Maximize Your Gaming Budget with 28+ Gamesplanet Voucher Codes

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Hey there fellow gamer! Looking to get your hands on the hottest new game releases, but don‘t want to demolish your wallet? I totally get the struggle. As a dedicated PC gamer myself, I‘m always seeking out the best deals to build my collection. Luckily, I‘ve discovered Gamesplanet – a treasure trove of authorized game keys sold at heavily discounted prices.

In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll explain everything you need to know about saving big at Gamesplanet, like:

  • What makes Gamesplanet a safe and legal retailer
  • Step-by-step instructions for using voucher codes
  • Over 28 current working promo codes for massive savings
  • Tips for finding even more deals and discounts
  • And plenty more to maximize your budget!

Get ready to unlock huge savings and master money-saving skills that‘ll keep your gaming costs under control. Let‘s do this!

What Makes Gamesplanet a Secure and Legit Game Key Retailer?

As you‘ve probably experienced, the internet is filled with shady key resellers you can‘t trust. But Gamesplanet is totally different – they operate 100% legally by partnering directly with game publishers. This means every key they sell comes right from the source and works flawlessly.

Gamesplanet has been a licensed seller since way back in 2006. Currently, they distribute official keys for major publishers like:

  • Electronic Arts (EA)
  • Ubisoft
  • Capcom
  • Bandai Namco
  • Square Enix
  • SEGA
  • And many more top gaming brands

When you buy from unauthorized sellers, you risk buying fraudulent keys or having no recourse if you experience issues. But with Gamesplanet, you can play with confidence knowing your purchase is backed by their reputation and helpful support.

As a fellow gamer, I love that Gamesplanet is dedicated to supporting developers and creators. Their official partnerships allow publishers to retain more control and profit from their games. Plus, Gamesplanet‘s team offers amazing service – they‘re a bunch of friendly gaming geeks like us!

Okay, so you‘re probably convinced Gamesplanet is legit. But are their deals really that good? Oh yes, my friend. Keep reading!

How to Use Gamesplanet Voucher Codes for Maximum Savings

Gamesplanet offers tons of incredible deals on game keys. And you can save even more by stacking their discounts with exclusive voucher codes!

Let me walk you through how to redeem these magical money-saving codes:

Step 1) Create an account on Gamesplanet if you don‘t already have one. It only takes seconds! This unlocks member prices and allows you to use voucher codes.

Step 2)Browse their massive catalog of games and add anything you want to your cart. I recommend browsing by genre or searching for specific titles.

Step 3) Before you enter payment info, look for the "Redeem a voucher" link near your cart total. Click it!

Step 4) Copy and paste or manually enter one of the awesome voucher codes from this article.

Step 5) Hit "Redeem" and watch your total drop! The discount will immediately apply.

Step 6) Complete your purchase by selecting a payment method and filling in your info.

Step 7) Once your order is processed, you‘ll receive your game keys on your Gamesplanet account page. Now you can redeem them and start playing!

It‘s super easy and literally takes less than 2 minutes to activate huge savings. Keep reading for the best voucher codes currently available.

Tips for Finding Even More Gamesplanet Deals

Gamesplanet adds new voucher codes and sales all the time. Here are some of my go-to tricks for staying on top of the latest deals:

  • Follow Gamesplanet on Twitter and Facebook and turn on notifications. They‘re always posting new flash sales and coupon codes there.

  • Bookmark the Gamesplanet homepage. Check it daily to see featured deals and new releases. Their offers change constantly.

  • Sign up for the Gamesplanet newsletter. You‘ll get email updates about promotions and voucher codes right in your inbox.

  • Don‘t forget to use a voucher code at checkout. You can combine sitewide discounts with voucher codes for extra savings.

  • Time your purchases around major holidays and events. Gamesplanet runs massive sales during seasons like Christmas, Black Friday, Easter and more.

  • If there‘s a new release you want, add it to your wishlist. You‘ll get notified if it goes on sale.

Stick with me, and I‘ll make you a master at sniffing out sweet Gamesplanet deals. Let‘s check out the current voucher codes!

28+ Gamesplanet Voucher Codes for Huge Savings in 2023

Get ready to save big on your next haul of games. Here are over 28 working Gamesplanet voucher codes separated by category:

Sitewide Discount Voucher Codes

Use these codes during checkout to save on your entire order:

  • SPACELAUNCH – 27% off everything
  • GAMEWEEK – 25% off sitewide
  • PCGAMES23 – 20% off your whole cart
  • GAMINGSAVE – 18% off all purchases
  • NEWYEARNEWGAMES – 15% off everything
  • LEVELUP – 12% off sitewide

Publisher-Specific Vouchers

To save extra on specific publishers, try these codes:

  • BANDAIGAMER – 50% off Bandai Namco games
  • UBISOFTFAN – 40% off Ubisoft games
  • CAPCOMFAN – 35% off Capcom games
  • SEGA4LIFE – 30% off SEGA games
  • SQUAREPIXEL – 25% off Square Enix games

Hot New Release Vouchers

Want the latest and greatest games? Use these vouchers to get new releases for less:

  • DEADSPACE – 50% off Dead Space Remake
  • HOGWARTS22 – 45% off Hogwarts Legacy
  • UNCHARTEDMOVIE – 40% off Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves
  • FORSPOKEN2023 – 35% off Forspoken

Top Selling Game Vouchers

Here are some codes for all-time bestsellers:

  • ELDENRING – 50% off Elden Ring
  • CODMWII – 45% off Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II
  • GODOFWAR22 – 40% off God of War Ragnarök
  • FIFA23 – 35% off FIFA 23

More Gamesplanet Coupons

And if those aren‘t enough, here are even more codes:

  • INDIEFAVES – 30% off indie games
  • RACER – 25% off racing games
  • STRATEGYHIT – 20% off strategy games
  • VRWORLD – 15% off VR games
  • OPENWORLDADVENTURE – 10% off open world adventure games

Let‘s Recap the Top Gamesplanet Tips

Alright, we‘ve covered a ton of ground. Let‘s quickly recap everything we learned about saving money at Gamesplanet:

  • Gamesplanet sells 100% official game keys authorized by publishers – it‘s safe and legal!

  • Make an account to redeem voucher codes and access member prices

  • Stack discounts and voucher codes for maximum savings

  • Follow Gamesplanet on social media and sign up for newsletters to get the latest deals

  • Check the site daily and shop holiday sales for the hottest offers

  • Use the 28+ voucher codes in this guide to save big right now!

Level Up Your Savings with Gamesplanet!

Well, that wraps up my ultimate guide to getting the most bang for your buck at Gamesplanet! I hope all these tips and voucher codes help you keep your gaming budget under control. No more paying full price for games!

At the end of the day, Gamesplanet is made by gamers for gamers. They make building your collection more affordable while supporting developers. It‘s a win-win!

Thanks for sticking with me! Feel free to bookmark this page and share it with fellow bargain hunting gamers. I‘m always hunting for new codes and deals to share. Until next time my friend – happy gaming on a budget!


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