Unlocking Summer Rewards: How to Get Seabreeze Gachapon Coins in Tower of Fantasy

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Tower of Fantasy‘s limited-time Summer Seabreeze event has finally arrived! This beach-themed event is getting players hyped for sun and fun. But how can you collect all the seasonal cosmetics? By getting your hands on some Seabreeze Gachapon Coins!

As a fellow gacha game enthusiast, I know the excitement of these limited-time events. In this guide, I‘ll walk you through everything there is to know about grabbing Seabreeze Gachapon Coins and redeeming summery rewards during Tower of Fantasy‘s biggest seasonal celebration.

Overview of Tower of Fantasy‘s Summer Event

For anyone just joining in on the Tower of Fantasy fun, here‘s a quick primer. The game launched globally on August 10, 2022, published by Level Infinite and developed by Hotta Studio. Tower of Fantasy is an anime-inspired open world RPG with gacha game elements.

The Summer Seabreeze event started on August 23 and runs until August 30 – so just one week to enjoy these limited seasonal goodies! Typically, Tower of Fantasy has events corresponding to real life seasons. We can expect more themed activities for fall, winter, and spring.

Compared to normal gameplay, these seasonal events add lots of fun new ways to earn cosmetics and collectivibles. Definitely don‘t miss out!

What Are Seabreeze Gachapon Coins?

Seabreeze Gachapon Coins are a special event-exclusive currency. They can be exchanged in the Seabreeze Gachapon prize machine during the summer event.

This Gachapon contains summer-themed cosmetic rewards including:

  • Weapon skins with watergun, popsicle, and sandcastle designs
  • Vehicles decorated with beach balls and ocean waves
  • Tropical hairpins with fruits and flowers
  • Swimwear outfit pieces and tiki furniture for your home space
  • Retro getaway namecards and portraits

These sunny seaside-inspired items are only available during the limited-time event. Once it ends, the Seabreeze Gachapon goes away too, making all its rewards rare and exclusive.

Claiming Free Seabreeze Gachapon Coins

Now let‘s get to the fun part – how you can get your hands on some free coins!

Complete Main Story to Unlock Events

First things first, finish the main story mission "Ecological Station Intruders" to unlock the Summer Seabreeze event page. This is where you can access coin rewards.

Claim Day 1 Supply Run

Head to the Supply Run menu and claim the Day 1 reward to receive 5 free Seabreeze Gachapon Coins! Easy.

Check In Daily for Bonus Coins

This one takes a bit more patience, but log in and claim your daily check-in reward each day of the event. On certain days, your mail will contain 1 bonus Seabreeze Gachapon Coin!

Over the week-long summer event, logging in consistently can net you around 10 coins total.

Buying Additional Seabreeze Gachapon Coins

If you‘re hoping to collect multiple summer-exclusive items, free coins won‘t cut it. You‘ll need to purchase additional coins.

Here‘s how to buy more:

  1. Open the in-game shop
  2. Select the Limited Gift Pack tab
  3. Choose the Seabreeze Gachapon Coin item
  4. Pick how many coins to buy (1 to 94)
  5. Confirm your purchase!
Coins Price (in Tanium)
1 150
10 1200
20 2280
50 5400
94 (max) 9600

The more coins bought at once, the lower the per-coin price is. Maximum value comes from the 94 coin pack.

According to player reports, the average cost for a full collection is about 7,000-9,000 Tanium. Keep the pricing tiers in mind as you budget your coin purchases.

Using Your Seabreeze Gachapon Coins

You‘ve got your coins, now it‘s time for the main event – play the Seabreeze Gachapon! Here‘s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Open the Summer Seabreeze event page
  2. Select Seabreeze Gachapon
  3. Choose to do a single (1 coin) or 10x draw (10 coins)
  4. Coins will be consumed and prizes appear!

Any prizes you obtain will be sent to your backpack. If your backpack is full, they‘ll go to your mail instead. I recommend emptying your inventory before playing to avoid that headache.

The Seabreeze Gachapon is split into two prize probabilities:

Common (80% draw rate) – Furniture, weapon skins, vehicle skins. Can be drawn multiple times.

Rare (20% draw rate) – Unique hairstyles, namecards, portraits. Limited to only be drawn once per item.

Now let‘s get into strategies for making the most of your coins.

Maximizing Your Prize Draws

To optimize your chances of collecting those rare summer cosmetics, follow my gacha pro-tips:

Do 10x draws – Take advantage of the coin discount and prize guarantee of 10x draws as much as possible. Only use single draws at the very end to avoid dupes.

Prioritize your wishlist – Note down the 2-3 rare items you want most and focus your coin spending on getting them, rather than spreading draws out evenly.

Watch your pity counter – The Seabreeze Gachapon has a pity system. If after 99 draws you haven‘t gotten all the rare items at least once, they‘ll automatically unlock to complete your collection. So pace your spending to hit pity draws if needed.

Clear your inventory – Having open backpack and mailbox space before claiming prizes prevents headaches of lost items.

Making the Most of Your Summer Cosmetics

If you‘re lucky enough to get your hands on rare Seabreeze Gachapon items, here are some ways to get the most mileage out of them:

  • Show off your style – Equip your new summer looks when grouping up andexploring with others. The rarity makes you stand out!

  • Decorate your home – Use the tropical furniture to give your personal space a vacation vibe. Visitors will be jealous.

  • Flex your portraits – Set your fresh seasonal portraits and namecards to rep your event participation everywhere.

  • Keep for the future – These items leave the prize pool forever after the event ends, making them status symbols over time.

Should You Buy Coins?

Whether spending real money on Seabreeze Gachapon Coins is worthwhile or not comes down to your priorities:

If you love collecting: yes – Limited seasonal cosmetics are a huge draw for completionist collectors. Owning rare, retired items feels prestigious.

If you focus on progression: no – Your Tanium may be better spent advancing your character and gear. Cosmetics don‘t offer gameplay advantages.

Personally, I have a blast collecting event-exclusive items in the games I play. The short availability window makes obtaining a full Seabreeze Gachapon set thrilling and rewarding. But I know plenty of players prefer to minimize spending and just enjoy the freebies.

My Gachapon Draw Results

Just for fun, I‘ll share my own experience and results playing the Seabreeze Gachapon as a mini case study:

I purchased the 94 coin pack for 9600 Tanium. With my free coins from check-ins and rewards, I had 99 draws total.

My goal was to get all 5 rare items: the tropical flower hairpin, watermelon hat, seashell hair clip, vacation namecard, and beach portrait frame.

After 85 draws, I had only gotten 3 of the 5 rares. But thanks to the pity system, my remaining 14 draws each gave me one of the missing rare items I needed!

So I spent around 10k Tanium and got a complete Seabreeze Gachapon collection. Your mileage may vary, but with smart management, you can maximize your chances.

Parting Thoughts

The Tower of Fantasy Summer Seabreeze event and its Seabreeze Gachapon offer a limited chance to collect rare cosmetics with a sunny seabreeze theme. I hope this guide has prepared you to make the most of the event and walk away with the perfect summer swag!

The season will be over before we know it, so enjoy it while it lasts. Wishing you the best of luck in all your prize machine endeavors! Consider this your nudge to take a summertime vacation in-game. Happy collecting!


Written by Alexis Kestler

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