Hey Traveler, Let‘s Enter That Stone Wall and Save a Friend in Genshin Impact!

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What‘s up fellow Teyvat explorer! Have you had the chance to check out the new limited-time Veluriyam Mirage area added in Genshin Impact‘s latest Version 3.8 update? If not, you‘re missing out! The mysterious desert oasis is brimming with illusory challenges just waiting to be uncovered before they disappear when 3.9 hits. And I‘m here to make sure you complete the most intriguing one – saving a cute lil‘ water elemental creature‘s buddy trapped inside a magical stone wall!

Yeah, it sounds crazy, I know. But that‘s Genshin Impact for you! There‘s no limit to the wild fantasies the devs at miHoYo dream up for us to adventure through. This particular quest called "Streaming Projector" starts out with you helping a talking water droplet enter the wall‘s inner world to rescue its captured Gremlin pal.

It may seem simple on the surface, but trust me – completing the quest fully opens up cool story bits that‘ll have lore nerds like myself gushing with glee! Once I realized the connections to The Heavenly Principles and theories about elemental lifeforms, I knew I had to put together a detailed guide breaking it all down for my fellow fans.

So get ready to enter some trippy portals, uncover hidden chests, and save a Gremlin with this complete walkthrough! I‘ll be right by your side the whole way, traveler. Let‘s dive in and make the most of the Veluriyam Mirage magic before it‘s gone!

Overview – The Mysterious Mirage of Desert Illusions

First, I wanna make sure you have access to this quest and understand where it fits into the broader Genshin Impact universe. The Veluriyam Mirage becomes available once you reach Adventure Rank 18 and finish the Archon Quest "Song of the Dragon and Freedom."

This desert area is a temporary addition only around for Version 3.8. An ancient adeptus created the central Oasis of Reflection using their powers over illusions. Various mirages and wonders now populate the landscape. Pretty neat!

The mirage houses a handful of short quests and puzzles to complete. Our focus is "Streaming Projector" – saving that lil water buddy. But feel free to spend time exploring and soaking up the ambience!

Your Mission – Rescue a Water Spirit‘s Captured Gremlin Friend!

Here‘s the sitch, traveler. That bubbly water droplet spirit I mentioned is on a quest to reunite with its captured Gremlin friend. Apparently the curious Gremlin entered a strange stone wall and became trapped in another world inside!

To save it, you‘ll need to help the water spirit enter the wall using a magical device. Once inside this trippy realm, you gotta locate the Gremlin and escape safely back to the mirage with it in tow. Much easier said than done…but no need to worry with me as your guide!

I‘ll walk you through step-by-step how to manipulate the wall, traverse the super weird inner world, grab treasure chests along the way, and reunite the adorable elemental BFFs. Just stick close and keep those weapons ready just in case – this mirage is still crawling with baddies.

Let‘s Rescue That Gremlin! Walkthrough of Streaming Projector

Activate the Streaming Projector Device

After starting the quest, open your map and teleport to the central Oasis area. Look northeast for a tall stone wall covered in strange symbols.

On one side you‘ll see a big technology thingamabob called the Streaming Projector. It‘s blastin‘ a light at the wall! Push the large crate in front of the light beam to block it and activate the device.

Tip: Bring a Geo character like Zhongli or Traveler to make moving the crate easier.

Jump Into the Swirly Portal

With the box positioned correctly, the light transforms into a swirling portal – your entryway into the wall‘s inner world. Just walk up and into the portal to enter. Time to see what lies within!

You‘ll emerge onto a small grassy island in the middle of a dark ocean, with stars twinkling in the night sky above. This serene paradise is known as the Preprint‘s World. Pretty magical, I‘d say!

Locate & Open the Two Chests

While admiring the scenery, keep an eye out for two Precious Chests hidden around the island. Search near the back of the island and behind bushes to find them.

Open them up to snag some useful Genshin goodies like Mora, XP books, enhancement crystals, and Primogems. Hey, we take those free rewards!

Escape Through the Portal

When you‘re all done treasure hunting, head back to the portal you came through. Interact with it to return back outside to the Veluriyam Mirage hub.

Not gonna lie, I took my sweet time leaving because Preprint‘s World was just so dang peaceful and pretty! But rescuing that Gremlin is priority #1.

Watch the Story Unfold!

Upon returning to the mirage, you‘ll see a short scene where the water spirit happily reunites with its Gremlin friend you just rescued! They explain how the curious Gremlin entered the wall but got stuck.

Thanks to you clearing the path, the water buddy could finally enter and save them. Yay teamwork! The quest completes and you get some XP, Mora, and progress towards other rewards.

But more importantly, we got to facilitate an adorable reunion, experience the wall‘s inner world, and learn more about elemental lifeforms in Genshin Impact! That‘s the real treasure.

Additional Tips & Insights For Your Mirage Adventure

I wanna make sure you get the most out of this quest and your time in the Veluriyam Mirage, fellow traveler. So here are some extra tips and insights I‘ve gathered through helping the water spirit:

  • Geo Traveler‘s boulders make moving the crate a breeze. Zhongli‘s pillar can also trap it against the projector.

  • Inside Preprint‘s World, be sure to peek behind the tall bushes – one chest is hidden back there!

  • Various Elemental Sight challenges pop up around the mirage. Keep an eye out!

  • Tighnari‘s Dendro arrows are super effective against the desert enemies.

  • There are rumors the adeptus who formed this mirage once lived in Liyue‘s Jueyun Karst…

  • Talking to some wacky academics in Sumeru revealed theories about elemental embodiments existing before humans within the "ley lines" of nature!

And those are just a few wisdom nuggets to chew on as you explore this magical oasis! Let me know if any other questions pop up. You know I could chat about Genshin Impact lore and fan theories for hours!

For now, I‘m just glad we could reunite that delightful water spirit with its Gremlin pal. And experience such a moment of peace together amidst all the chaos across Teyvat lately. Stay strong out there, travelers!

Best of luck in your Teyvat journeys!

Whew, that ended up being quite the epic saga just to complete one mini Genshin Impact quest! But that‘s how you know it‘s a special one. Thanks for sticking with me the whole way – hope this guide gave you all the tips, tricks, and insights to master "Streaming Projector."

Let me know if you need any other help on your adventures! I‘m always down to gush about lore or strategize beating tough foes. Stay safe out there among the illusions, friend. Maybe I‘ll catch you next time in co-op mode!


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