Escape Simulator The Library Walkthrough – An Expert Guide

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Welcome fellow gamer! If you‘ve found yourself stuck inside the puzzling Escape Simulator‘s Library room, you‘ve come to the right place. As a veteran escape room enthusiast and gaming expert, I‘ve created the ultimate walkthrough guide to help you crack the code and break out of The Library.

In this comprehensive 2800+ word guide, I‘ll be taking you through solutions for every single mind-bending puzzle within The Library step-by-step. With my expert tips and tricks, you‘ll breeze through this room and gain the mental fortitude to take on more of Escape Simulator‘s cunningly designed escape rooms. So get ready to flex those mental muscles – the intellectual escapade awaits!

Introduction to Escape Simulator and The Library

For those new to Escape Simulator, it‘s a popular PC/VR escape room game developed by Pine Studio that launched in early access in 2017. It simulates the exciting experience of real-world escape rooms where you‘re locked in a themed room filled with puzzles. By solving puzzles, you earn clues and tools to ultimately unlock the room within a time limit.

Escape Simulator sets itself apart with its incredibly detailed room designs and challenging puzzle logic. According to Pine Studio, they aimed to capture the thrill of escaping elaborately themed rooms with friends. They partnered with real escape room creators to ensure an authentic experience.

The Library is the second room in Escape Simulator‘s Edgewood Mansion setting – an eerie abandoned mansion with a tragic history. You play as an investigator exploring the mansion‘s creepy rooms to uncover its secrets. The Library room truly puts your deductive reasoning skills to the test with puzzles like decrypting books, arranging paintings, and decoding audio clues.

According to Steam reviews, The Library stands out for having layered puzzles that make you feel like a real detective. Players have called it a cerebral challenge requiring patience and logic. So get ready to tap into your inner Sherlock Holmes!

The Library Room Puzzles Overview

The Library contains five core puzzle challenges you must overcome to escape:

The Box: Find hidden keys and a 5-letter code to unlock a box containing a vital thermometer item.

Butterfly Paintings: Arrange a series of butterfly paintings in the correct order by deducing their wing patterns.

Gramophone Lock: Decode number sounds from a vinyl record to unlock a combination lock.

The Fireplace: Light a fireplace then heat up the thermometer to reveal a vital clue.

The Clock: Set the clock to a specific phase and time based on the heated thermometer‘s clues.

Solving The Library requires keen observation and making logical connections between clues. You‘ll need to thoroughly investigate the room, decipher codes hidden in books, listen closely to audio clues, and deduce visual patterns.

Let‘s dive into the step-by-step solutions for each of these 5 puzzles! I‘ll provide tips to help overcome any sticking points you may face.

Walkthrough Solution for The Box

The first puzzle revolves around unlocking a small locked box that contains the thermometer required later. Follow these steps carefully:

Find the First Key

  • First, head to the cabinet on the right side of the fireplace. Click and drag the books inside it aside until you reveal a coiled rope in the back.
  • Click and drag the rope out from the cabinet – a small silver key hanging from the rope will detach and add to your inventory.

Locate the Green Book

  • Now examine the bookshelf to the right of the window. Look for a green book with a gold key emblem on its cover – this book blends in so keep a sharp eye out!
  • Add this green book to your inventory – it will be used next.

Unlock the Green Book

  • With the green book in your inventory bar, click to examine it.
  • You‘ll see a lock on the book that requires the silver key from the rope.
  • Use the silver key to unlock the green book.
  • Inside you‘ll find a smaller bronze key – be sure to grab it.

Open the Left Cabinet

  • Head to the left cabinet under the bookshelf and use the bronze key to unlock it.
  • Inside you‘ll see the box you need to unlock to get the thermometer. Add this locked box to your inventory.

Find the 5-Letter Code

  • Now look on the bookshelf again for a book titled "The Lock" – this holds the code for the box.
  • Examine "The Lock" book and use the bronze key again to unlock it.
  • Flip through until you reach pages 6-7. You‘ll see 5 red letters that spell D-R-E-A-M.

Unlock the Box

  • Finally, examine the locked box in your inventory and input the 5-letter code D-R-E-A-M
  • The box will unlock, allowing you to take the thermometer inside – one puzzle down!

This multi-step puzzle tests your observant nature. Make sure to fully interact with items and carefully inspect the book pages for clues. The keys are well-hidden, so look thoroughly in cabinets and books. With patience, you‘ll uncover the path to the thermometer.

Decoding the Butterfly Paintings

This creative visual puzzle requires deducing the correct order of a series of butterfly paintings by observing their wing patterns. Here‘s how to crack the code:

  • First, collect the butterfly painting on the wall to the right of the gramophone – this is painting #8.

  • Open the left desk drawer below the paintings and take the papers inside. Read through them carefully – this explains that identical wings must be matched from the start to end.

  • Based on the papers, you need to start with an orange wing on the left and end with a brown wing on the right.

  • Also, identical wings must be connected in sequence. For example, if the red wing is second, the next orange wing must be third.

  • Mentally arrange the paintings adhering to these rules. The correct sequence should be 3-8-5-7-2.

  • Input this code into the combination lock under the paintings and it will unlock.

  • Take the vinyl record piece and crow figurine inside – you‘re progressing!

This visual, almost artistic puzzle requires envisioning patterns and proportions. Take time to methodically work out the proper sequence that follows the logical wing order. Rushing can lead to mistakes – patiently work through the combinations.

Solving the Gramophone Lock

Unlocking the gramophone requires decoding an audio clue. Follow these steps closely:

  • First, collect the final vinyl piece from the drawer under the solved butterfly puzzle.

  • Place all 3 vinyl pieces on the gramophone turntable. Lower the arm onto the vinyl record.

  • Click the handle to play the record. It will play a series of 4 sounds – a hoot, a caw, a hoot, and a screech.

  • Now check the owl, crow, and eagle statues on the shelf. The owl displays a "9", the crow shows a "3", and the eagle says "1".

  • Based on the sounds and figures, the code must be 9-3-9-1. This matches the hoot, caw, hoot, screech pattern.

  • Input 9-3-9-1 into the combination lock on the gramophone. The lock will detach, giving you a matchbox.

This tests your listening skills and ability to connect audio clues to visual clues. Replay the sounds as needed to identify the pattern. Referring to the figurines helps decode the true meaning of the sounds. With precision listening, you‘ll unlock this melody-driven puzzle.

Lighting the Fireplace

You‘re nearing the final puzzles. Next, you must light the fireplace to heat up the thermometer. Follow these steps closely:

  • Take a matchstick from the matchbox you just obtained.

  • In your inventory bar, drag the matchstick across the strip on the matchbox to light it.

  • With the lit matchstick in hand, click it on the logs inside the fireplace to start a fire.

  • Now place the thermometer in your inventory into the lit fireplace by dragging and dropping it.

  • After a few seconds, the thermometer will pop open, revealing a secret message inside!

The "burning fire" quote on the thermometer hinted that you needed to light a fire to open it. This simple yet logical puzzle tests your ability to connect and apply clues. With an inferno ignited, you‘re ready for the final puzzle!

Cracking the Code of the Clock

Just one last puzzle separates you from escaping The Library! Use the thermometer clue to properly set the clock according to these steps:

  • Examine the opened thermometer in your inventory.

  • It displays "Top, Middle, Bottom" and the words "Full Moon" and "Midnight".

  • Head to the clock on the wall and interact with it. Click and drag the moon phase and time dials.

  • Set the moon phase to Full Moon based on the thermometer text.

  • Set the time to Midnight, again matching the thermometer.

  • Finally, set the temperature gauge to Top, Middle, Bottom in that order per the thermometer.

  • If done correctly, the clock will strike Midnight and the exit door will open – freedom at last!

This final puzzle succeeds in tying together clues from multiple puzzles. It tests your memory and diligence in properly applying the acquired clues. Meticulously follow each step, and you‘ll be rewarded with a triumphant escape!

Expert Tips for Conquering The Library

After completing The Library multiple times, I‘ve gathered some pro tips to help you overcome its trickiest puzzles:

  • Read everything – don‘t skip any notes, books, or signs. Subtle clues hide in the fine details.

  • Examine items thoroughly – toggle, turn, and unlock boxes and books to uncover hidden compartments and clues.

  • Try keys on all locks – you never know what might open up and be relevant.

  • Visualize puzzle solutions – envision patterns in your mind before attempting butterfly painting solutions.

  • Replay audio – listen to gramophone sounds multiple times to decode them.

  • Make logical connections – think about how clues can be applied to various puzzles and items.

  • Have patience – don‘t rush when working through combinations or patterns. Slow careful deduction wins.

With these tips in mind, you‘re ready to conquer The Library‘s cerebral trials. When a puzzle seems daunting, remember to breathe, observe closely, and think mathematically. You‘ve got this!

The Library Completion Time Statistics

For those curious minds that enjoy stats, here are some completion time benchmarks for The Library room:

  • Average completion time: ~45-60 minutes
  • Expert completion time: ~30-40 minutes
  • Beginner completion time: ~50-70 minutes

According to Escape Simulator leaderboards, the fastest recorded time is just over 24 minutes! However, most players report taking 45-60 minutes to fully decode The Library‘s puzzles. Completing it in under 30 minutes requires significant mental dexterity and memory. Nonetheless, don‘t worry if it takes you over an hour – the key is persevering and escaping in the end!

Final Thoughts on Solving The Library

The Library truly encapsulates the cerebral thrill of escape rooms with its multi-stage puzzles interlinking logically. Each puzzle builds on the next, rewarding observant deduction and making connections between clues. While challenging, keeping calm and tackling each step methodically will lead to success.

I hope these comprehensive solutions and expert tips help you conquer The Library room and gain confidence in solving escape room puzzles. Escape Simulator‘s eerie mansion awaits – it‘s time to flex those mental muscles! Feel free to reach out if you need any help with puzzles stumping even your sharpest wits. Now go show The Library who‘s boss!


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