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Expose your Talent on Website Writing Contests

Website writing contests are always something which I like to come across and participate in and think that unfortunately they are nowhere near popular or plentiful enough. I think that they have a number of excellent benefits aside from the obvious potential financial one and can serve to educate the writer, assist him or her in evaluating their own work and promote their writing particularly among their peers.

When we write to an Internet writing contest, the most common reason for doing so will be to win one of the prizes. This serves as an encouragement to us to produce our very best work to submit to the contest and as a motivation for doing same. It is ill advised to enter any such contest with an expectation of winning it as this can lead to disappointment and perhaps disillusionment in our writing abilities but we should at least have a confidence in our writing to the extent where we believe we stand a chance of scooping either the top prize or one of any runners-up prizes which may be on offer.

When we write to Internet writing contests, the chances are that we are going to look at the work of other writers submitting to the contest, simply as a means of evaluating the competition and perhaps being better able to assess our chances of success. This means that the work of these writers is exposed to the eyes of others and hopefully our own piece will be exposed in this way to other contest participants. By following this practise, we may very well discover the works of a writer which we very much admire and enjoy and can perhaps even learn from their style or way of crafting content. We may seek out further works by the writer and again, we stand the chance of other writers admiring our production in this way and doing likewise. This is therefore a very positive way of exposing our talent online.

Any writing competition will obviously also attract the attention of those who have no intention of participating but wish to see what standard of writing has been offered to the contest. There is a very good chance that some of the visitors to the site in this respect will be publishers, looking to see what talents are out there as yet untapped and paying particular attention to those articles or writings which are successful in the competition. This therefore allows us to expose our best work to those perhaps most likely to appreciate it and wish to purchase it, almost as a residual benefit.

There is of course a danger when we submit work to online writing contests that we will not only fail to win a prize but finish in a very disappointing position in the final rankings. It is human nature that we are disheartened by such an occurrence but we have to be positive about such things if we are to succeed as writers and learn from the experience. Read the winning entry again and perhaps the few which finish in the next top positions and question why the article was deemed better than ours. Learn from what you determine and try to put the tips in to practise. In this fashion, we can not only develop but significantly improve as writers.

We can therefore see that online writing contests can be an excellent way to expose our writing talents, to earn from them and to develop them. I would urge any writer or aspiring writer to enter as many contests therefore as they possibly can and hopefully watch their writing go from strength to strength.

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