Mastering Finn‘s Devastating Followchain Combos in MultiVersus

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If you want to play Finn in MultiVersus, you better be prepared to master the art of followchain combos. Finn‘s combo game is one of the best in the game, with numerous low-knockback moves that link together for explosive damage. Let‘s break down everything you need to know to start chaining together Finn‘s most destructive sequences.

The Vital Role of Combos in Fighting Games

Before we dive into Finn specifically, let‘s quickly cover why combos are so important in fighting games broadly. A combo is a string of consecutive attacks that connect before the opponent can respond. Combos let you convert winning neutral interactions into big damage.

According to statistics aggregation site SSB World, combo damage makes up over 50% of knockouts for top Super Smash Bros players. The numbers are likely similar in MultiVersus. If you want to excel, you need to optimize combos.

Understanding Followchains

One potent type of combo is the followchain (also called a link combo). Followchains use moves with minimal knockback and ending lag to continuously link attacks together. Timing is vital – you must precisely input the next attack as the animation of the previous one ends so there‘s no chance for the opponent to escape.

Finn is one of the best followchainers in MultiVersus. Let‘s break down why.

Finn‘s Moveset for Chaining Combos

Finn has an versatile moveset full of combo potential. Here‘s an in-depth look at his key moves:

Up Ground Attack

  • A quick 6 frame upwards sword slash
  • Very low knockback scaling – doesn‘t gain much power over time
  • Only 10 frames of ending lag
  • Large hitbox covers both sides

This is one of Finn‘s best combo starters. The speed, low knockback, and minimal ending lag make it easy to link into other attacks. Use it frequently to start juggles.

Down Air

  • A downwards dagger stab that spikes opponents
  • Meteor effect drags opponents down in sync with Finn
  • 13 frames of end lag
  • Auto-cancels out of short hop

Down Air pulls airborne enemies down with Finn, making it one of his most vital combo tools. Use it to connect moves after jumps and juggle opponents.

Side Ground

  • A horizontal sword swipe
  • Very low set knockback – each hit does 2 damage
  • Can often connect 3 times on grounded opponents

Spamming multiple Side Grounds can rack up quick damage. It‘s key for Finn‘s grounded followchain combos.

Up Special

  • Finn‘s backpack becomes a helicopter, launching him upwards
  • Knockback scales heavily based on charge time
  • Travels very fast vertically
  • 10 frames of end lag

A fantastic combo finisher due to high knockback when charged. Also can extend juggles if used uncharged.

Side Special

  • Zooms forward on Jake‘s skateboard
  • Covers a lot of horizontal distance quickly
  • Links well into tilts, smashes, and aerials

Great for chasing opponents and continuing combos by canceling end lag of previous moves.

Neutral Air

  • Spins sword around himself
  • Large hitbox stays active for multiple hits
  • Minimal knockback throughout animation
  • Auto-cancels from a short hop

Neutral Air‘s multihit nature makes it excel at trapping opponents to extend combos. Use it to link moves together in the air.

Finn‘s Strongest Combos and Chains

Now let‘s examine some of Finn‘s most potent followchain combos:

Down Air > Up Ground Attack > Up Air > Up Special

This is a basic juggle combo. The Down Air spikes the opponent down onto Finn, allowing him to connect the low knockback Up Ground Attack. Jump into an Up Air to continue the juggle, and finish by charging Up Special for maximum knockback.

Side Ground > Side Ground > Up Ground Attack > Jump > Neutral Air > Up Special

Against grounded opponents, chaining multiple Side Grounds together leads into the launcher Up Ground Attack. Jump and use Neutral Air to continue the juggle, finishing with a charged Up Special finisher.

Up Ground Attack > Jump > Forward Air > Dash > Down Air > Up Ground Attack

This combo starts with Up Ground Attack, jumps into a Forward Air, then dashes back in for a Down Air spike. As soon as Finn lands, input another Up Ground Attack. This keeps the opponent trapped through quick movement and low knockback attacks.

Down Air > Fast Fall > Side Ground > Side Ground > Up Special

Fast fall out of the Down Air to recover quickly, then use Side Ground chains. The knockback lines up perfectly to finish with an Up Special blastoff.

Up Ground Attack > Side Ground > Neutral Air > Side Special > Jump > Back Air

Here Side Special‘s skateboard dash is used mid-combo to chase the opponent. The quick dash into an aerial allows Finn to continue the followchain.

[Insert combo chart visualizing the paths of some chains]

These examples showcase Finn‘s potential. Now let‘s discuss how to take combos even further.

Combo Extensions: Taking Chains Further

You can eke out more damage from Finn‘s combos with some advanced techniques:

  • Dodging – Cancels end lag, allowing quicker followups.

  • Reading DI – React to directional influence by adjusting the combo‘s path.

  • Jump Cancel – Cancel attack lag with a jump to link aerials.

  • Fast Falling – Fall quicker out of jumps to reach the opponent faster.

  • Chasing – Use Side Special, dashing, and jumping to pursue the opponent.

  • SHFFL Aerials – Short hop fast fall aerials to combo low-landing lag moves.

  • Rising Aerials – Input an aerial as you leave the ground for quick juggles.

Mix up these extensions to creatively land more hits before finishing the combo.

Ending Combos With Optimal Knockout Power

When finishing a combo, prioritize moves with high knockback:

  • Up Special – Especially when charged. Launches foes vertically.

  • Up Strong – Finn‘s most powerful upwards attack when sweetspotted.

  • Back Air – High horizontal knockback.

  • Side Special – At high damage the skateboard zoom will KO opponents.

Time your finisher properly based on opponent damage and position. Strive to end combos near the blast zone for KOs.

Strategies to Land Combos Consistently

Here are some key strategies to consistently execute Finn‘s devastating combos:

  • Combo opponents near the edge to finish with early KOs. Finn has great edgeguard tools.

  • React to DI by adjusting combo paths to stay on target. Don‘t get flustered.

  • Use platforms to extend juggles. Up air is great for juggling under platforms.

  • Manage your Coin resource carefully. Use Coin abilities to enhance combos.

  • Recognize damage percents when combos won‘t link as well anymore.

  • Lab out combos thoroughly to build muscle memory. But also read opponents reactions.

Countering and Defending Against Finn‘s Chains

Of course, opponents have defensive options to counter Finn‘s combos:

  • DI – Vary DI to fall out of combos. Finn must read and adjust.

  • Dodging – Spot dodge or air dodge to break out of combos. Bait and punish dodges.

  • Parrying – Well-timed parries can halt combos. Mix up timing to catch parry attempts.

  • Spacing – Keep distance and whiff punish overextensions. Finn struggles vs zoning.

  • Weight/Fall Speed – Heavier and fast-falling characters can be tougher to juggle.

A strong Finn will mix up combos, reading defenses and adapting combos to stay in control.

Mastering the Followchain Mindset

Ultimately, excelling at Finn combos requires both extensive labbing to build technical consistency, as well as reading opponents reactions in real matches. Strive for crisp technical inputs, but also mental flexibility.

Look for openings to start combos, recognize optimal extension points, and adapt to DI and defensive options. The most lethal Finn players combine combos mastery with quick in-match decision making.

Conclusion: Followchain Your Way to Victory

That covers the key strategies, abilities, and mindsets to master devastating Finn combos. Use his excellent low knockback moves like Up Ground, Down Air, and Side Ground to start and extend combos. React to DI, use dodges and jump cancels, and finish with a massive knockout blow.

It will take practice, but with precision timing you‘ll be annihilating opponents with Finn‘s lethal followchains. Now get out there and start chaining! What are your favorite Finn combos? Let us know in the comments.


Written by Alexis Kestler

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