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There are a some very good freelancing and ghostwriting online sites for making money. Associated Content (AC) is one such site This site has earned a lot of good reviews from its members. This is free to join. One can publish articles, images, video and audio on this site. This site pays cash and incentives for writing good content. The place has a large data base and new content is added every minute. This content is available to readers throughout the world.

How much one can make by contributing content, depends upon its quality. Apart from getting paid, a writer can test his writing skills and determine which content gets paid most. So over time, it is possible to produce the most in demand content in the market. Any writer can write with different types of content and styles from the viewpoint of earnings. If you are looking for a freelancing job, AC is the answer.

However, there is a great limitation with AC. This is a paid site only for USA citizens. It does not pay to non-citizens because of Tax implications. AC does not use the services of PayPal. Therefore, residents of other parts of the world cannot profit from AC. They can, however, publish through AC without payment. Writers from other countries can look at Constant content web site (http://www.constant-content.com). It is a friendly site and over time, one can make good money.

What is lacking in Associated Content is somewhat made up by Elance network. Elance is an online marketplace for professionals. Customers from all over the world constantly look for online professionals to complete projects ranging from brochure design to programming, web site design, writing, accounting, management, training and a lot more. It is a perfect place for freelancing and ghostwriting.

At Elance one can buy services or sell services. If you want some project to be done, then you will be a buyer of the services. Sellers are called providers of services. Each project is subject to bidding and a service provider with the best bid, is awarded the project. Lot of professional all over the world are reported to be making decent earnings at Elance.

Unlike Associate Content and Helium, professional service providers have to pay a monthly membership fee to Elance for participating in its projects. There are three types of memberships to choose from select, professional and limited. Apart from that, Elance is reported to be a very good place for freelancing.

Helium is a free place for article writing and is open world wide. Payment is made through PayPal. This is a great site not only for enhancing ones skills but also for making money. Members submit articles to Helium which become available for use all over the world. Helium shares its revenue with its members.

Payment to each article writer depends on the quantity and quality of articles. One may not make any big money in the initial stages, but as one increases the number of articles over time, income also increases. This is a very user friendly site and it has also earned lot of praise from online community.

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