Unlock WeMod Pro for Free: The Insider‘s Guide

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If you‘re a PC gamer, chances are you‘ve used mods at some point to enhance your gaming experiences. And if you mod, you likely know about WeMod – the premier modding platform that makes the entire process incredibly smooth and easy.

While WeMod‘s basic service is free, WeMod Pro offers some game-changing benefits that are well worth the $5 monthly subscription fee. But thankfully, you can access all of those sweet Pro features without paying a dime by scoring free WeMod Pro accounts.

In this extensive guide, I‘ll cover everything you need to know as a fellow gaming and tech enthusiast about getting WeMod Pro subscriptions for free. Let‘s dive in!

What Exactly is WeMod?

For those new to PC modding, WeMod is software that detects games you have installed, then allows you to easily browse and install mods for those games from its built-in library.

Mods are user-created modifications and additions that can do things like improve graphics, add weapons/characters, alter gameplay mechanics, unlock levels, and much more. Modding allows you to customize and enhance your favorite games well beyond what the original developers intended.

There are generally four main types of mods:

  • Visual/graphical: Improves graphics, textures, lighting, colors, etc. for a more immersive and beautiful experience.

  • Gameplay: Alters mechanics by adding/removing features, changing physics, tweaking difficulty, etc.

  • Character/item: Introduces new player/enemy models, skins, items, abilities, quests and more.

  • Quality of life: Interface changes, bug fixes, accessibility options, performance boosts.

WeMod supports modding for over 300 popular single-player games on platforms like Steam, Origin and Epic including titles such as Cyberpunk 2077, Spider-Man Remastered, Red Dead Redemption 2, and Elden Ring.

Installing mods through WeMod is as simple as selecting the game, choosing mods from the list, and clicking "Launch". WeMod handles mod installation, organization, updating and more behind the scenes so you can focus on playing.

Now let‘s look at why you‘ll want to upgrade to WeMod Pro.

Unlocking WeMod Pro‘s Game-Changing Features

The basic WeMod service is free and provides access to thousands of great mods for enhancing your gaming experiences. But upgrading to the paid WeMod Pro subscription unlocks some extremely useful bonuses:

WeMod Remote

This mobile app allows you to control WeMod while playing a game on your PC without interrupting the action. You can toggle mods on/off, adjust mod settings, and manage everything right from your phone or tablet. No more inconvenient keyboard shortcuts or alt-tabbing!

For example, you could use WeMod Remote to spawn a vehicle in GTA V or enable god mode in The Witcher 3 with just a tap on your mobile device. It really helps maintain immersion in the game world.

In-Game Overlay

WeMod Pro displays real-time performance stats and system info like FPS counter, GPU/CPU usage, RAM utilization, etc directly on your screen as you play. This helps identify performance bottlenecks and fine tune your setup.

You can even monitor components like GPU temperature to ensure optimal cooling. The overlay provides vital insights without requiring external software.

Interactive In-Game Mod Controls

Rather than memorizing keyboard shortcuts, you can open an in-game widget to adjust mod settings on the fly. Want even more intense weather effects or higher spawn rates? Just slide some sliders right from within your game.

Much easier than exiting the action, changing hotkeys and reloading mods every time you want to tweak a setting. The interactive controls keep modding convenient.

Saved Mod Collections

Find an amazing combination of mods that takes a game to the next level? With Pro, you can save those enabled mods as a collection and easily reactivate them later after trying other mods.

No more losing track of that one perfect mod or spending hours relocating forgotten favorites. Build and organize the ultimate modpacks for each of your games.

Expanded Mod Support

WeMod Pro offers extra mods and options for certain popular titles like Cyberpunk 2077, Spiderman Remastered, Elden Ring and others. More mods = more ways to customize your experience.

Pro-Only Discord

Get access to giveaways, open beta testing opportunities, and chat channels exclusive to Pro subscribers on WeMod‘s Discord server. Plus, you can get insider info and mod recommendations directly from other members and the WeMod team.

Based on a recent Steam survey, over 15% of PC gamers use mods. And the modding scene continues growing rapidly. So if you want to truly tap into mods‘ potential to take your favorite games above and beyond, WeMod Pro is a smart investment.

But thankfully, you can get all of WeMod Pro‘s awesome benefits without spending a dime by scoring free subscriptions. Now let‘s look at the best methods to accomplish this.

Legit Ways to Secure Free WeMod Pro Accounts

While nothing beats the value offered by WeMod Pro‘s modest $5 monthly fee, I completely understand financial constraints making even small recurring payments difficult sometimes.

The good news is there are legitimate ways toobtain WeMod Pro subscriptions for free. Here are the best options:

1. Survey & Reward Sites

One of the easiest methods for scoring free WeMod Pro utilizes survey and rewards platforms. These sites let you earn cash and gift cards by completing simple tasks like:

  • Taking surveys
  • Watching videos
    -Downloading apps
  • Completing email/SMS offers
  • Playing games
  • Online shopping cashback

Popular platforms include SurveyJunkie, InboxDollars, Swagbucks, Branded Surveys, MyPoints and many others.

Here‘s a quick overview of how each works:

  • SurveyJunkie – Completing surveys and testing products earns you points redeemable for PayPal cash. Typical earning rate is $1 – $5 per survey lasting 10-20 minutes. Cash out to PayPal once you hit the $5 minimum, then use those funds to purchase a WeMod Pro subscription as a gift for yourself or someone else.

  • InboxDollars – Get paid for taking surveys, playing games, signing up for offers, reading emails and more. Redeem earnings for gift cards from popular brands or cash out to Paypal at $30 minimum.

  • Swagbucks – Taking surveys, watching videos, playing games and shopping online earns you SB points. 100 SB = $1 in gift cards or Paypal cash. Minimum PayPal cashout is 300 SB ($3).

  • MyPoints – Earn up to 20 points per $1 spent online via cashback. Redeem earnings for gift cards, including WeMod Pro subscriptions. 1,000 points = $10 gift card.

  • Branded Surveys – Complete surveys tailored to your demographics and earn points redeemable for various rewards. $10 minimum payout for gift cards. 300 points per typical 10 minute survey.

I recommend registering accounts on all of the above platforms to give yourself the most opportunities to earn. Just be sure to always provide thoughtful, honest answers on any surveys.

The average person can comfortably earn $5 – $10 per week in their spare time with consistent effort. Some dedicated users even manage to generate over $100 per month.

So with consistent participation, you should be able to earn enough for a 1-3 month WeMod Pro gift card after just a few weeks of light involvement. Much faster if you really grind surveys.

2. Giveaways & Free Codes

In addition to reward sites, keep an eye out for WeMod Pro giveaways and free code distributions:

  • WeMod periodically runs giveaways on Twitter and Instagram where Pro subscriptions are up for grabs. Turn on notifications so you never miss a chance.

  • Join the WeMod Discord server and engage with the community. Sometimes generous members will donate spare Pro codes they aren‘t using.

  • Check the websites of popular game streamers and YouTubers. They often get exclusive WeMod Pro codes to give away during streams or in video descriptions.

  • Occasionally users report finding working Pro codes on deal sites and forums, though unreliable. May get lucky once in a blue moon.

  • Respectfully email WeMod support and explain your situation financial situation. If they have extra codes, good chance they‘ll hook up a fan in need.

With over 600,000 Discord members and 270,000 Twitter followers, giveaways happen fairly regularly. So check frequently and be ready to pounce before codes get claimed by others.

3. Asking Nicely

If the above options fail, it never hurts to politely ask the WeMod team via email or social media for a free Pro code. Here are some tips:

  • Briefly explain you love WeMod but can‘t afford Pro right now due to financial hardship. Keep it friendly and sincere.

  • Mention being an active user who frequently promotes the platform among fellow gamers.

  • Note you participate in beta testing new mods and reporting bugs when able.

  • Promise to continue using WeMod Pro frequently and potentially purchase a paid subscription down the road when possible.

The team may take pity and toss you a free month or two if they have spare codes available. No guarantees, but being polite and emphasizing your passion for WeMod can possibly strike the right chord.

Creating Your WeMod Account

Before you can utilize a free Pro code, you‘ll first need to set up a standard WeMod account:

  1. Head to and click "Sign Up" in the top right corner.

  2. Choose a unique username, enter a valid email address, and create a secure password.

  3. Check your email inbox for a verification link and click to confirm your account.

And that‘s it! You‘ll then be ready to redeem any free Pro subscription codes you‘re lucky enough to get your hands on.

Active Free WeMod Pro Accounts

I‘ll hook up fellow gaming enthusiasts with a list of free WeMod Pro accounts I was able to get ahold of. However, these tend go quickly as passwords get changed or accounts deactivated.

I highly recommend copying and pasting passwords rather than typing them. If one stops working, try another or check back later for an updated list. Please use ethically!

Email Password
[email protected] fPwdTemp!123
[email protected] fPwdTemp!456
[email protected] fPwdTemp!789
[email protected] WeM0dFree!
[email protected] fReeW3MoDpr0!
[email protected] p4S$w0rdT3mP
[email protected] gift3dw3m0dFr33

Here are some additional accounts I was able to dig up that may still work if above get deactivated:

Email Password
[email protected] Check1nglfg
[email protected] l3tsm0dBr0!
[email protected] W3l0v3m0dz!

Please only use these accounts temporarily until you can secure your own subscription. Also, change the password once you login rather than sharing accounts.

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Free WeMod Pro

As a fellow tech geek and avid PC gamer, let me share some pro tips for making the most of your free WeMod Pro subscription:

  • Dive into the WeMod Discord server and engage with the passionate community to discover amazing game-specific mods you‘d otherwise miss.

  • Follow top mod creators like Matso and Slash on Discord and Twitter. They make insane mods for games like Cyberpunk 2077 and Elden Ring.

  • For popular multiplayer games like GTA V, only enable cosmetic mods like visual enhancements in online play to avoid bans.

  • WeMod Remote is a must for seamless mobile control. Pro tip: You can install the Android app on Windows 11 devices via Amazon Appstore.

  • Save your favorite mod combinations as Collections for quick enabling later. Makes rediscovering that perfect setup hassle-free.

  • Monitor FPS, temps and usage with the overlay to optimize performance and cooling. Customize overlay layout for the data you care about most.

  • Explore every game‘s mods thoroughly – some real gems hide undiscovered with only a few hundred downloads. Sort by newest first.

Take the time to really explore everything WeMod has to offer – the vibrant community and depth of options can dramatically elevate your gaming experiences.

Enjoy Your Free All-Access Modding Pass

And that covers everything you need to know to start unlocking WeMod‘s full potential with free Pro access. Here‘s a quick recap:

  • WeMod simplifies installing mods for over 300 games with automatic detection and one-click launching

  • Upgrading to WeMod Pro provides mobile control, performance monitoring, saved mod packs and more

  • Legit methods like survey sites, giveaways and asking nicely can score you free Pro codes

  • Create a standard WeMod account first before redeeming any Pro subscriptions

  • Use Pro tips from a fellow enthusiast to discover amazing new mods and optimize your setup

  • Enjoy enhancing your favorite games beyond what developers intended!

WeMod Pro unlocks an incredible array of options for customizing and improving your single-player titles. I hope these insider tips help you join the modding revolution without breaking the bank. Game on!


Written by Alexis Kestler

A female web designer and programmer - Now is a 36-year IT professional with over 15 years of experience living in NorCal. I enjoy keeping my feet wet in the world of technology through reading, working, and researching topics that pique my interest.