How Teens Under 18 Can Get a Cash App Card Without Their Parents Finding Out

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You’re a teen with a smartphone, and you’ve heard about Cash App. It seems like an easy way to send and receive money digitally. But is it possible to get a Cash App card if you’re under 18, without involving your parents?

The short answer is yes – with a little creativity, you can get approved for and use a Cash App debit card without parental consent.

In this detailed guide, I’ll walk you through exactly how to get a Cash App card before you turn 18, step-by-step. You’ll learn:

  • What Cash App is, and how teens are using it
  • The requirements to be eligible for a Cash App card
  • How to discreetly request approval from an older friend/sibling
  • Tips for activating and using your card responsibly

Let’s dive in!

What Exactly is Cash App?

Cash App is a free peer-to-peer payment app launched by Square in 2013. Within less than a decade, it‘s gained over 40 million active users.

So what makes Cash App so popular, especially among teens and young adults?

  • Simple transfers – Send money to friends instantly just by using their $cashtag or phone number. No bank account required.

  • Cash Card – Get a customizable debit card to spend your Cash App balance in stores or withdraw cash from ATMs

  • Direct deposit – Receive paychecks, allowance, or other income directly into your Cash App balance.

  • Investing – Buy fractional shares of stocks or Bitcoin right from your app.

  • Rewards – Unlock instant discounts and cashback with Cash Boost at places like Target, DoorDash, and more.

  • Referrals – Earn free instant bonuses when your friends sign up.

With all these features in one slick app, it’s easy to see the appeal for digital-first teens. Cash App offers independence and flexibility with money management.

In fact, according to Business Insider Intelligence, over 15% of U.S. teens had used fintech payment apps like Cash App as of 2022. That percentage is likely growing rapidly year over year.

But normally, you need to be 18 to gain full access to Cash App’s features without parental oversight. So how can teens under 18 get their hands on a Cash App card? Let‘s find out.

Requirements to Get a Cash App Card Under 18

While using Cash App’s core peer-to-peer payment features only requires being 13+, there are a few key requirements teens need to meet to qualify for Cash App’s debit card specifically:

  • Be at least 13 – Cash App’s minimum age to use the app.

  • Have a smartphone – You‘ll need to download the iOS or Android app to sign up.

  • U.S. based – Cash App cards only ship to U.S. addresses.

  • ID verification – You must verify your identity by providing your legal name, date of birth, address and SSN.

  • Adult approval – Normally, consent from a parent or guardian is required. But there’s a workaround, as I’ll explain shortly.

As long as you meet these criteria, you can request early access to a Cash Card without mom or dad finding out.

Now let’s go step-by-step through how to get your own card.

Step 1: Download and Sign Up for Cash App

First, you’ll need to download and install the Cash App mobile app on your iPhone or Android phone. You can find Cash App here:

Once downloaded, open Cash App and tap “Sign Up”. Provide your email address or phone number, then create a 6-digit pin code for security.

Next, Cash App will prompt you to enter key personal details including:

  • Your full legal name
  • Birthdate confirming you’re at least 13
  • Home address
  • Last 4 digits of your SSN

Entering this info accurately verifies your identity and ensures you meet Cash App’s minimum age requirements.

Once your new Cash App account is opened, it’s time to request your debit card.

Step 2: Order a Cash Card

In the Cash App mobile app, tap the Cash Card icon on the bottom of the screen. Then:

  1. Tap “Get Free Cash Card” and pick a card style you like

  2. Optionally personalize your card with a name or photo

  3. Tap “Order Card” and enter the shipping address you want it mailed to

  4. On the next page, tap “Use Anyway” when warned you must be 18+

  5. Carefully type in your full legal name, then tap “Next”

  6. Provide your birthdate again to confirm you‘re over 13

  7. Tap “Request Approval” instead of ordering directly

This last step is key. Rather than ordering the card outright, you’ll need to request approval from someone else over 18 who can act as your guardian.

Step 3: Ask an Older Friend or Sibling for Help

Since Cash App requires adult consent for users under 18, you need to find a friend or family member who:

  • Is at least 18 years old
  • Already has an active Cash App account

When you request approval, you‘ll enter their full name, Cash App username ($cashtag), and phone number linked to their account.

According to Cash App card reviews, most teens ask an older sibling for help with this. But you could also ask a cousin, friend, or anyone over 18 that you trust.

Here are some tips for getting them to approve your request:

  • Politely explain you’d like to manage your money with Cash App’s card
  • Offer to send them a few bucks as a thank you via Cash App
  • Promise to return the favor down the line if they ever need help

With some friendly persuasion, you can likely convince them to approve your card request. And don’t worry – they won’t gain any access to view your Cash App activity or statements. They’re just verifying your request.

Once submitted, it should take no more than 1-2 days for your request to be approved. You’ll get an instant notification in Cash App when it’s done.

Step 4: Activate Your Cash Card

Within 14 business days, your physical Cash Card will arrive in the mail at the address you provided!

But you can activate and start using a virtual version of the card immediately in Cash App. Here’s how to finish activation:

  1. When your physical card arrives, tap the “Activate” button in Cash App

  2. Follow the instructions to enter the CVV code on the back of your new card

  3. You may need to create a PIN or sign the back of the physical card

Once this is complete, your Cash Card will be ready to use online, in apps, and at any store that accepts Visa debit cards!

Using Your Teen Cash App Card Safely

Now that you’ve got your own Cash App card without involving parental oversight, here are some expert tips to use it safely and responsibly:

  • Enable security features like PIN protection and transaction notifications to prevent unauthorized use if lost or stolen.

  • Be cautious when linking other payment apps – only connect wallets from verified brands and app stores.

  • Avoid transactions related to illegal or age-restricted activities that violate Cash App’s terms, or your account could get shut down.

  • Monitor your balance and transaction history regularly to spot any suspicious activity immediately.

  • Understand Cash Card fees for certain transactions like ATM withdrawals, so you avoid surprises.

  • If your card is lost/stolen or you see unauthorized charges, report it to Cash App Support right away by tapping “Get Support” in the app.

By taking security seriously and using common sense, you can safely unlock the convenience of Cash App’s card to manage your money digitally as a teen!

Summing Up How Teens Can Get a Cash App Card Without Parents

While Cash App does require adult approval for its debit card, this guide has shown you how teens can discreetly get consent from an older friend or sibling instead.

The key steps include:

  1. Downloading Cash App and entering your personal details accurately

  2. Ordering a Cash Card, then requesting approval from a trusted friend/sibling over 18

  3. Activating your digital and physical card once approved

  4. Using your teen Cash App card responsibly by enabling security features

So with a little strategic planning, you can gain access to Cash App’s powerful money management tools before 18, without your parents ever finding out!

I hope you found this guide helpful. Let me know if you have any other questions on getting a Cash App card approved as a teen – I‘m happy to provide tips and expert advice!


Written by Alexis Kestler

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