The Ultimate 3000+ Word Guide on How to Get 40+ Free Mobile Legends Accounts

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Hey there! Are you looking to score some sweet free Mobile Legends accounts? I‘ve got you covered.

As a long-time ML player and fan, I‘ve mastered all the legit ways to get free accounts loaded with diamonds, skins, and other goodies. This epic guide will reveal everything I know about grabbing 40+ free accounts to step up your ML game.

Stick with me, and you‘ll be unlocking new heroes and legendary cosmetics in no time without spending a dime. Let‘s dive in!

An Epic Intro to Mobile Legends

Before we get to the free account stuff, let me give you a quick overview of Mobile Legends for anyone new to this incredibly popular MOBA game.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a 5v5 multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game developed by Shanghai Moonton Technology. Released in 2016, it‘s available on Android, iOS, and even as an arcade game!

As of 2022, Mobile Legends has been downloaded over 1 billion times on the Google Play Store alone. It‘s the #1 most downloaded MOBA in Southeast Asia and was the second most watched esport globally in 2021 with over 800 million viewers according to Esports Charts.

Clearly, ML has become a global gaming phenomenon!

Here‘s a quick rundown of how matches work:

  • 5v5 Teams: Two teams of 5 real human players battle it out.

  • Hero Selection: Each player selects from over 100 unique playable Heroes.

  • Lanes and Jungles: Three lane battlefield with jungle areas between lanes.

  • Core Gameplay: Defeat enemies, destroy turrets, and push to the enemy base.

  • Average Match Length: 10-15 minutes

  • Key to Winning: Teamwork, skill, and strategic play.

You‘ll also earn gold and XP to level up your hero during matches. Unlock new abilities, buy gear items, and work together to outplay the opposing team.

First team to destroy the enemy‘s base wins!

That sums up the basics of ML. Now let‘s look at why you want free accounts and how to get them.

Why Free Accounts Are So Valuable

So why go through the trouble of getting free accounts anyway?

Well, Mobile Legends has a ton of great skins, heroes, and other premium content. But most of it requires spending real money on diamonds to unlock.

For example:

  • There are currently over 100 heroes in ML. Only about 20 are free, while the rest cost anywhere from 2000-32000 Battle Points or 250-599 Diamonds.

  • Epic skins can cost upwards of 1299 Diamonds, while Basic skins still require at least 269 Diamonds to unlock.

  • Even smaller items like name changes, profile borders, emotes, and more require diamonds.

Here‘s a pricing chart for reference:

Item Cost
650 Diamonds $9.99
1280 Diamonds $19.99
2480 Diamonds $39.99
3680 Diamonds $59.99
5520 Diamonds $99.99
Epic Skin 899 – 1299 Diamonds
Elite Skin 269 – 599 Diamonds
New Hero 250 – 599 Diamonds

As you can see, getting premium content without paying is a huge advantage!

Free accounts come pre-loaded with:

  • Thousands of diamonds – Instantly unlock skins, heroes, and more goodies.

  • Top-tier skins – Gain access to time-limited and rare skins that show off your style.

  • Advanced Server – Test upcoming heroes and features before anyone else.

  • Max Emblems – Fully upgraded emblems provide huge stat bonuses.

  • High Win Rates & Stats – Established accounts have better credibility than starters.

Whether you want to try out cool heroes and skins, start fresh with a clean record, or simply flex on others, free accounts are just awesome to have!

Complete Surveys and Mobile Offers

Now for the fun part…how do you actually get those free accounts?

The most popular and consistent way is by completing surveys on reward sites and mobile offer apps.

Here‘s how it works:

These platforms partner with advertisers who want consumer opinions and data. By completing surveys and offers, you generate valuable insights that brands want.

In exchange, the platforms reward you with virtual currency – which you can redeem for free Mobile Legends accounts and diamonds!

It‘s a classic win-win situation. You get free ML loot, and brands get helpful consumer data.

Here are the top survey and offer sites I recommend:

1. Swagbucks

Hands down one of my favorite rewards sites. I‘ve redeemed tons of free ML diamonds and gift cards from Swagbucks over the years.


  • Over $500 million paid out to date
  • Offer Wall with 1000s of surveys
  • Play games, watch videos, shop online to earn
  • Mobile app so you can earn on the go

Reward: Mobile Legends gift cards

Minimum Redemption: 1,000 SB for a $10 ML gift card

My Tips:

  • Hit your daily goals = easy 125 SB per day
  • Use the mobile app to knock out quick surveys for instant payouts
  • Cash in on referral bonuses by getting friends to join

Sign up for Swagbucks today and get a $5 bonus when you earn your first 300 SB within 30 days.

2. PrizeRebel

Another favorite GPT site of mine with lots of juicy survey options to max out your earnings.


  • Members have earned over $31 million in rewards
  • High paying surveys with extra daily bonus
  • Instant gift card redemption once you hit minimum
  • Refer friends for bonus points

Reward: Mobile Legends gift cards

Minimum Redemption: 7,120 points for a $10 ML gift card

My Tips:

  • Sort surveys by highest paying first
  • Hit up the offer wall for deals with big payouts
  • Cash out early and often instead of saving up

Sign up to PrizeRebel today and get 100 bonus points on your first survey.

3. GrabPoints

Get the GrabPoints mobile app for easy earnings on the go.


  • One of the highest paying mobile rewards apps
  • Fun and addicting games you can play to earn
  • Complete sponsor offers and promos for bonuses
  • Wide selection of gift card rewards

Reward: Mobile Legends gift cards

Minimum Redemption: 10,000 points for a $10 ML gift card

My Tips:

  • Play the Funzone games during your free time
  • Check in daily for bonus points
  • Scan receipts from any store to earn points from your purchases

Download GrabPoints and enter invite code GRAB120 to get an extra 120 signup points.

A few hours a week spent taking surveys and playing games can easily score you a free ML account every month!

Play Games for Rewards

Another way to load up on diamonds and skins is through game reward platforms.

These apps literally pay you to play new games! By downloading and testing new titles, you earn rewards. It‘s a win for developers promoting their games and users who get free loot for playing.

Some of my top picks:

1. Mistplay

My favorite game rewards app that pays out reliably.


  • Get paid for every minute you‘re gaming
  • Level up your avatar to unlock higher rewards
  • Hundreds of popular mobile games to choose from
  • Gift cards from top brands including Mobile Legends

Reward: Mobile Legends gift cards

Minimum Redemption: 5,000 units for a $10 gift card

My Tips:

  • Stick to featured games for the best payouts
  • Level up faster by hitting game milestones
  • Cash out early and often for maximum efficiency

Download Mistplay for free on Android and start earning units towards ML loot simply by playing games you love.

2. FeaturePoints

Trusted app with over 30 million users across the globe.


  • Paid over $12 million in rewards so far
  • Offers points for installing and trying new apps
  • Tons of gift card options including Mobile Legends
  • Easy point boosting options

Reward: Mobile Legends gift cards

Minimum Redemption: 11,000 points for a $10 gift card

My Tips:

  • Create a joint account with friends/family and share points
  • Check FeaturePoints social media for special promo codes
  • Install high-paying new apps during free time

Install FeaturePoints now on iOS or Android and score 50 bonus points using referral code 9DJQ5C.

Game reward apps are awesome because you can keep earning over time. Install, test, uninstall, repeat to build up your diamond and skin collection!

Enter Giveaways and Contests

Everyone loves free stuff, so giveaways are incredibly popular in the Mobile Legends community.

Discords, forums, Facebook groups, and other fan communities frequently host ML giveaways with amazing prizes up for grabs.

I routinely enter as many as I can to increase my chances of scoring free accounts and diamonds.

Here are some places to keep an eye out:

  • Subreddits – r/MobileLegendsGame and r/MLA_Official
  • Discords – EpicNPC, MLBB, Giveaway Server
  • Facebook Groups – Mobile Legends Global Community, MGL Free Skins
  • Instagram Pages –, ML_Leaks
  • YouTube – Elgin, Hororo Chan, AssDave
  • Twitter – mplusnews, ML_Leaks

Most giveaways are 100% free to enter. Just follow the instructions to unlock entries.

Common examples:

  • Invite friends for extra entries
  • Follow or subscribe to their channel/group
  • Tag friends in comments
  • Share the giveaway post

The more entries you accumulate, the better your chances to win!

I‘ve won countless accounts, skins, and thousands of diamonds in ML giveaways over the years. With so many happening, you‘re bound to win if you enter regularly.

Pro Tip: Turn on notifications so you‘ll be pinged as soon as new giveaways are posted. Be ready to enter ASAP before slots fill up!

Buy or Trade Leveled Accounts

If you want to skip the grind, you can straight up buy leveled ML accounts from trusted sellers.

There are some great marketplaces and communities to browse and purchase accounts:

  • PlayerAuctions – My #1 pick for buying ML accounts safely. Filter and sort by rank, level, heroes, skins, etc. Prices start around $9.99.

  • EpicNPC – Reliable account sellers with detailed listings so you know exactly what you‘re getting. Good deals under $15.

  • Reddit – Subreddits like r/GamingMarket and r/MobileLegendsAccounts have sellers offering ML accounts.

  • Facebook – Search groups like "Buy/Sell Mobile Legends Accounts" and shop seller posts.

  • Discord – Some trading servers have #mobile-legends-account-shopping channels to browse.

  • YouTube – Channels like Account Master, MLBB Seller, ML Shop sell cheap starter accounts.

When buying an account, make sure to:

  • Vet seller reputation – Check feedback and join date.
  • Discuss details in DM – Confirm account stats before paying.
  • Only pay with secure methods – PayPal, gift cards, crypto. Avoid direct bank transfers.
  • Change credentials immediately – Update password, link socials, etc.

With the right seller, you can get a solid account to start playing on instantly. I prefer PlayerAuctions myself due to the buyer protection and verified sellers.

Got extra accounts yourself? You can also trade them on platforms like EpicNPC for accounts with different heroes and skins.

Buying or trading allows you to skip the leveling process and start dominating matches sooner!

Rank Up Your Own Starter Account

Now maybe buying accounts isn‘t your style. Starting fresh and leveling up your own account is a gratifying way to go.

Based on my experience ranking up accounts, here are some key tips for progression:

  • Do all daily tasks – Clear daily/weekly tasks for XP and Battle Points.

  • Master 2-3 heroes – Get outstanding with a small hero pool before expanding.

  • Play with friends – Partying boosts XP gains. Find a solid duo or squad.

  • Auto-Clear when AFK – Set Auto-Clear on training modes to passively earn XP and loot.

  • Watch live streams – Link your account for free rewards and diamonds from live view events.

  • Focus emblems first – Max out vital emblem pages before all else for huge stat bonuses.

  • Play more ranked – You‘ll earn significantly more XP and BP in ranked matches compared to classic.

If you play regularly and utilize these tips, you can have a respectable account within a few weeks. Getting good fast lets you compete in ranked and join squads for more rewards.

Starting fresh also gives you a clean record to build up solid stats and win rates. So don‘t be afraid to put in the work ranking up your own free account.

Steer Clear of Account Generators

Now a quick warning about account generators.

You may see sketchy websites or videos promising to instantly generate a free ML account after entering your username and details.

Stay away from these at all costs! They are 100% scams designed to steal your info or install malware.

Any generator that actually produces working accounts uses stolen databases, which can get you banned. It‘s simply not worth the risk for a few temporary diamonds.

So stick to legitimate reward methods only for your own security. Getting your main or computer accounts hacked or banned is never cool.

FAQs About Grabbing Free Mobile Legends Accounts

Let‘s wrap up this ultimate guide by answering some frequently asked questions about scoring free Mobile Legends accounts:

Are free accounts safe to log into?

Totally, as long as you follow my tips and use legitimate sources instead of shady generators.

Can I get banned for using free accounts?

It‘s unlikely unless the account had prior bans or was obtained illegally. Buying reputable accounts is risk-free.

Do free accounts work on both iOS and Android?

Yep, most methods like gift cards, sellers, and giveaways provide login info compatible with both platforms.

Do the accounts expire?

Paid and permanently gifted accounts are yours to keep. Rewarded accounts may expire after ~90 days if left inactive.

Can I link the accounts to Facebook or VK?

Absolutely. In fact, I recommend it for added account security and convenient cloud saving. Just don‘t link your personal profiles.

Is there a limit to how many free accounts I can get?

Nope! But I don‘t recommend hoarding too many. Share with friends to give back and make the community happy.

What‘s the best way to get free accounts as a beginner?

For starters, complete survey sites and enter beginner-friendly giveaways. Buying accounts is also great since it requires zero level grinding.

And that covers everything you need to know about scoring 40+ free Mobile Legends accounts!

Enjoy All the Epic ML Loot

Free Mobile Legends accounts open up so many awesome gameplay opportunities. With the methods in this guide, you‘ll be able to unlock any hero, dominate ranked with the top skins, and never again worry about spending money.

Just be smart and use legitimate reward platforms, giveaways, sellers, and ranking strategies. Avoid anything that looks like a shady generator site.

Thanks for sticking through this epic guide. Now get out there, expand your hero roster, and show off your exclusive skins in style. You‘ve got all the knowledge needed to unlock everything in ML for free!

Let me know if you have any other questions. And drop a comment below once you‘ve scored your first free account so we can celebrate! Enjoy and game on like a pro.


Written by Alexis Kestler

A female web designer and programmer - Now is a 36-year IT professional with over 15 years of experience living in NorCal. I enjoy keeping my feet wet in the world of technology through reading, working, and researching topics that pique my interest.