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Face book…it’s been around almost five years, and it still tops the chart as being one of the biggest socializing community. So what is Face book exactly. Face book is one of the three (My space, and Twitter on their heels) primary socializing networks. Face book has everything from games, to music, to even celebrity fan pages. You can get an all-access pass to your friends, what they are doing, and what’s going down. You can add your own photos to spread around the entire friend community, or even find out about your celebrity’s happenings, what concerts their at, and if they are coming to your hometown. All in all, Face book is an information overlord, that helps keep friends, and family in touch.

Your Face book wall is where all your friends statuses, what awards you won in a game, and even who’s dating whom. Face book wall’s usually are crammed with info of you, what your friends have been saying and doing for you. You can usually comment on new photos of you or friends can even comment. You can post your status about you. The most important factor is that your Facebook wall is private to you and your friends. This though is why you never ever add a stranger as a friend. Face book wall’s are usually where friends can talk about comments, quizzes, game achievements and awards, and what people can see about what you are doing.

Face book also has games. Farm ville and Mobsters are one of the top, and they are all free. Games include having your own farm, caring for a pet, fighting other friends, or even helping them. The only thing not free is that you can pay for more coins, experience, money, and any other things. Usually after the first four weeks or so, you’ll be raking in lots of coins, and experience.

Face book also lets you keep track of those celebrities, and get the latest tabloids some nuts crave. You can even keep track of friends bands, major bands, churches, clubs, and even blogs like Hub Pages. Most websites you look at have a Face book. You can be a friend, and even be a fan to get the latest on your website. Sort of like an RSS Feed.

Facebook in a nutshell is an on line friend-tracker, and celebrity-hunter website. Just look for the white ‘f’ in the blue square, and you sure to find it.

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