Unlocking the Mysteries of the Central Hub‘s Wheel in Genshin Impact

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The release of Version 3.8 in Genshin Impact introduced an ethereal new area ripe for exploration – Veluriyam Mirage. Floating among the clouds lies the domain‘s crown jewel: a massive spinning wheel structure known as the Central Hub. Reaching the apex of this mechanical marvel proves no easy feat, butoffers stunning views and ample rewards.

As an avid Genshin Impact player and fan, I‘ve uncovered many insights about unlocking the secrets of the Central Hub. Follow below for my complete guide to help you ascend this wheel of wonders!

Introduction: Veluriyam Mirage‘s Place in Liyue Lore

Before setting forth, it‘s helpful to understand Veluriyam Mirage‘s significance in the rich lore of Liyue. According to ancient texts, this domain was once part of an illustrious city in the clouds ruled by an all-powerful god. However, the deity‘s desires eventually led the city to revolt, resulting in a great war that shattered the lands into separate islands.

Now, thousands of years later, the foggy ruins of this fallen utopia have coalesced into Veluriyam Mirage. This distorted illusion shifts and evolves based on the memories and visions of its past inhabitants. As the Traveler, it is your duty to navigate the mirage and find a way to restore balance.

Unlocking Veluriyam Mirage requires completing the "Song of the Dragon and Freedom" archon quest and reaching Adventure Rank 18. I recommend being at least AR 35 before attempting this new domain for the best experience. The enemies here are around level 90-100.

Step By Step Guide to Reaching the Central Hub

Let‘s dive into the hands-on details for making your way through the dreamlike landscape to access the core of Veluriyam Mirage – the Central Hub.

Activate the Teleporter in Silver Bottle Courtyard

Your journey begins in the Silver Bottle Courtyard. Upon first entering the area, head towards the center to find a large geometric teleporter, as pictured below:

[Image: Teleporter in Silver Bottle Courtyard]

Interact with the teleporter and select the option to travel to the Central Hub. This activates the device and provides quick access between the courtyard and the Hub for later.

Locate the Plant Platforms Around the Wheel

After the loading screen, you‘ll find yourself on a large grassy island directly beneath an enormous wheel structure overhead. Floating around the wheel‘s base are several moving platforms made of glowing vines and exotic plants.

Here‘s an example of the plant platforms:

[Image: Glowing plant platforms]

These platforms continuously rotate counter-clockwise along the outside of the wheel. You‘ll need to hop aboard one to reach the wheel itself.

Time Your Approach and Hop Aboard

Next comes the tricky part – timing your jump onto a passing plant platform. I highly recommend attempting this at daytime when visibility is highest.

As a platform slowly floats by, run alongside it and then hit your jump button to land on top of it. Having a tall character like Kaeya or Keqing makes this significantly easier.

You may need to use an anemo skill like Venti‘s wind currents for an extra boost if struggling. Don‘t worry about failing – you can always return via the teleporter and try again!

Ride the Wheel Up to the Summit

After successfully landing on a plant platform, congratulations, you‘re all set! Just stand back and enjoy the ride as the platform automatically carries you upwards towards the wheel‘s pinnacle.

The ascent takes about 60-90 seconds total. Prepare your camera – the views of the floating islands around you get more spectacular the higher you go!

Claim Your Prizes at the Top

Once you reach the peak, you‘ll receive an on-screen notification that the "A Flower Blooms in a Prison" quest is complete. Opening your quest log shows the following rewards:

  • 20x Primogems
  • 2x Hero‘s Wit
  • 4x Mystic Enhancement Ore
  • 20,000 Mora

Not bad for a minute‘s work floating around a giant wheel! You also have access to a Luxurious Chest and teleporter up here for convenience.

Additional Tips and Recommendations

Follow these extra pointers to get the most out of your Central Hub wheel journey:

  • Bring a ranged DPS character to snipe enemies around the islands
  • Equip a shielder like Noelle in case you fall off the platform
  • Activate the bouncing mushroom gadget for additional aerial mobility
  • Solve puzzles across the nearby islands for bonus chests
  • Take some cool screenshots atop the wheel to share with friends
  • Complete the Illusory Blossom realm challenge located on the central island
Recommended Party Setup
Main DPS Archers like Ganyu work great
Sub DPS melee fighter to clear enemies
Support shield/healer for safety
Anemo character mobility & platform access

And if you have companions to bring along, utilizing co-op mode makes unlocking the Central Hub even more enjoyable. Have one player ride the wheel for the quest while the other provides ranged support from the islands below.

Revisiting the Central Hub After Completion

Beyond checking off the quest requirements, the Central Hub remains a point of interest to revisit later. It serves as a prime spot for surveying the entire patchwork landscape of Veluriyam Mirage from an eagle eye view.

Plus, the nearby waypoint and teleporter offer quick access for knocking out puzzles, challenges, material farming routes, or just some relaxed sightseeing. It certainly beats climbing thousands of stairs like in certain other Genshin domains!

Closing Thoughts on This Mysterious New Area

Version 3.8‘s introduction of Veluriyam Mirage – and specifically the Central Hub – adds an exciting new dimension to the world of Teyvat. The levitating islands, fantasy aesthetics, and giant spinning wheel culminate into a realm packed with intrigue.

As a Genshin veteran with countless hours under my belt, I found unlocking the secrets of the Central Hub to be a highlight of the update. It blends rewarding gameplay, scenic spectacle, and meaningful ties to Liyue‘s ancient past.

My hope is that this guide gives you the tips and motivation needed to experience the Central Hub for yourself. From its seductive lore to the exhilarating ascent, this mystical marvel has much to offer for your next adventure! Let me know in the comments if you have any other questions – and happy exploring!


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