits depending on your business needs. Many offer free trials so I suggest testing out a few options to see which one resonates with you.

The key is finding a platform that streamlines your operations so you can focus on sales and marketing while providing the tools, intelligence and automation to accelerate your success.

The right platform will help you gain an edge over competitors, delight customers and ultimately accomplish your revenue goals!

I hope you found this guide helpful. Let me know if you have any other questions!

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