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Facebook Tips

Facebook is a social networking website that has made the world a much smaller place. With Facebook, you can reconnect with friends from high school, long lost family members and coworkers. You may even be surprised by finding distant relatives you never even knew you had. There are essentially two different ways to use Facebook. You can use Facebook for personal reasons or for business. Just remember to keep the two separate because you don’t want potential clients or bosses seeing those embarrassing photos you have been tagged in.


Use Facebook to connect with old friends. Join networks specifically designed to connect people from a certain region, high school or college. By joining a network it will be easier to find friends you often think of wistfully and even friends you had forgotten about.

Use Facebook to post your thoughts. With status updates you can share the daily minutia with friends. Update what you are doing every week, every day, every hour – as often as you like. Beware the compulsion to constantly update your status. Too many updates in too short of a period of time can be annoying for your Facebook friends and may get you blocked from certain people’s news feeds, then they’ll miss out on all the truly awesome adventures you want to rave about.

Another feature of Facebook is Notes. If you find yourself occasionally needing to rant to some friends or have some ideas to share with everyone, write a Note. Notes can be made viewable to all your friends, but be sure to check your privacy settings to make sure the notes won’t be readable by someone you don’t want reading them.

Use Facebook to stay in touch with friends and family. Although many miles may be separating you from the ones you love, Facebook is a great tool to stay in touch and to ensure that you don’t lose connections with people you care about. Reading and commenting on your friends’ posts is a convenient way to stay up to date with your friends.


Do you own a store? Are you trying to make money blogging? Do you need more exposure for your small business? Use Facebook to create a business page. Add all your friends then ask them to spread the word. Facebook groups and fan pages have the potential to grow at a rapid rate if they gain enough exposure. As your business page increases its number of fans or friends, then you can be sure that you will have at least a few of those people thinking about your business when they are in the market for whatever you are selling.

When you have a Facebook business page or group, post updates frequently to allow your fans and friends a sneak peek into what is going on at your business. Offer special Facebook promotions and give Facebook fans special codes to use at the store or online to receive a discount. Everyone loves promotions. The more special offers and coupons you offer through Facebook, the larger your fan base will grow. That also means a larger clientele for your business.

Facebook can be both a blessing and a curse. Remember to keep things off Facebook that you would lead to embarrassment if they fell into the wrong hands.

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