The Complete Guide to Frozen Flame Server Hosting

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Hey there! As a fellow fantasy RPG fan, I know you‘re excited about Frozen Flame‘s epic open world survival gameplay. Teaming up with friends to explore magical ruins, take down fierce bosses, and unravel the game‘s mysterious story is an absolute blast.

But to really get the most out of Frozen Flame‘s multiplayer experience, you‘ll want to host your own dedicated server. Running your own private world gives you complete control to customize and optimize Frozen Flame for you and your teammates.

In this guide, I‘ll explain all the benefits of using Frozen Flame server hosting, show you how to choose the right provider, and teach you how to get up and running fast. Let‘s do this!

Why Should You Use Frozen Flame Server Hosting?

Dedicated Frozen Flame server hosting offers some huge advantages over just playing on public servers:

Increased Performance and Stability

Playing co-op games peer-to-peer can cause all sorts of lag, stuttering, disconnects and other issues that ruin the fun. But quality hosting providers offer top-tier server infrastructure that delivers buttery-smooth Frozen Flame gameplay without performance hiccups.

Survival Servers, for example, uses global data centers with ultra-fast 100Gbps networks to achieve under 30ms pings worldwide. Their enterprise-grade hardware maintains high FPS for Frozen Flame even with tons of players and action on screen.

Total Customization and Control

Running your own world lets you tweak every single setting and mod to create the perfect Frozen Flame experience for you and your friends. Want faster skill progression or more intense blizzards? Don‘t like certain default creatures? With your own server, you make the rules.

Mod support takes this to the next level. You can install mods that revamp gameplay, add awesome new weapons and gear, create custom character classes – the possibilities are endless!

Flexible Scheduling and Availability

On public servers, you play on someone else‘s schedule. But with a personal Frozen Flame server, you decide when it‘s online or offline. Play solo when you want to test something, then open it up 24/7 for friends.

Top providers like Citadel Servers make it easy to stop, start and restart your server instantly as needed. You‘ll never be stuck waiting for an open slot again.

Enhanced Security and Protection

Unfortunately public servers attract hackers, cheaters, griefers and all sorts of jerks looking to make players miserable. But your private world is invite-only, so you only play with trusted friends who actually care about having fun.

And quality hosts like Survival Servers and G-Portal offer full DDoS protection and other security features to keep your server safe from attacks. You can play worry-free without some script kiddie ruining hours of progress.

How Do Frozen Flame Server Hosts Compare?

Now let‘s see how the most popular Frozen Flame server hosting providers stack up across some key criteria:

Provider Locations Hardware Max Slots Mod Support Cost
Survival Servers Global Solid 100 Full FTP $0.89/slot
Citadel Global Top-tier 200 Automated $1.15/slot
G-Portal Global NVMe SSDs 50 Steam Workshop $1.19/slot

As you can see, Survival Servers stands out for its combination of affordable pricing and rock-solid server infrastructure capable of handling 100 player Frozen Flame worlds. Their global presence ensures most players will get excellent ping times below 30ms too.

Citadel wins when it comes to raw server hardware performance, supporting up to 200 players on their beastly equipment. Of course that power comes at a price – nearly 30% more per slot compared to Survival Servers.

And G-Portal offers the ultimate convenience factor as Frozen Flame‘s official partner. Their seamless Steam Workshop mod integration is perfect for players who don‘t want to tinker with manually installing mods.

So think about your priorities – cost, hardware, mods, location – and use this comparison to zero in on the ideal host for YOUR needs. There‘s really no universally "best" option.

In-Depth: 3 Top Frozen Flame Server Hosting Providers

Now let‘s take an in-depth look at my top 3 recommended companies for Frozen Flame server hosting based on reputation, features, and value…

1. Survival Servers

For over 8 years, Survival Servers has been hosting thousands of multiplayer survival game worlds. Their platform is finely tuned for optimal Frozen Flame performance at affordable prices.

Here‘s an overview of Survival Servers‘ key strengths:

  • Global Infrastructure – Low-latency servers across North America, Europe, Australia and Asia to minimize lag.

  • Powerful Hardware – Each server has modern CPUs, SSD storage, and plenty of RAM to handle 50-100 Frozen Flame players smoothly.

  • Fully Moddable – Upload any custom mods you want via FTP access. Or install plugins to add advanced admin commands.

  • World Backups – Schedule automatic backups to protect your world files and character progress.

  • DDoS Protection – All servers safeguarded from denial of service attacks that can shut down worlds.

  • 24/7 Support – Get quick help any time via live chat, phone, tickets, and their knowledgeable community forums.

Survival Servers is my #1 pick for new Frozen Flame server owners due to their proven track record with survival games, great global presence, and budget-friendly pricing starting at just $0.89 per slot.

2. Citadel Servers

Citadel Servers specializes in hosting for competitive, performance-demanding multiplayer games like Rust, Ark, and now Frozen Flame. Their platform is meticulously engineered for handling 100+ player servers with rock-solid stability.

Here are some of Citadel‘s key hosting features:

  • Top-Tier Hardware – Each server has the latest Intel or AMD CPUs, NVMe SSDs, and up to 256GB of RAM. Perfect for large scale worlds.

  • World-Class Networks – Ultralow pings under 20ms in North America and Europe through premium bandwidth providers.

  • Robust Cybersecurity – Proactive DDoS prevention and distributed firewalls keep your server and data ultra secure.

  • Terabyte Backups – Built-in backups with versioning ensure you‘ll never lose your world.

  • Rapid Deployment – New Frozen Flame servers go live in under 5 minutes thanks to their optimized control panel.

  • Knowledgeable Support – Friendly techs with deep expertise in optimizing game servers will quickly resolve any issues.

If you plan to host a 50+ player competitive Frozen Flame server, Citadel‘s cutting edge architecture offers the performance and protection you need.

3. G-Portal

As Frozen Flame‘s official hosting partner, G-Portal is purpose-built to provide the smoothest and simplest Frozen Flame server experience.

Here‘s what makes them a great pick:

  • Official Partner – Directly recommended and supported by Frozen Flame‘s own development team.

  • Optimized Servers – Their server infrastructure is customized for ideal Frozen Flame performance.

  • Easy Mods – One-click install the latest Frozen Flame mods from Steam Workshop.

  • NVMe Storage – Fast SSD-powered servers capable of huge worlds with no slowdown.

  • 24/7 Support – Get assistance directly from Frozen Flame experts for any server issues.

  • Multiple Games – Scale up to host servers for all your favorites via their Gamecloud platform.

For hassle-free Frozen Flame servers with official dev backing, G-Portal is a superb option.

Can‘t decide? Most providers offer a money-back guarantee, so feel free to test out their service risk-free!

How to Choose the Best Provider for YOUR Needs

To decide on the ideal Frozen Flame host for your world, keep these key factors in mind:

Your Location – Ping Times Matter!

Low latency is crucial for smooth online play, so test hosts that offer data centers near you and your fellow players. Survival Servers, Citadel and G-Portal all have global presence to minimize lag.

Hardware Power

The more players on your server, the more horsepower you need in terms of CPU cores, RAM, and SSD storage. Grab a provider with specs to match your target capacity.

Modding Needs

Some providers make installing mods easier than others. If you plan to run lots of mods, prioritize flexible FTP access and Steam Workshop support.

Security Protections

Factor in DDoS mitigation and other security provided. You‘ll sleep better knowing your world is safe from being griefed or wiped.

Budget Limits

Servers with the most advanced hardware and worldwide data centers cost more. But you can find excellent hosts like Survival Servers that offer great performance at very reasonable per-slot rates.

Ease of Use

Look for an intuitive control panel, one-click mod installs, and instant setup. The easier the provider makes managing your server, the better experience you‘ll have.

Consider the factors above based on your specific needs. For example, if you‘ll play with just a few friends, Survival Servers or G-Portal are great budget-friendly options. Planning an epic 100 player PvP server? Citadel‘s ultra-powered machines have you covered.

This way you can confidently choose the BEST server host for the type of Frozen Flame world you want to run.

Setting Up Your Frozen Flame Server in Under 15 Minutes

Once you’ve picked your preferred hosting provider, getting your Frozen Flame server online is simple. Just follow these steps:

1. Create Account

Sign up with the provider and enter any billing details needed. Many accept PayPal, major credit cards, and even cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin!

2. Select Server Region

Choose the data center location closest to you and your fellow players. Survival Servers has locations like Los Angeles, London, Sydney, and more.

3. Choose Server Size

Decide how many slots you need based on your max expected players. 10 slots supports small groups, while 50+ is good for giant communities.

4. Install Frozen Flame

Providers will handle game installation for you automatically. Just click install and it‘s deployed in minutes!

5. Customize Settings

Tweak Frozen Flame configs to your liking – difficulty, rates, behavior etc. Really personalize it!

6. Add Mods (Optional)

Install mods from Steam Workshop or upload your own. Add classes, gear, biomes, and customize even further!

7. Start Your Server

That‘s it! Launch your shiny new Frozen Flame server and invite friends to join up. Have fun exploring!

With today‘s instant automated deployment, you can be up and running with your dream Frozen Flame world in less than 15 minutes.

Admin Tips – Managing Your Server

Once you‘ve launched your server, most providers give you tools to keep things configured just how you like:

Handy Control Panel

Quickly check server status, update settings, and restart it with just a few clicks.

Steam Workshop Integration

Effortlessly browse Frozen Flame mods and add them to your server with one-click installation.

World Backups

Schedule regular automatic backups to avoid losing your hard work!

Performance Monitoring

Keep an eye on critical metrics like CPU usage, ping times, and bandwidth.

Config File Access

Directly edit GameUserSettings.ini and other configs for advanced customization.

Admin Console

Log in with admin powers to spawn items, ban griefers, teleport and much more.

Security Monitoring

Check security logs and get notified about potential attacks or disruptions.

User Management

Easily add, remove, or edit permissions for all players on your server.

Leveraging tools like these help you operate a smooth server and provide an amazing experience for your community.

I hope this guide has shown you the incredible benefits of hosting your own Frozen Flame server and given you confidence to get started! Let me know if you have any other questions – I‘m always happy to help a fellow fan get the most out of this amazing game.

Game on!

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