The Complete Guide to Conquering Email Overload with eM Client

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Email overload is the modern workplace epidemic affecting millions worldwide. Employees spend an average of 28% of their workweek reading and responding to emails according to McKinsey. That‘s almost 13 hours drained unproductively on the inbox!

As a fellow productivity geek, I know the struggle. Over the years, I‘ve tested every trick and tool to tame my crazy inbox.

And I can tell you one solution that has worked wonders for me and thousands of other professionals: eM Client.

This power-packed email manager has transformed my productivity like no other.

Today, I‘ll share why I‘m such an eM Client evangelist. You‘ll see how it can help reclaim YOUR time lost to email chaos too.

By the end of this guide, you‘ll be itching to grab eM Client for yourself. Let‘s get started, fellow productivity ninja!

Why Email Overload Needs a Black Belt Solution

First, let‘s understand why uncontrolled email is public enemy #1 for your time.

Email Keeps Exploding

Email is the preferred communication medium for businesses. But our inboxes are exploding out of control.

According to Radicati Group, the average business user gets 122 emails daily. Emails sent worldwide will hit 366 billion by 2023, up from 293 billion in 2019.

Email Statistics

With this email deluge from colleagues, customers, newsletters and more, our inboxes turn into bottomless pits.

We‘re Addicted to Email

Despite the overload, we just can‘t tear ourselves away from email either.

Why? Email is THE gateway for critical work information and correspondence.

  • 71% say email is very important for their job
  • 61% check email on weekends
  • 48% feel pressured to respond quickly

No wonder we obsessively check email – don‘t want to miss anything important!

But being "always on" email wrecks havoc on our productivity and mental health.

Unmanaged Email Destroys Productivity

Here‘s what happens when email overwhelms your work life:

  • You waste hours sorting and responding to low priority messages
  • Vital emails get buried and missed causing delays
  • Frequent interruptions kill your focus and derail work
  • You constantly fall behind and play catchup

According to a study, poorly managed emails costs companies over $14,000 per employee annually!

Clearly, we need a better approach to curb email chaos. Which brings us to eM Client.

Why I Love Using eM Client as an Email Ninja

eM Client began as a pet project by two developers to organize their own bulging inboxes.

Today, it has grown into a full-fledged enterprise email manager with over 1.5 million loyal users globally.

Here‘s why I‘m such a fan:

It‘s Freakishly Fast

eM Client loads emails insanely fast, even with gigantic inboxes. Its proprietary indexing and searching makes finding any message a cinch.

I just enter keywords to instantly see all related emails without laboriously opening each one. This one feature alone is a lifesaver!

It Automates My Workflow

Creating rules to filter emails automatically has eliminated my manual sorting chore. I use rules judiciously to process different types of messages for higher productivity.

For instance, I have rules that:

  • Label/move messages from key people to my Priority folder
  • Forward meeting invites to my Calendar
  • Filter out obvious spam and newsletters
  • Send certain emails to specified folders
  • And so on!

With my workflow on autopilot, I handle emails much faster.

It Busts Procrastination

eM Client helps stick to my email schedule so I‘m not glued to my inbox 24/7.

I disable notifications and check emails just 3 fixed times during my workday. This batch approach keeps me focused on meaningful work.

No more wasting hours on low priority messages or procrastinating real work.

It Keeps My Data Secure

I rely on eM Client‘s military-grade encryption to discuss confidential company information safely via email.

Sensitive data always remains fully encrypted and impossible for hackers to decipher. I never worry about email security anymore.

It Fits My Unique Needs

I love that eM Client is highly customizable. With add-ons and an open API, I‘ve tailored it exactly for my workflow.

For instance, I‘ve connected it to my company CRM for seamless customer data sharing between sales and support teams.

The ability to extend features is a huge plus for a power user like myself.

Clearly, eM Client has all the capabilities to handle high email volumes intelligently. But how does it actually work?

How eM Client‘s Smart Features Conquer Email Chaos

eM Client comes packed with a range of sophisticated features to automatically process high volumes of daily emails effectively.

Let‘s examine some of the leading capabilities:

Rules That Make Your Inbox Smarter

The rules engine is the real workhorse that makes eM Client stand out.

Based on conditions you specify, rules automatically sort incoming messages into priority folders, label, delete, forward or file them.

eM Client Rules

For example, here are some sample rules for fast email triaging:

  • Messages from the boss directly move to Urgent folder
  • Emails with "sales inquiry" in subject line get tagged "Follow Up"
  • Out-of-office replies skip the inbox and go into the Updates folder
  • Obvious spam is deleted based on keywords like "Act Now!"

You can create unlimited rules to precisely handle different types of emails on autopilot. This eliminates 90% of the manual sorting effort.

According to eM Client power users, smart rules are the biggest reason for their set-it-and-forget-it email workflows.

Lightning Fast Search to Find Emails in a Flash

eM Client‘s proprietary search functionality is blazing fast and staggeringly powerful.

Just enter any keyword and you instantly see ALL related messages in a split view without laboriously opening emails one by one.

You can quickly scan message snippets to identify the right thread. Click to preview the full email – including content and attachments – right within eM Client.

This rapid search capability is a lifesaver when you need to retrieve an important older message or attachment.

Email veterans say eM Client‘s search alone boosts their productivity by 2-3 hours daily!

Securing Confidential Emails with Encryption

If your role involves sensitive discussions like contracts, financials, legal issues etc., email security is a priority.

eM Client uses industry-standard PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) encryption to scramble messages during transit.

Encrypting an email is as easy as clicking the encrypt button before sending. Only recipients with the right digital key can decrypt and read your message.

eM Client Encryption

This prevents confidential data from falling into the wrong hands if emails are intercepted.

eM Client ensures your secret company information stays fully protected. No more worrying about email privacy!

Hassle-Free Team Collaboration

With most basic email clients, collaborating with colleagues on messages is chaotic and painful.

eM Client solves this headache with streamlined team features.

You can easily share mailboxes and allow teammates to send emails on your behalf. The permissions are granular – give full or limited access based on each person‘s role.

Shared folders keep conversations with prospects organized and visible to the team. The integrated chat also enables real-time coordination on responses.

With eM Client, your group handles client requests promptly while presenting a unified brand voice. Seamless teamwork results in superior customer experiences.

As you can see, eM Client equips you with enterprise-level functionality so you always come out on top, however mammoth your inbox gets!

Real-World Results from eM Client Users

The proof is in the pudding, as they say. Let‘s hear from actual eM Client users about how it has improved their productivity.

Thomas manages recruiting and onboarding processes at a fast-growing startup. Here‘s what he says:

"Email used to drive me crazy – I had no system to manage resumes, interview schedules and candidate queries efficiently. eM Client was a total game-changer! Rules automatically route emails to appropriate folders where the right people can handle them quickly. Its templates also save me tons of time with quick responses for common questions. Recruiting workflows are SO much smoother after bringing on eM Client!"

Charlotte leads engineering projects for a construction firm. She explains how eM Client helps her team:

"Our customer service depend critically on fast, well-coordinated responses to inquiries. With our old email setup, this was chaotic. Emails got missed, answers were ambiguous causing delays. Now with shared mailboxes on eM Client, my team has full visibility into customer conversations. We handle queries promptly while delivering consistent service. I love the encrypted messaging too – it allows us to discuss sensitive project matters safely via email, which wasn‘t possible before."

As you can see, eM Client has helped diverse professionals take back control of their inbox and boost productivity.

The savvy automation, speedy search and encryption capabilities transform email efficiency at any scale.

Let‘s now get into the nitty-gritty details of using eM Client like a ninja!

An Insider‘s Guide to Mastering eM Client

Ready to tame your out-of-control inbox? Here is an expert playbook to unleash eM Client‘s productivity superpowers:

Step 1: Get eM Client

First, visit the official website and download eM Client for your Windows or Mac machine.

The well-designed installer makes set up a breeze. Choose your desired theme to get started.

eM Client Theme

Next, add your existing email accounts to eM Client. It connects to all popular providers like Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook etc.

To start sending encrypted emails, you‘ll need to create PGP keys too. Just follow the wizard – this takes just a minute.

And that‘s it – you‘re ready to harness the full power of eM Client!

Step 2: Configure Settings

Before diving in, customize eM Client for peak efficiency.

Enable the features you need like calendar, chat, rules, templates etc. Set notifications and themes to suit your taste.

Under Accounts, configure options for your individual mailboxes like:

  • Sync schedule – Automatic or manual
  • Days to sync – 3 days, 1 week etc.
  • Notifications – Email alerts, desktop or mobile pop-ups
  • Display settings – Group messages into conversations etc.

Take time to thoroughly explore settings to optimize the app for your needs.

Step 3: Set Up Rules

This is the gamechanger that‘ll automate mundane sorting in your inbox.

Under Tools → Rules, create filters that tag, delete, move or forward emails based on criteria you specify.

For example:

If sender is [email protected]
   Move message to Urgent folder

If subject contains "sales inquiry"
   Tag message "Follow Up"

If email contains "Act Now!" 
   Delete message

Craft rules judiciously to process different types of incoming messages automatically. This eliminates hours wasted sorting each day!

Step 4: Maximize Search Skills

Hone your search chops to retrieve any message or attachment at lightning speed.

Hit Ctrl + F to search from your inbox view. Use advanced filters like:

from:[email protected]
subject:quarterly report

Preview message snippets quickly before opening emails.

With practice, you‘ll gain ninja-level skills to unearth any information in seconds!

Step 5: Install Productivity Add-ons

To take it up a notch, browse add-ons like Boomerang for Gmail and eM Notes.

Expand capabilities like scheduling emails, taking quick notes etc. tailored to your needs.

Step 6: Encrypt Important Messages

For privacy, remember to encrypt sensitive emails by clicking the padlock icon before sending.

Set up encryption on your recipients‘ end too. Only share confidential information via secure encrypted messaging.

Step 7: Embrace Teamwork

To loop in colleagues, create shared mailboxes and allow Send As permissions.

Use chat to quickly confer on responses. Collaborate to deliver prompt, accurate customer service.

That covers the must-have skills to work email like a pro with eM Client! Practice and develop expertise through regular usage.

Supercharge Productivity: My 10 Commandments for Email Mastery

With the right email management app, your success boils down to smart email habits.

Follow these 10 commandments to squeeze maximum productivity from your inbox:

I. Check Email in Batch Mode

Disable pop-up notifications and resist the urge to check constantly. Instead, build a routine of checking 2-3 times daily at fixed slots.

Processing email in focused batches reduces stress and improves productivity.

II. Mercilessly Unsubscribe from Newsletters

Ruthlessly cut noise and distractions to focus your inbox only on priority conversations. Unsubscribe from advertising emails, social notifications and newsletters.

Use eM Client‘s filters to automatically delete low-value messages too.

III. Let Rules Do the Heavy Lifting

Design comprehensive rules to handle sorting, tagging, moving, deleting etc automatically. Continuously refine rules to streamline processing of different email types.

IV. Stick to Email SLAs

Define service level agreements (SLAs) for responding to priority emails within 24 hours and others within 48 hours. Discipline and consistency in replies builds professionalism.

V. Set Email Blackout Times

Mark Do Not Disturb hours for creative work. Schedule email in slots between deep work sessions. Never mix reactive email with proactive work.

VI. Collaborate, Don‘t CC

Loop in colleagues using shared mailboxes rather than CCing everyone. Have internal discussions directly within eM Client for quick consensus.

VII. Attack Zero Inbox Daily

Make it a habit to process your entire inbox to zero each day. Use the 4D approach – Delete trivial messages, Do the small tasks, Delegate bigger actions, and Defer low priority emails.

VIII. Archive Constantly

File older emails into clean archive folders frequently. A lean inbox helps focus and reduces cognitive load.

IX. Make Search Superfast

Practice searching for older emails quickly without opening each one. Learn advanced operators and keyboard shortcuts to become a search ninja.

X. Encrypt Without Fail

No excuses for lapses in email security – always encrypt sensitive communications. Periodically audit your practices too.

Following these 10 commandments diligently is guaranteed to help you gain inbox zen!

Of course, the journey may take time as you overhaul old habits. But stay patient and persistent.

Soon you‘ll be working your inbox like a black belt productivity master!

Different Needs, Different Solutions

eM Client is a versatile Swiss army knife that works great for most professionals. But it may not be the perfect fit for every scenario.

Certain teams may benefit from specialized tools purpose-built for their needs.

For instance, fast-paced customer support teams often use a shared inbox system for managing inquiries efficiently. This allows multiple agents to seamlessly collaborate on customer emails.

In that case, a dedicated shared inbox platform like Front or Kayako could be a better solution.

The key is to match your email management system with actual needs for the best results.

So don‘t blindly jump on the eM Client bandwagon if your workflow requires specialized capabilities. Evaluate thoroughly and choose what fits.

But for most knowledge workers and small businesses, eM Client hits the sweet spot with its wide range of features.

Time to Kick Email Overload to the Curb!

Phew, that was a lot of information on conquering email overload with eM Client!

Let‘s quickly recap the key takeaways:

  • Unmanaged email wastes hours of productivity and causes stress
  • eM Client provides enterprise-grade capabilities like powerful rules, fast search, encryption to take control
  • Smart automation coupled with disciplined habits can help achieve inbox mastery
  • While eM Client excels for most, those with unique needs may benefit from specialized tools
  • Take time to properly evaluate and choose the right email management solution for your workstyle

If you feel your productivity being dragged down by email chaos, I highly recommend giving eM Client a try.

It just may prove to be your inbox‘s savior too!

So go ahead and grab eM Client to start working smarter.

Here‘s to waving goodbye to email overload, and saying hello to productivity bliss!


Written by Alexis Kestler

A female web designer and programmer - Now is a 36-year IT professional with over 15 years of experience living in NorCal. I enjoy keeping my feet wet in the world of technology through reading, working, and researching topics that pique my interest.