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Facebook Video Is Breathing New Life Into Social Media Marketing

There is no denying that Facebook Video has made a verifiable impact on social media. Businesses are seeking methods for tapping into this rapidly expanding feature thanks to its massive popularity among users, with some statistics showing a whopping 1 billion video views occurring on a daily basis.

While it’s clear that Facebook Video can be a highly effective marketing tool, many businesses are wondering just how to incorporate it into their larger marketing strategy. The following tips can serve as a great starting point for those unversed in all that Facebook Video has to offer.

Getting Started

There are few factors to keep in mind when getting started with Facebook Video. Because videos autoplay on Facebook the first few seconds are extremely important. You want to employ methods that capture your audience’s attention right at the outset to make certain they keep watching for the duration.

Another factor involves just how you upload your videos. Videos that are uploaded to Facebook directly (as opposed to those that have been uploaded to other platforms first and shared as links) are seen by far more users. In fact, direct uploads have a 80 percent share of all videos, meaning that they have a better shot at reaching a greater audience.

Make Content Quality a Priority

Much like other marketing efforts, creating quality video content is essential. This is especially true when considering just how much other content is out there. Marketers must vie for audience attention, which can be difficult when faced with the total saturation of content coming from all directions.

In this case, keeping videos short is highly recommended. You want an effective and concise burst of information for your audience that also affords instantaneous engagement. Even thumbnail selection can be important. A well-chosen thumbnail may serve to pique audience interest, which is vital to attract those users who’ve opted to disable the video autoplay feature.

Don’t Forget to Re-Engage Viewers

Re-engagement of past viewers is another important method for getting the most out of Facebook Video. While views are nice, most marketers ultimately have some sort of end goal in mind for their audience. Fortunately, Facebook offers tools for re-engaging audiences based on their past viewing behavior.

For instance, Facebook allows you to create custom audience groupings that based on certain parameters (such as those who watched a video to completion vs. those who viewed a video for longer than three seconds). You can use this information to determine which audience you will retarget to prevent from wasting your resources. When retargeting an audience, you can use a number of methods to further engagement. These include photo, link, and video ads, which show increased effectiveness when viewed by those who were previously engaged via video. A good call to action is also recommended, as this will inform viewers of which steps to take next.

A New Wave of Marketing

Use of Facebook Video can impact awareness of your brand, while also ensuring your existing customers remain engaged no matter what. To this end, those that use this tool most effectively will surely establish an edge over the competition.

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