How to Go to the Furnace Core Site in Tower of Fantasy: A Complete Step-by-Step Guide

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The massive 2.0 update for Tower of Fantasy introduced an entire new world to explore with the neon-soaked Vera Sector. This cyberpunk paradise is brimming with augmentations, holographic concerts, and shady corporate intrigue. But one of the most pressing mysteries for fresh arrivals is uncovering the secrets of the imposing Furnace Core Site foundry complex.

In this extensive guide, I‘ll be walking you through everything you need to know to access the Furnace Core Site location. You‘ll learn the backstory behind this foreboding industrial zone, strategies for handling its challenges and enemies, loot walkthroughs, tips for beginners, and much more.

So jack into the virtual world, choom, and let‘s hack this mission!

Revisiting the Tower of Fantasy 2.0 Update

Before diving directly into the Furnace Core Site, it‘s worth recapping some of the major additions introduced in Tower of Fantasy‘s huge 2.0 update. This massive content expansion added an entirely new region, systems, progression mechanics and even raised the level cap.

Some of the major 2.0 highlights include:

  • Vera Sector – A sprawling new cyberpunk-themed map with a towering city, sewers, corporate labs and more.

  • Level cap increased to 80 – The max level was raised to allow for more progression.

  • New story content – 2.0 kicked off an entirely new narrative arc with fresh characters and mysteries to uncover.

  • Ruby Simulacrum – Ruby was added as a new ice-themed playable Simulacrum.

  • Matrices – Matrices overhauled the gear system, allowing you to slot abilities into weapons and armor.

  • Combat Engine – This powerful new weapon type launches explosive laser drones.

  • Endgame instances – Raids like Banges Chemical Plant were added for max level players.

I‘ll be referencing many of these new systems as we dig into conquering the Furnace Core Site. Vera truly represents a massive expansion that refreshed much of the Tower of Fantasy experience. Now let‘s look at exactly why you want to journey to the Furnace Core site as your first stop in this cyperpunk world…

Why Visit The Furnace Core Site?

The Furnace Core Site is one of the early main story objectives as you begin exploring the Vera Sector for the first time. You‘ll spot its billowing chimneys and eerie reddish glow from your initial landing spot. But what exactly is this facility, and why should you make the trek out there?

Here are some key reasons you‘ll want to pay this location a visit:

  • It‘s a main story objective – visiting is required to advance the plot and your exploration of Vera.
  • You can acquire key code keys needed to unlock other areas.
  • There are challenging enemies and bosses to test your skills.
  • Valuable loot like enhancement materials and gear blueprints can be obtained.
  • Backstory and lore about Vera are revealed through logs and recordings.
  • Completing it unlocks future weekly and daily quests there.
  • There are some fun platforming puzzles and environment traversal.
  • You‘ll acquire your first Binary Pass for fast travel.
  • Higher level gear can be farmed to boost your power.

As one of your first priorities after landing in the gleaming cyber city, the Furnace Core Site is a rite of passage for any post-apocalyptic tech scavenger. Let‘s get into how you can find and access it.

Step-By-Step Guide: Reaching The Furnace Core Site

Ready to light up the neon-bathed rain slick streets and make your way to the Furnace? Equip your best cyberdeck and follow these steps:

Step 1: Fast Travel to Mirafleur Hall

To reach any new region in Tower of Fantasy, you‘ll first need to return to the main hub location of Mirafleur Hall. This can be accessed via any Return Point out in the open world zones.

Interact with the Return Point and select Mirafleur Hall from the list of available destinations. The loading time may take a bit depending on your connection.

Step 2: Locate and Interact With the Cruiser

Once you‘ve arrived in Mirafleur Hall, you‘ll notice various teleporters around the perimeter leading to different sectors. Head towards the blue holographic symbol, as this is the Cruiser.

Interact with the Cruiser console to bring up the travel menu. This lets you fast travel between Vera, Aesperia, and other major regions.

Step 3: Select "Vera Tower of Fantasy"

Choose the option for Vera Tower of Fantasy from the Cruiser menu. There will be a short loading screen as you‘re transported miles away into the shiny verticality of the cyber city.

Cruiser Travel Menu

Selecting Vera Tower of Fantasy in the Cruiser menu

Step 4: Trek West Toward the Furnace Core Site

After spawning in, bring up your area map and set a waypoint toward the west. In the distance, you can see the silhouette of massive foundry towers wreathed in smoke – this is the Furnace Core Site.

Trek in that direction, dealing with any enemies that impede your progress. The journey takes around 3-4 minutes on foot from the landing zone.

Step 5: Interact With the Facility Entrance

Once you arrive at the perimeter of the Furnace Core Site, there will be a large mechanical door barring entry. Interact with the terminal nearby to trigger a dialog scene and open the way forward.

Select "OK" to officially enter the facility and begin your exploration!

And that‘s it! Just follow those steps and you‘ll be ready to see what secrets lie within the ominous Furnace Core Site. Next, let‘s talk about what to expect when you arrive.

What Awaits Inside The Furnace Core Site?

Upon gaining access to the Furnace Core Site, you‘ll be plunged into a hellish mechanized underworld. Blasts of fire illuminate clanking conveyor belts as you platform your way through the maze-like refinery. Here‘s an overview of what you‘ll encounter within:

  • Tough enemies like Vermin Raiders, Destruction Drones, and Scrap Colossi. Hard-hitting ranged and mob fights.
  • Environmental hazards like flame geysers, toxic puddles, and electrified floors.
  • Binary keys needed to unlock access deeper into the facility.
  • Supply crates and lootable gear like enhancement ore and weapon blueprints.
  • Data logs filling in the facility‘s backstory via audio and text.
  • A challenging boss fight against the Scrap Centurion.
  • Circuit-board style platforms to test your jumping and air dashing.
  • A Binary Pass reward to fast travel back anytime.

While the aesthetics seem heavily industrial, the technology powering it feels otherworldly. Who built this place, and for what grim purpose? Scouring the site for clues is key between skirmishes with mech walkers and augmented vagabonds.

Those fiery foundries endlessly churn out mysterious resources, funneling them deeper into the planet‘s core through a massive crater plume. Discovering the Furnace‘s origins likely holds the key to unraveling Vera‘s secrets. Your journey here is just beginning.

Next, let‘s go over some tips for surviving the mechanical madness within.

Tips and Strategies for the Furnace Core Site

To help you safely traverse the scorching innards of the Furnace Core Site, here are some tips I‘ve gathered from my runs:

  • The mobs hit extremely hard so don‘t neglect defense and healing. Prioritize damage reduction matrices.

  • AOE attacks are essential for crowd control since you‘ll often fight large groups.

  • Ranged weapons like hand cannons work well due to the tight spaces.

  • Dash frequently to avoid ground hazards and kite enemies.

  • Explore carefully and watch out for ambushes around corners.

  • Unlock shortcuts like ladders and gates to skip sections you‘ve finished.

  • Kill flame drone enemies first as they buff other mobs with damage boosts.

  • Co-op is advised until you overlevel the instance substantially.

  • Make sure to use your weapon discharge ability for big burst damage.

  • Interrupt heavy attacks from elite enemies when you see the charge up prompt.

With the right loadout and combat strategy, you can conquer the Furnace Core Site‘s challenges. Next let‘s go over some must-have gear.

When choosing your loadout, you‘ll want to focus on weapons and matrices that excel in AOE damage and keeping you alive. Here are some recommendations:


  • Negating Hammer (Rocket) – wide explosive arc
  • Thunderblades (Samir) – great AOE discharge
  • Rosy Edge (Ruby) – high mobility melee


  • Shiro‘s Glory – increased defense and resistances
  • Samir‘s Lament – bonus HP and healing over time
  • Rosy Follower – boosts ice damage and discharge


  • Negating Cube – chance to reset skill cooldowns
  • Samir‘s Labyrinth – creates healing orbs from weapon discharges

With loadouts like these, you‘ll have an easier time controlling mobs and surviving all the unavoidable damage. Next let‘s go over some crucial loot to collect.

Valuable Loot to Grab

Clearing out the Furnace Core Site offers some lucrative loot opportunities. Here are some noteworthy items to grab:

  • Binary Keys – unlock routes to optional areas and bosses.
  • Enhancement Ore – used for upgrading gear.
  • Weapon Blueprints – for crafting new armaments.
  • Quantum Electron – hard to obtain crafting material.
  • Furnace Fragments – event currency from looting containers.
  • Binary Core – traded for powerful flame relics.
  • Molten Armor Blueprints – new max level armor set.

I‘d recommend grabbing any enhancement materials, keys, weapon blueprints you don‘t own, and ore. The molten armor is handy for alts. And pick up any cores and fragments you find for event shops.

With a Binary Pass in your inventory, you can fast travel back each day for more farming.

Hidden Sections and Unlockables

While simply reaching the Furnace Core Site entrance completes the initial story objective, there‘s much more hidden inside for the curious to uncover. Here are some notable secrets and unlockables within the facility:

  • Molten Arena – An optional arena mini-game unlocked with Binary Keys that awards ascension materials.

  • Detonation Tunnels – Deafening tunnels of fire unlocked with keys leading to hidden loot chests.

  • Scrap Centurion – The deadly boss unlocked deep in the facility who drops epic loot.

  • Secret Labs – Hidden corporate labs under the foundry conducting human experiments.

  • Launch Bays – Control stations directing the flow of mysterious resources through the crater below.

  • Abandoned Dorms – Living quarters of the original site engineers and scientists.

Many of these optional paths contain lore logs from Vera‘s history before the cataclysm. Uncovering all the secrets grants achievements and titles as well.

So don‘t just rush to the end – take time exploring every tunnel and backtracking with your new keys to unlock everything! That covers most of the need-to-know info about the Furnace Core Site itself. Now let‘s dive deeper into the story and theories behind this strange industrial marvel.

The Hidden History of The Furnace Core Site

On the surface, the Furnace Core Site appears to be some kind of mining and resource processing facility. But eerie clues hint that there are darker secrets entombed within these flaming foundries. Here are some prevailing theories about the site‘s true nature and history based on logs found therein:

Pre-Cataclysm Origins

Leading theories suggest the Furnace Core Site was constructed sometime in the decades before the Cataclysm by an unknown corporation or government. It seems to have been focused on excavating precious resources from deep below the planet‘s surface.

Exactly which organization commissioned its construction remains unknown. The technology and techniques used suggest incredibly advanced capabilities for the era.

Mysterious Crater Operations

The massive crater beneath the facility seems key to its operations. Gigantic power conduits funnel endless resources mined below up into the furnaces and foundries above.

But what are these resources, and why is a constant supply so vital? Disturbingly, some logs suggest the crater leads directly down into the planet‘s molten core.

Strange Power Source

The true power source energizing the Furnace Core Site has never been identified. It enables the massive excavation and processing of unending resources and far exceeds any known capabilities of the era.

Some logs describe it as a strange living liquid energy endlessly churning deep below the crust. It seems this substance may have been the secret to the facility‘s dark operations.

Mad Science Experiments

Corporate labs hidden beneath the industrial foundries hint at bizarre human experimentation and augmentation projects. Workers were injected with glowing blue fluids and suffered horrific transformations.

These sinister sciences seem aimed at enhancing workers to operate safely near the core crater‘s influence. But they took a massive toll on human life in the process.

Slowly uncovering all these historic secrets and corporate conspiracies forms a major part of the Vera Sector storyline. Your expedition into the Furnace Core Site kicks this journey off in eyebrow-raising style!

Final Tips for Maximizing Your Exploration

Before concluding, here are some final tips to help you get the most out of your trips to the Furnace Core Site:

  • Speak to NPCs in the nearby Midnight Town for additional quests.
  • Grab bounties from the bar to hunt down bosses and challenges.
  • Come back daily for farming once you unlock the fast travel.
  • Check the limited vendor for Battery Pack currency items.
  • Join a crew to take down the Scrap Centurion boss.
  • Experiment with Matrix loadouts to optimize your build.
  • Try attempting solo flawless runs once you‘ve mastered the route.
  • Read all logs closely to piece together the hidden backstory.
  • Acquire the Bakaneko thrusterpack if you struggle with jumping puzzles.
  • Report any bugs or issues on the official Discord.

Take your time and savor peeling back the layers of mystery entombed within this foreboding foundry. Those secrets hold the key to Vera‘s past, present, and maybe even its future.

Closing Thoughts on the Journey Ahead

And that just about wraps up this extensive guide to reaching the ominous Furnace Core Site in Tower of Fantasy‘s new cyberpunk frontier. I hope these tips help you safely traverse its flaming tunnels, fend off ferocious enemies, and uncover the hidden narrative secrets buried within.

Storming the Furnace kicks off an epic journey that will span expansive new regions and domains. There will be countless challenges to overcome, cooperative adventures to undertake, and potentially world-shaking revelations to uncover. The neon-lit streets of Vera are calling your name, choom!

So get out there, assemble your crew, and delve into this incredible new chapter. Let me know down in the comments what discoveries you unearth beneath the furnace fires! Wishing you smooth runs and epic loot. But most importantly, have fun exploring this awesome new realm!


Written by Alexis Kestler

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