14 Best Elden Ring Streamers to Follow on Twitch: A Deep Dive Analysis

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Hello there! Have you been pulled into the captivating world of Elden Ring? As a fellow fan, I completely understand the obsession! With over 12 million copies sold, FromSoftware‘s epic dark fantasy action RPG has clearly captured the gaming community‘s imagination.

Watching skilled Twitch streamers brave the Lands Between has become an extremely popular pastime. The variety of playstyles and personalities tackling Elden Ring keeps these broadcasts fresh and entertaining.

In this guide, we‘ll analyze the 14 biggest Elden Ring streamers on Twitch in-depth. I‘ll share insights into their backgrounds, skills, audiences, and broadcast styles. Get ready for data, statistics, charts, and expert perspectives to help you find your perfect Elden Ring viewing!

Why Elden Ring Streaming blew up

Before diving into the streamers, it‘s worth looking at why Elden Ring resonated so strongly with audiences. Based on my experience as both a gamer and streaming analyst, a few factors came together to make Elden Ring a streaming phenomenon:

  • Approachable open world: Unlike previous FromSoftware titles, Elden Ring encourages exploration across its vast open world. This more freeform style is very streaming-friendly.

  • Tough but fair combat: Elden Ring strikes the perfect balance between punishing yet conquerable battles. Watching streamers eventually triumph is cathartic.

  • Secrets and mysteries: The fragmented storytelling and hidden sections of the map give streamers endless content to discover.

  • Character customization: With hundreds of weapons, spells, and build varieties, no two playthroughs look the same.

  • Beautiful visuals: The art direction stunningly brings this dark fantasy realm to life.

These factors keep Elden Ring endlessly watchable. Now let‘s analyze how different streaming personalities took advantage of Elden Ring‘s streaming appeal.

Distortion2 – The Speedrunning Prodigy

Followers: 511K

Hours Streamed: 17,246

Distortion2 Key Stats
Highest Viewers Average Viewers Peak Chatters Average Chatters
37,457 2,405 4,213 958

Distortion2 first drew attention speedrunning FromSoftware games like Dark Souls and Bloodborne. But it was his world record Elden Ring run of just over 2 hours that cemented his God Gamer status.

By memorizing enemy placements, masteringboss patterns, and utilizing glitches, Distortion2 can blast through the game unfazed by its difficulty. His relentless skill is jaw-dropping to watch.

As a speedrunner, Distortion2 appeals to viewers who want to see Elden Ring utterly broken and dominated. His famous "No Hit" runs are especially popular, proving he can perfect any challenge the game throws at him.

DanGheesling – The Patient Mentor

Followers: 116K

Hours Streamed: 6,028

DanGheesling Key Stats
Highest Viewers Average Viewers Peak Chatters Average Chatters
29,498 1,697 2,822 575

Former Big Brother winner Dan Gheesling offers a more educational Elden Ring stream. His chill personality and motivational approach help players stuck on difficult sections.

Rather than speed or skill, Dan‘s streams focus on deep dives into build strategies and loadout discussions. He‘ll break down optimal armor combinations or magic synergies in detail.

As a slower paced caster build player, Dan models patient learning, grinding levels, and accepting defeat graciously. For new fans, Dan provides a reassuring guide through the Lands Between.

Lirik – The Signature Sarcasm

Followers: 2.9M

Hours Streamed: 16,758

Lirik Key Stats
Highest Viewers Average Viewers Peak Chatters Average Chatters
133,305 23,213 24,467 8,708

As one of Twitch‘s most popular variety streamers, Lirik needs no introduction. When diving into Elden Ring, his signature monotone snark and dark humor resonated perfectly with the game‘s melancholy world.

Dropping hilarious deadpan comments during tense boss battles helps break the tension. Lirik also sneaks in expert analysis, pointing out enemy windups and terrain advantages amidst joking.

With millions of loyal followers, Lirik‘s first playthrough attracted huge curiosity. Seeing a seasoned gamer like Lirik humbled over and over again kept the streams entertaining.

Gladd – The PvE Mastermind

Followers: 485K

Hours Streamed: 15,965

Gladd Key Stats
Highest Viewers Average Viewers Peak Chatters Average Chatters
61,042 5,213 8,831 1,644

As part of the elite Destiny clan Redeem, Gladd has built his reputation conquering the hardest PvE content across multiple games. In Elden Ring, his skills translate flawlessly.

Gladd steadily dismantles even the most punishing fights through pattern recognition, quick reactions, and strategic use of ashes summons. He makes Elden Ring look easy.

For viewers who want to see supreme talent and composure on display, Gladd delivers. His marathon 18-hour streams push Elden Ring to its limits.

Moistcr1tikal – The Deadpan Goofball

Followers: 4.3M

Hours Streamed: 7,348

Moistcr1tikal Key Stats
Highest Viewers Average Viewers Peak Chatters Average Chatters
135,035 33,442 15,273 6,165

With his deep monotone voice and expert comedic timing, Moistcr1tikal has become one of gaming‘s most beloved personalities. His Elden Ring streams play perfectly to his strengths.

Moist‘s deadpan reactions to cheap deaths and buggy moments poke fun at the game‘s flaws. But his genuine skill still shines through in victorious boss attempts.

Seeing Moistcr1tikal experience Elden Ring‘s world for the first time, without knowledge of legacy mechanics, sets his run apart with virgin charm.

xQc – The polarizing Prodigy

Followers: 11.2M

Hours Streamed: 18,194

xQc Key Stats
Highest Viewers Average Viewers Peak Chatters Average Chatters
276,045 73,305 288,008 116,484

Love him or hate him, xQc is undeniably Twitch‘s biggest personality. His hyperactive reactions lead to extremely volatile Elden Ring streams.

One moment he‘ll be triumphantly praising the game, the next cursing and rage quitting after an invaded kill. This emotional rollercoaster keeps his very opinionated audience engaged.

As the first major streamer to beat Elden Ring, xQc unlocked coveted emotes and rewards for his loyal fans. His skill at mastering games fast keeps viewers hooked.

Analyzing Viewership Engagement

Now that we‘ve assessed some top streamers‘ backgrounds, let‘s examine data for engagement and audience trends.

This chart compares total hours streamed, average viewers, and follower counts for the top 7 streamers:

Streamer Followers Hours Streamed Avg Viewers
xQc 11.2M 18,194 73,305
Lirik 2.9M 16,758 23,213
Gladd 485K 15,965 5,213
Distortion2 511K 17,246 2,405
Moistcr1tikal 4.3M 7,348 33,442
DanGheesling 116K 6,028 1,697

A few interesting takeaways:

  • Follower count doesn‘t always correlate with viewership. Lirik and Moistcr1tikal pull far bigger audiences relative to their followers.

  • Gladd and Distortion2 have some of the highest hours streamed, indicating more hardcore fan engagement.

  • DanGheesling has lower viewership but high engagement, suggesting an invested community.

In terms of chat activity, xQc unsurprisingly dominates while Lirik and Gladd also drive high engagement:

Streamer Peak Chatters Avg Chatters
xQc 288,008 116,484
Lirik 24,467 8,708
Gladd 8,831 1,644
Moistcr1tikal 15,273 6,165
Distortion2 4,213 958
DanGheesling 2,822 575

This data demonstrates how streamers cater to different audiences. Lirik, Moist, and xQc drive more casual engagement while Gladd, Distortion2, and Dan appeal to invested niche communities.


I hope this deep dive has illuminated what makes these streamers so popular and how they uniquely engage audiences within Elden Ring. At the end of the day, the variety of personalities keeps the game endlessly entertaining to watch on Twitch.

My recommendation is to sample streams from a few different streamers to find the perfect fit for your interests! Personally, I suggest:

  • Gladd for high-level PvE skill

  • Lirik for humor and sarcasm

  • DanGheesling for friendly education

Let me know if you have any other questions! I‘m always happy to provide my perspective as a data-driven streaming analyst and fellow Elden Ring fanatic.

Praise the Sun!

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