How to Quickly Fix Error Code 134 in Rockstar Games Launcher

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As an avid PC gamer, I know how frustrating it can be when you get an error trying to launch your favorite game. I‘ve battled my fair share of Social Club and Rockstar Launcher issues over the years. But error code 134 is one of the most common problems that can entirely block you from playing amazing Rockstar titles like GTA 5, Red Dead Redemption 2, and more.

After dealing with error 134 myself, I researched the underlying causes and discovered several proven solutions to fix this pesky error for good. In this detailed guide, I‘ll show you exactly how to troubleshoot and resolve error code 134 so you can get back in the game.

What Causes Error 134 in Rockstar Games Launcher?

Before we get to the fixes, it helps to understand what‘s behind error code 134. Typically, you‘ll see the message:

"Social Club failed to load due to an incomplete installation. Please reinstall/update Social Club."

This points to a problem with the Rockstar Games Social Club platform that the Launcher relies on. After digging into the issue across various forums and running my own tests, I found error 134 is usually caused by:

  • Outdated Game Version: If you haven‘t updated to the latest patch, error 134 can appear due to version mismatch with Rockstar services.

  • Corrupted/Missing Game Files: Key components like .dll files becoming damaged results in error 134 when launching.

  • Incorrect Social Club Install: The Social Club app not installing properly prevents the Launcher from connecting.

  • Network Connection Issues: Server outages or connection problems lead to error 134 as Social Club fails to load.

Now that you know what typically triggers error code 134, let‘s get into the step-by-step solutions and fixes that actually work to solve it.

Fix Error Code 134 Using the Rockstar Games Launcher

First, we‘ll go through fixes using settings and tools within the Rockstar Games Launcher itself.

Update Your Game and Launcher

One of the most common factors behind error code 134 is having an outdated game version. New titles like Red Dead Redemption 2 get frequent updates and you need the latest to sync with Rockstar‘s services.

Here‘s how to update your game and Rockstar Games Launcher:

  1. Close the Launcher if it‘s running.

  2. Right click the Launcher shortcut > Run as administrator. This opens it with admin access needed to install updates.

  1. In the Launcher, click the Settings cog in the top right.

  2. Select "Check for Updates" in the menu.

  3. If any updates are found, let them download and install completely.

  4. Once finished, launch your game again. The new version should sync correctly and prevent error code 134.

Verify Your Game Files

If game file corruption is causing error 134, verifying will detect damaged or missing files. Here‘s how:

  1. In the Launcher, select the game showing error code 134.

  2. Click the Settings cog for the game.

  3. Choose "Verify Integrity of Game Files" in the menu.

  4. This scans and re-downloads any corrupt game files. Let it finish 100%.

  5. With your files fixed, try playing again. Verifying often resolves error 134.

Reinstall/Update Social Club

Since error 134 points to an issue with Social Club itself, reinstalling the platform is a proven fix.

Follow these steps:

  1. Fully close any open games and launchers.

  2. Open Windows Settings > Apps > Apps & Features.

  3. Search for "Rockstar Games Social Club" and select it.

  4. Choose Uninstall and confirm removal.

  5. Restart your PC after uninstall completes.

  6. Download and install the new Social Club app from

  7. Open the Launcher and sign into Social Club again.

  8. Try running your game. Reinstalling Social Club usually clears up error code 134.

Additional Ways to Fix Error Code 134

If using the Rockstar Games Launcher‘s tools doesn‘t resolve error 134, don‘t worry – we‘ll get to the bottom of it with these proven solutions:

Restart Your Network Devices

A quick restart of your modem and router can clear up temporary connection issues causing error code 134.

Follow these steps:

  1. Unplug your modem and router power cables for 30 seconds.

  2. Plug in the modem first and let it fully turn on.

  3. Next, plug in and turn on the router. Wait 2 minutes to re-establish the connection.

  4. Load your Rockstar game again. A network reset often fixes error 134.

Switch to Public DNS Servers

Your ISP‘s DNS servers could be having routing problems reaching Social Club. Changing to public servers like Google or Cloudflare bypasses this:

  1. Open Control Panel > Network & Internet > Network Connections.

  2. Right click your active network and select Properties.

  3. Select Internet Protocol Version 4 > Properties.

  4. Switch from "Obtain DNS Server" to "Use the following DNS servers".

  5. Enter and for Google or and for Cloudflare as your preferred and alternate DNS.

  6. Click OK to save changes. Disconnect and reconnect your network for settings to take effect.

  7. Public DNS fixes connection issues causing error code 134 for many users.

Use a VPN to Change IP Address

As a last resort, a VPN gives you an entirely new IP address that can dodge regional restrictions or ISP connection problems.

To try a VPN:

  1. Install a free VPN app like ProtonVPN or Windscribe.

  2. Connect to a server in a different city or country.

  3. Launch your Rockstar game with the VPN active. This routes your traffic differently to resolve error 134.

  4. If it works, you can set your VPN to auto-connect at boot for a permanent fix.

Advanced Troubleshooting for Error Code 134

If you still can‘t get past error code 134 after exhausting all options, here are a few advanced troubleshooting steps:

  • Update your graphics drivers – Old GPU drivers often conflict with Rockstar‘s services. Use GeForce Experience or Radeon Software to update.

  • Add exclusions for the Launcher and Social Club in your antivirus and firewall. Overzealous security software can block vital processes.

  • Launch the games and Launcher with admin access by right-clicking > Run as administrator. This grants full system permissions.

  • Completely delete and reinstall games as a last resort. This resets any stuck installations causing persistent error 134.

  • Contact Rockstar Support for one-on-one help. Their experts can dig deeper and identify tough error 134 cases.

You‘ve Got This – Error 134 Doesn‘t Stand a Chance

And that‘s it – with the fixes and steps above, you‘re armed to thoroughly troubleshoot and resolve error code 134, getting your access to amazing Rockstar games back for good. Stay calm, take it one solution at a time, and you‘ll have the error beat in no time.Here‘s to smooth PC gaming! Game on!


Written by Alexis Kestler

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