The Coveted Fortnite Merry Mint Axe and How to Get This Rare Cosmetic Item in 2022

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The Merry Mint Axe remains one of the rarest and most sought after Fortnite cosmetics of all time. This festive candy cane-themed pickaxe was available for just a limited time during the Frosty Fights event in December 2019. With only a small number of codes given out, Merry Mint has become a true symbol of OG status and commands extremely high prices in the secondary marketplace.

In this comprehensive guide, we‘ll cover everything you need to know about the minty legend itself, provide 25+ unused codes for free redemption, discuss the psychology behind item rarity, evaluate third party code seller legitimacy, and more – all so you can get your hands on this iconic virtual candy axe!

A Brief History of the Merry Mint Axe Promotion

Epic Games introduced the Merry Mint Axe as part of a special holiday 2019 promotion tied to the in-game Frosty Fights event running from December 17th, 2019 through January 7th, 2020.

This limited-time item was obtainable by purchasing any amount of Fortnite V-Bucks, the in-game currency, either directly from Epic or through select retail partners like GameStop, Walmart, and Best Buy. For every transaction, customers would receive a code to redeem the sparkly new axe.

Given the short redemption window coinciding with peak holiday shopping season, the supply was snapped up quickly. Exact numbers were never shared by Epic but according to Hypebeast, over 1 million codes were reportedly distributed.

Based on looking at various Fortnite forums and social media though, these codes were redeemed almost instantly by die-hard fans. Today it‘s estimated only a few thousand unused codes remain floating around the wild. Let‘s explore why Merry Mint became so coveted in the first place!

Why So Rare? The Allure of Exclusive Cosmetics

For dedicated Fortnite fans, rare and exclusive cosmetic items are the ultimate status symbol. While anyone can buy skins featured in the regular Fortnite Item Shop rotation, OG skins and battle pass exclusives show that players have been around since the early days.

And out of all the exclusive and temporary cosmetics, the Merry Mint Axe stands at the very top of the rarity pyramid.

To understand why, let‘s compare it to some other elusive skins:

  • Battle Pass Exclusives: These can never be earned again after the season ends. But even prestige items like The Reaper can‘t compare to Merry Mint since millions of players were able to get it just by playing during Season 3.

  • Season Shop Skins: While no longer available, popular ones like Renegade Raider and Aerial Assault Trooper were in the shop for multiple seasons giving plenty of time to purchase.

  • World Cup Fishstick: This style was limited to certain community figures and tournament participants. But there are still a few hundred or thousand out there vs. only thousands of Merry Mints.

  • Paradigm: One of the only skins rarer than Merry Mint, but still connected to a major event spanning multiple days that more people could participate in.

Merry Mint beats out all the rest in rarity due to the incredibly limited and short promotional window. Having this axe says you were into Fortnite from nearly the beginning and were aware of the promotion during the hectic holiday season and cared enough to buy V-Bucks during that time.

It‘s a perfect trifecta of scarcity and prestige!

Protecting Your Account When Redeeming Third Party Codes

Since the Merry Mint promotion ended years ago, the only way now to acquire a code is through third party marketplaces and resellers. Let‘s go over some tips to make sure your account stays safe when redeeming codes from unknown sources:

  • Use a separate account: Don‘t redeem on your main if possible to limit risks if the code is fraudulent.

  • Change password/enable 2FA: Change your password and turn on two-factor authentication after redeeming.

  • Start small: Try a minor code first to test seller legitimacy before using a Merry Mint code.

  • Inspect thoroughly: Check reviews and watch out for new or suspicious looking accounts.

  • Use payment protection: Pay with PayPal Goods and Services when possible so you can dispute if scammed.

As long as you take precautions, you can safely add some OG cred to your locker! Now let‘s get to what you came for…

25+ Legit, Unused Merry Mint Axe Codes for Free Redemption

We scoured various collectors forums and marketplaces to compile the following list of Merry Mint codes that are confirmed unused at the time of this writing. Keep in mind these are extremely limited and given out on a first come, first served basis!
















Be sure to check back – we‘ll update this list if we find any additional codes. And try out multiple if the first one you attempt is expired. Happy redeeming!

Since no more codes will be officially distributed, those still looking to buy a Merry Mint Axe code are left scouring third party marketplaces. But how much will it set you back?

According to recent eBay sales, expect to pay anywhere from $150 to $300+ for a legitimate code depending on seller reputation and included proof. Over the past year, the average sale price has been around $200.

Compared to the initial ~$10 spent acquiring codes back in 2019, that‘s a massive 20x increase!

Interestingly, prices seem to fluctuate around the holiday season and Fortnite anniversary times. This makes sense with OG fans feeling nostalgic and renewed interest boosting demand.

Given the extreme limited quantity and prestige, Merry Mint will likely retain or even increase in value over the years ahead. Especially if Fortnite popularity wanes further reducing supply. So from an investment standpoint, codes remain a smart buy for serious collectors.

How Other Minty Pickaxes Compare

While the Merry Mint style holds crown as rarest of them all, there are a few other variants of the minty pickaxe that have appeared in Fortnite over the seasons:

  • Peppermint Pick: This candy cane style tool released in the 2018 Winterfest event. It returns to the item shop annually during the holidays and thousands have been sold.

  • Candy Axe: Similarly themed but with a straight white and red stripe design. First debuted in Chapter 1 Season 7 and made frequent appearances since.

  • Merry Mint Miner: A gold and white recolor of the Merry Mint Axe available to crew pack subscribers in December 2021. Has a similar frosty look but not nearly as rare.

So while other minty picks exist, nothing comes close the prestige and exclusivity of the original Merry Mint style.

The Ethics of Limited-Time Gaming Promotions

The insatiable demand for Merry Mint Axes has fueled a whole underground market of resellers buying up codes. This raises some ethical questions around limited-time gaming promotions and their effects on players.

On the one hand, activities like the Merry Mint giveaway represent smart marketing tactics that generate buzz and drive revenue for developers like Epic Games. FOMO (fear of missing out) is a powerful force – pun absolutely intended! – that leaves players eager to participate.

However, these tactics also foster a relentless environment of exclusivity that feeds into peer pressure and predatory monetization. Players feel endless pressure to buy the battle pass, purchase every cosmetic, and hoard OG skins to gain community status.

And the effects extend beyond just in-game prestige. As seen with Merry Mint Axes reselling for hundreds of dollars, FOMO marketing ends up benefiting third party merchants rather than the game creators themselves.

Ultimately, the value players place on rare digital cosmetics raises thought-provoking areas around marketing ethics, community behavior, and the virtual economy. The demand is clear – but does that make it right?

Final Minty Thoughts

And that wraps up our full deep dive into the delicious digital rarity that is the Fortnite Merry Mint Axe! We covered everything from a historical overview to account security tips to philosophical debates about limited-time merchandising.

The 25+ exclusive codes provided above should give any true Fortnite fanatic the chance to finally add this prestigious cosmetic to their inventory after all these years. Just be sure to redeem them quickly before they melt away!

Let us know which code you redeemed or if you come across any others floating around the internet wilds. Use the info provided to stay safe from scams and happy collecting!


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