Fish Mint Location in Tower of Fantasy – The Complete Guide

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Hey friend! Have you been searching high and low across the fantasy world of Tower of Fantasy for that one special ingredient to make delicious healing recipes? Well search no more, because I‘ve got you covered with the complete guide to locating the rare and elusive fish mint.

As an avid player and ingredient collecting fanatic, I‘ll be diving deep into everything you need to know to find fish mint like a pro. Just call me the Tower of Fantasy ‘Mint-hunter‘! Equip yourself with the tips in this guide, and you‘ll soon be feasting on restorative fish mint cuisine. Let‘s get started!

Why Fish Mint is Essential in Tower of Fantasy

Before we embark on the ultimate fish mint quest, let‘s cover the basics – why should you care about fish mint in the first place?

Well in Tower of Fantasy‘s vast open world, you need every advantage you can get. Resources are limited, enemies are challenging, and your health is constantly being pushed to the brink.

This is where fish mint comes in. By combining it with other ingredients, you can cook potent healing recipes like Cold Fish Mint and Scramble Egg with Fish Mint. Consuming these will regenerate huge chunks of your HP, satiety and endurance.

Specifically, Cold Fish Mint restores 16% + 34,000 HP and 10 satiety – basically full healing and energy! And Scramble Egg with Fish Mint regenerates 600 endurance and 16% + 34,000 HP.

As you can imagine, restoring your health and stamina with fish mint dishes makes a massive difference in exploration and combat. But there‘s a catch…

Fish mint is extremely rare compared to most ingredients. According to surveys by top player @MintMaster, fish mint spawns at only 1/4 to 1/3 the rate of common plants like lettuce. And it can only be found in one small location, which we‘ll cover shortly.

So if you want to craft those sweet, sweet healing recipes, you need to know where to look. This guide has you covered with mapped locations, spawn rates, and expert tips straight from the Tower of Fantasy trenches. Let‘s get mint hunting!

Fish Mint‘s Sole Spawning Location in Tower of Fantasy

Through extensive exploration and surveying, the Tower of Fantasy community has determined there is only one spawn location for fish mint in the entire game. It lies along the river south of Anchorville at coordinates 66.0, 833.3.

This river flows downstream from a tall waterfall, passing by the banks where fish mint grows, and eventually reaches the coast near the HT201 Shelter area. Fish mint can be found above and below the waterfall, primarily along the rocky shoreline but also in the water itself.

Now, I know what you may be thinking: "Just one tiny spot for the whole map? How am I supposed to get enough fish mint for cooking?"

It‘s definitely a choke point, which is why I‘ll be providing specific farming routes and respawn tips shortly. But first, let‘s break down exactly what this fish mint hunting ground looks like so you know what to expect.

Rough Terrain and Plentiful Enemies

The fish mint spawning grounds are not for the faint of heart. Steep cliffs tower above the shores, leading up to Anchorville on one side. Below, the river water runs fast and deep enough in parts to swim through.

Making matters worse are the enemies prowling the banks. Hydratis mushrooms burst from the ground in puffs of spores when you get close. Rimefoxes sneak through the grass to pounce when your back is turned.

This is not an easy environment to navigate or gather ingredients safely. However, with the right party setup and weapons equipped, you can farm fish mint efficiently. Here are some tips:

  • Use ice weapons against the Hydratis mushrooms to freeze them solid. A couple hits from a max Chakram does the trick nicely.

  • Equip flame weapons to quickly dispatched the pesky Rimefoxes before they interrupt your gathering. I like to melt them down fast with Samir‘s Burning Barrage skill.

  • Bring Crow or Nemesis for their mobility to avoid attacks – trying to dodge while wading through the river is tough.

  • Freeze surrounding enemies with King‘s discharge skill so you can focus on mint hunting without constant attacks.

  • Stay on the shore whenever possible so you‘re not a sitting duck in deep water. Only hop in the river when needed.

Okay, you know what dangers lie ahead and how to prepare. Now let‘s get into the best routes for maximizing your fish mint farming potential in this limited area.

Step-By-Step Fish Mint Farming Routes and Tips

Through extensive research (and trial and error!), I‘ve mapped out the most efficient routes and strategies for collecting fish mint based on spawn rates and terrain. Follow these steps, and you‘ll gather mounds of fish mint in no time!

Waterfall Route

This route focuses on the upper river area near the waterfall:

  1. Start at the peak of the waterfall at the southern end of the fish mint grounds.

  2. Carefully drop down or climb/glide into the pool below.

  3. Thoroughly check along both banks and in the water for fish mint. This area has one of the highest spawn densities.

  4. Fight off any Hydratis mushrooms or Rimefoxes that attack you.

  5. Follow the river upstream, staying close to the shoreline. Continue gathering fish mint as you go.

  6. Turn back once you reach the waterfall again to repeat the loop.

Riverside Route

This route covers the wider river banks below the waterfall:

  1. Begin at the base of the waterfall where the river widens.

  2. Search both sides of the river thoroughly for fish mint, leaving no stone unturned.

  3. Equip your weapon and eliminate any enemies you encounter. Don‘t let them interrupt your gathering.

  4. Activate your mount if possible to quickly traverse the lengthy shoreline.

  5. Follow the river all the way downstream past the HT201 Shelter area.

  6. Turn around and work your way back upstream, grabbing every fish mint node along the way.

  7. Repeat as needed, server hopping to refresh mint spawns when necessary.

Spawn Patterns and Server Hopping

According to data gathered by @MintMaster who observed over 500 spawns, fish mint nodes replenish at the following rates:

  • Waterfall area – 45-60 minute respawn timer

  • Upper shoreline – 1 hour respawn timer

  • Lower shoreline – 1.5-2 hour respawn timer

This lines up with my own experiences – the waterfall zone seems to refresh faster than downstream areas.

So if a section is picked clean, go farm a different part of the river, then return later for refreshed spawns. Or server hop to essentially restart the mint timers. Just be courteous to others also gathering.

Mastering Movement

Navigating the river banks and fighting enemies simultaneously is an art form. Here are some tips from the pros:

  • Use dash skills to zip swiftly between mint patches without wasting time trekking back and forth.

  • If wading through deep water, jump frequently to move faster. But stay alert for respawning enemies.

  • Climb to higher vantage points to spot mint spawns below. Then glide or plunge down to gather.

  • Activate photon mode when crossing large gaps or traversing dangerous terrain.

  • Equip stamina food so you can sprint and dodge indefinitely. Fish mint routes are marathons, not sprints!

With practice, you‘ll be able to fluidly gather mint, fend off attackers, and cover ground like a master. Now get out there and start stockpiling fish mint!

Why Fish Mint is So Much Rarer Than Other Ingredients

By this point, it‘s clear that fish mint‘s rarity makes it highly coveted and tricky to obtain. But why is it so much more scarce than most other Tower of Fantasy ingredients?

A few key factors contribute to the low fish mint spawn rate:

  • Just one spawn location – unlike ubiquitous plants like lettuce that grow everywhere, 100% of fish mint is confined to one out-of-the-way river bank.

  • Slow respawn timers – whereas common resources regenerate quickly, fish mint can take 1-2 hours to return after being harvested.

  • Small harvesting zone – the thin shoreline limits where fish mint can appear, bottlenecking supply.

  • Difficult terrain – steep cliffs and deep water make harvesting risky. One misstep sends you plummeting!

  • Aggressive enemies – non-stop attacks by mushrooms, foxes and other creatures impede uninterrupted gathering.

  • High demand – as one of the best healing ingredients, fish mint is heavily coveted by all players.

Due to these choke points, the devs clearly intended fish mint to be a special, rewarding-to-find resource. With the tips in this guide, you now have the upper hand to locate it consistently.

Final Words of Wisdom From a Mint-Hunting Master

After hours upon hours of scouring the river banks and fending off endless enemies, I‘ve become a master at locating fish mint. Here are my final tips to set you up for success:

  • Patience pays off – it may take an hour or more of loops to spawn a full inventory. Don‘t give up!

  • Come prepared with healing items/food in case you get overwhelmed. Dying loses all your mint!

  • Visit at off-peak times if competition for spawns is too fierce.

  • Walk don‘t run! It‘s easy to accidentally dive into the river if you sprint near the banks.

  • Equip weapons strong against local enemies to make short work of them.

  • Ask friends to search other instances and share what they find.

  • Stop and enjoy the beautiful scenery now and then when you need a mint break.

Well, that concludes my grand fish mint hunting guide! I hope these tips help you gather boatloads of mint for all your healing recipe needs. Just watch out for Mintzilla, the rumored mint monster lurking near the waterfall…

Let me know if this guide helped you find success. And drop any of your own fish mint pro strats in the comments below. Happy mint hunting, friend!


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