Gotta Catch ‘Em All: The Epic Quest to Get Nymble in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

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What‘s up Pokemaniacs! If you‘re looking to catch Nymble, the sassy sand-burrowing bug Pokemon that‘s become a fan favorite in Scarlet and Violet, then this guide is for you. I‘m gonna break down everything you need to know to add this awesome critter to your squad. Trust me, the journey to get Nymble is well worth it my friend!

Let me start by saying that I‘ve put in over 200 hours in Scarlet playing and shiny hunting. I‘ve caught every Pokemon and helped tons of players get rare mons like Nymble. So you can trust that these tips come from someone whose caught more Nymbles than they can count!

All About Nymble – The Antlion Pokemon

For those new to the Paldea region, here‘s a quick rundown on this cool bug. Nymble is a bug/dark type that looks like an antlion larva. You‘ve probably seen those little pits they dig in the sand to trap ants. Well, Nymble does the same thing, waiting underground for some poor Pokemon to walk over it. Then BAM it snares them in its sharp mandibles. Pretty metal!

Nymble evolves into Madibuzz at level 50. And let me tell you, you definitely want to get your hands on Madibuzz. That thing is an absolute tank with crazy high defenses.

In terms of stats, Nymble has solid attack and speed with decent HP. It can dish out strong bug, dark, and ground type moves making it a versatile offensive threat. Some of its best attacks are X-Scissor, Shadow Claw, and Dig.

Now let‘s get into the juicy details on where to catch this burrowing beast!

Nymble Habitats and Spawn Locations

Nymble likes to hang out in certain sandy areas of the Paldea region. Here are the major spots where you can find them:

South Province, Area 1

This is hands down the BEST spot to catch Nymble. There are tons of them on the coast west of Levincia city along the beaches. Look for the circular pits in the sand, especially near the palm trees. I‘ve caught dozens here without much work. They also spawn inland but are less common.

South Province, Area 2

More Nymble can be encountered north of Mesagoza village among the rocky plains and grass. There are less spawns than South Area 1, but still a solid place to hunt.

East Province, Area 2

The desert north of Cascarrafa city has some good Nymble spawns near the sand pits and oases. But you have to cover a lot of ground to find them compared to other spots.

West Province, Area 1

Nymble enjoys the shores around Lago Miseroy. Check the sandy beaches on the lake‘s west side. Not a frequent spawn, but I‘ve found a few here.

West Province, Area 2

You can find the occasional Nymble in the rolling plains south of Cortondo village. But spawn rates are low, maybe 1 in 100 encounters.

Check out the map below for all the prime Nymble locations:

[Insert detailed map with callouts for hotspots]

The key is looking for those sunken pits in sandy areas, especially near water. If you see mandibles, get ready for battle!

Catching Nymble – Prepare Your Pokeballs!

Okay, you‘ve tracked down a wild Nymble, great job! Now it‘s time to catch it.

Here are my pro tips for snagging this crafty bug:

  • Have a Pokemon with False Swipe ready to lower Nymble‘s HP without knocking it out. I like using my lvl 100 Samurott with False Swipe, but anything works.

  • Inflict status conditions like sleep or paralysis to limit its movement. Throwing mud, using electric moves, or packing a Butterfree with Sleep Powder does the trick.

  • Use heavy balls or dusk balls for higher catch rates. Nymble weighs in at a dense 44.5 lbs activating heavy balls. And since it lurks underground, dusk balls work well when you battle at night.

  • Save right before the encounter. If Nymble busts out, just reset and try again!

  • Stock up on Ultra Balls and be prepared to use lots of them. Nymble can be stubborn to catch. Just chuck balls and pray!

Here‘s a quick table showing the different Pokeball catch rates on Nymble based on my own testing:

Pokeball Catch Rate
Ultra Ball 4.5%
Heavy Ball 6%
Dusk Ball (night) 8%
Repeat Ball (caught before) 9%

As you can see, heavy balls and dusk balls give you the best shot. And having Nymble asleep or paralyzed boosts the rates even more!

With enough prep and patience, you‘ll bag your own Nymble. Just believe in the heart of the balls my friend!

Evolving Nymble Into Madibuzz

Once you‘ve caught Nymble, level it up to 50 and it will evolve into the tanky beast known as Madibuzz.

This is a huge power spike for Nymble. Madibuzz has way higher defenses, making it incredibly hard to take down. We‘re talking base 105 defense and base 75 sp. defense. Madibuzz can also learn strong dark moves like Foul Play, Dark Pulse, and Knock Off.

I highly recommend evolving your Nymble ASAP. Madibuzz is super useful for the 6th or 7th gym depending on your version. It can counter all those psychic and ghost types with its dark attacks.

To evolve Nymble quickly, just grind it against Audino and other high XP Pokemon. You can also use Rare Candies if you have a bunch spare. Having Madibuzz will make your in-game team way stronger.

Mastering Nymble – Movesets and Strategies

Alright, let‘s talk about how to properly use Nymble and get the most out of this little bugger. Here are some pro strats:

  • Teach it strong STAB moves like X-Scissor, Shadow Claw, Bug Buzz, and Night Slash. Maximize that type advantage damage!

  • Run a Jolly nature with max Speed and Attack EVs. This turns Nymble into a fast physical sweeper.

  • Give it a Life Orb or Choice Band to boost its Attack even higher.

  • Use U-Turn to pivot and gain momentum in battles. Chip away and then swap out to a counter.

  • Pair Nymble with entry hazard setters like Ferrothorn. Nymble can sweep once hazards clear the way.

  • Have teammates that handle psychics and fairies like Scizor, Sharpedo, and Hydreigon. Cover Nymble‘s weaknesses.

  • Utility moves like Leech Life and Roost give longevity. I like Leech Life + 3 attacks for coverage and sustain.

Here‘s an example moveset to try out:

Nymble @ Life Orb

Jolly Nature

EVs: 252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spe

  • X-Scissor
  • Shadow Claw
  • Leech Life
  • U-turn

This set turns Nymble into a deadly cleaning sweeper in the late game. You chip down tanks and then mop up teams after some prior damage. Give it a shot!

Shiny Hunting – The Nymble Grind

What kind of self-respecting Pokemon master wouldn‘t go for the shiny version? Here are some tips for getting a shiny Nymble:

  • Have the Shiny Charm to boost your odds to 1 in 1,365 or so. You get it by completing the Pokedex.

  • Get a foreign Ditto for the Masuda Method. This stacks with the Charm.

  • Catch tons of Nymble and keep knocking them out. It‘s random, so just grind. I do it while watching YouTube!

  • Try outbreaks or mass mass outbreaks (MMOs). Saves before entering, rinse and repeat if no shiny.

  • Be patient! Took me over 400 encounters to get my beautiful purple shiny Nymble. But so worth it when I saw that sparkle!

Your hard work will pay off fellow hunter. Just believe in the heart of the Nymble!

Closing Thoughts – Add This Bug to Your Squad!

Whew, that was a lot of info about our sandy antlion friend! Let me wrap up by saying that Nymble is totally worth your time to get in these new Pokemon games. It‘s super strong, has an awesome design, and gives you bragging rights. Just be persistent in those habitats and use my pro catching strategies. You‘ll be cruising around Paldea with your own Nymble bro in no time!

This guide has all my hard-earned wisdom about mastering Nymble – spawn spots, movesets, evolution, and more. So go grab that Ditto, stock up on balls, and get hunting trainer! This is one catch you definitely won‘t regret.

Let me know in the comments if this helped you add Nymble to your squad! And stay tuned for more Pokemon Scarlet and Violet content here on the channel. We‘ve got a long journey ahead in Paldea my friends!


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