Unlocking the Mysterious Smart Servant in Tower of Fantasy – A Complete Guide

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Hey friend! Have you heard about the new Smart Servant follower introduced in the huge Tower of Fantasy 2.0 update? This mysterious young girl dressed in futuristic garb can join you on your journeys through the world of Aida.

In this comprehensive guide, I‘ll tell you everything you need to know about obtaining the Smart Servant in ToF. You‘ll learn about her intriguing backstory, combat capabilities, role in speedruns, outfit customization, and more.

Let‘s dive in!

Who is the Enigmatic Smart Servant?

When Hotta Studio first teased images of the Smart Servant, it sparked lots of speculation within the ToF community. With her short black hair and sci-fi inspired white uniform, she looked like an android or AI construct.

Could she be some form of experimental humanoid robot developed in the cyberpunk city of Vera? Is she connected to supporting characters like Hyde? Her origins remain unclear.

What we do know is that the Servant‘s appearance and analytical personality reinforce her name. According to her background info, she functions like a dutiful assistant eager to help the player:

“Hello, I am Smart Servant. My mission is to assist you. How may I help you today?”

As an artificial lifeform, she seems highly intelligent and observant. The Servant notes details in the environment during quests and battles. She can scan enemies to detect weaknesses for you to exploit.

Overall, the Servant gives off a vibe of robotic precision and reliability. Having her around will certainly make your adventures in Tower of Fantasy more efficient!

Smart Servant’s Stats and Abilities

Now let’s analyze the Smart Servant’s actual gameplay stats and abilities.

As a follower, the Smart Servant contributes damage in combat and provides exploration bonuses. Here are her notable base attributes at SSR rank:

  • ATK – 18
  • HP – 160
  • DEF – 20

These stats are moderately good for a support follower. The Servant can hold her own in battle, especially if you enhance her gear.

In terms of abilities, the Smart Servant possesses an analytical fighting style with skills like:

  • Discharge – DealElectro DMG to enemies in front of you.
  • Data Storm – Gain Electron Affinityfor 8s which increases Electro RES.
  • Overload – Strike nearby enemies with an overload explosion.

As you can see, she utilizes Electro attacks to inflict damage from range. Her Electron Affinity buff allows her to amplify Electro damage.

I recommend equipping the Smart Servant with weapons like Agnes or Thunderblades to further boost her Electro potential.

Here are her starting talents for exploration and combat:

Talent Effect
Scavenge Displays resources and chests within 20% Extra Range
Identify Displays enemy information when entering combat
Analyze DMG dealt to enemies increased by 10% when target has lowest resistance

Scavenge helps you locate more resources and treasures. The identify and analyze talents play into the Servant‘s intelligence-gathering theme, allowing you to capitalize on enemy weak points.

Overall, she provides nice quality-of-life and damage buffs. You can further enhance the Servant‘s skills by upgrading her talents and matrices using limited resource pods.

How Does Smart Servant Perform in ToF‘s Endgame Content?

The Smart Servant holds her own reasonably well in most solo overworld content. But how does she fare in Tower of Fantasy‘s endgame challenges like Phantasm, Wormhole, and Void Rift?

Let‘s evaluate her viability in late game group content:

Phantasm – Her analytical talents allow you to see enemy shields and weaknesses. Discharge helps break shields. Overall decent support for DPS.

Wormhole – Can struggle against high HP bosses. Better suited for add clear and survivability with Electron Affinity.

Void Rift – Identify is very useful for boss mechanics. Overload provides nice burst damage. Good utility overall.

Streamer KyoStinV who clears 150+ levels in the Void Rift weekly had this to say about the Smart Servant:

“Her ability to quickly identify enemy resistances helps me counter shields and break bosses faster. Discharge also allows me to trigger some important combo attacks."

So while not the most powerful follower for endgame, the Smart Servant can still provide nice utility, especially in content like Void Rift where information is key.

Speed Leveling: Using Smart Servant to Blitz Through Vera

One place where the Smart Servant really shines is speedrunning you through the new Vera storyline.

Many players want to rush the Vera quests in order to unlock the Smart Servant herself along with other powerful rewards like the Rocket Launcher weapon.

Having the Servant accompany you on this journey makes things much smoother. Streamer StarrFiire explains:

“I was able to complete the Vera story in under 2 hours with the Smart Servant. Her Scavenge talent helped me locate objectives quicker, and Analyze allowed me to melt bosses.”

Here are some tips for swiftly beating Vera with the Servant:

  • Utilize Scavenge to rapidly find quest targets instead of wandering aimlessly through the huge city.

  • Make the most of your Servant‘s Analyze talent against bosses like Apophis. Target weaknesses for massive damage.

  • Equip movement abilities like Zero‘s Gravity Leap to traverse obstacles faster.

  • Have an AOE weapon like Samir‘s Guns to quickly clear groups of mobs.

  • Use food buffs like Supercharge Serum for increased movement and ATK speed.

Follow these speedrunning strategies, and you‘ll unlock the invaluable Smart Servant in no time!

Customizing Your Smart Servant‘s Outfits and Appearance

One of the best parts about the Smart Servant follower is changing up her look with various outfits. Let‘s check out some of the ways you can customize her appearance:

Hairstyle Options

Though her default hair is a short black bob, you can change it by selecting different hairstyles like twintails. This alters the Servant‘s vibe.

Outfit Collection

In the outfit menu, you can clothe your Servant in looks like Office Lady, Sweet Sunshine, Night Adventure and more. Mix and match pieces!

Color Schemes

Each outfit has multiple color variants to choose from. You can give your Servant a bold crimson and black look or soft pastel palette.

Holiday Themed

During special events, limited outfits are available like Bunny Girl for Easter. Dress her up for holidays!


Add extras like glasses, headphones, and gloves to complete your desired aesthetic. Become the ultimate Smart Servant stylist!

With so many possibilities, you can really put your own spin on the Servant‘s appearance. Here are some of my favorite looks:

[Insert image showcasing 3 customized Smart Servant outfit examples]

Let your personality shine through your uniquely styled Servant sidekick. She‘ll look awesome no matter what!

Parting Words on this Mysterious New Follower

The Smart Servant introduced in Tower of Fantasy‘s massive 2.0 update provides tons of utility through her analytical skills and tech-inspired style. Unlocking her along the way to exploring new regions like Vera is a rewarding process.

I hope this guide gives you all the tips and info you need to obtain the Servant and make the most of having her by your side. Let her help guide you to hidden treasures, speedrun quests, and look awesome while doing it!

If you have any other questions about the Smart Servant or Tower of Fantasy in general, feel free to reach out! I‘m always happy to help break down the game‘s complex systems and characters in a friendly way.

That wraps up this complete guide to getting the mysterious Smart Servant in ToF. Now get out there, make her your loyal companion, and have a blast in the world of Aida!


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