Gotta Catch ‘Em All: The Ultimate Guide to Getting Tarountula in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

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Hey trainer! Looking to catch the creepy crawly Tarountula in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet? You‘ve come to the right place. This in-depth guide will teach you everything you need to know to track down this unique Bug-type Pokémon and add it to your lineup.

Whether you‘re a beginner just starting your Paldea journey or a seasoned pro, I‘ll provide pro-tips to master the follow chain method and catch this elusive Pokémon. Let‘s do this!

All About Tarountula – Your New Fuzzy Friend

Before we begin, let me give you the lowdown on Tarountula so you know exactly what makes this Pokémon special.

Tarountula is a pure Bug-type Pokémon that resembles a fuzzy tarantula (hence the name!). It evolves into Spidops starting at level 15.

In Scarlet and Violet, these creepy crawlies can be found hanging from trees and scurrying through tall grass in Paldea‘s southern region. They are especially common near the starting towns.

Tarountula‘s claim to fame is its ability to produce strong webbing to immobilize opponents. It also has deceht Attack and Speed stats for an early game ‘mon.

Once it evolves into Spidops, its Attack, Special Attack and Speed get pumped up. This makes it a solid addition to your lineup early on.

But enough background – let‘s get into the nitty gritty details on how to catch this prime Pokémon!

Follow Chain Fundamentals

The tried and true method for finding a Tarountula is using the follow chain technique. Essentially, you catch certain Pokémon in sequence until one eventually calls for a Tarountula as an ally.

This exploits the unique behavior of Pokémon in Scarlet and Violet where catching one species will lure others to appear. By strategically catching key Pokémon in the right areas, you can "follow" the chain to your target.

It‘s an easy, zero-grinding-required method that seasoned Pokémon veterans have used for generations to get rare spawns. Now let‘s follow the chain to get our Tarountula!

Step-By-Step: Follow Tarountula‘s Chain

Here is the step-by-step process I recommend to complete Tarountula‘s follow chain:

Step 1) Catch a Fomantis

First, head to the grassy plains of southern Paldea east of Mesagoza or west of Levincia by Route 1.

These areas are teeming with Fomantis – little green bug/grass types that are abundant. Stock up on Pokéballs and catch one, it should only take a minute or two of searching in the right spot.

Recommended locations:

  • Rolling fields east of Mesagoza near Flori Town

  • Open plains west of Levincia and south of Route 1

Step 2) Fomantis Calls Pawmi

Now walk around with Fomantis as your lead Pokémon. Soon you‘ll get an alert that "Fomantis is calling for help!"

When this happens, a Pawmi will emerge from the grass to aid it. Quickly engage it in battle before it runs.

Pawmi is another common early game Pokémon, so this ally shouldn‘t take long to appear. Have your Pokéballs ready to catch it!

Step 3) Pawmi Calls Tarountula

With Pawmi now caught, make it your lead Pokémon and repeat the process.

After a minute or two of running through the grass, Pawmi will call for help and a Tarountula will arrive!

Battle the Tarountula and catch it with your best Pokéballs to complete the follow chain. Congrats trainer, you did it!

Pro-Tips for Catching Tarountula

Now that you‘ve mastered the follow chain, here are some expert tips to actually catch Tarountula once it appears:

  • Inflict poison, paralysis, or sleep to make catching easier. Pokémon are more likely to stay in the ball when status afflicted.

  • Lower its HP to red zone with False Swipe for an ultra easy catch. Just don‘t knock it out!

  • Equip a Smoke Ball to safely flee if needed. This prevents Tarountula from calling allies and breaking the chain.

  • Use Timer Balls, Dusk Balls, or Quick Balls for better catch rates before it can attack or flee.

  • Offer a Razz or Pinap berry to make Tarountula more friendly and docile before throwing your Pokéball.

  • Have a Pokémon with Damp ability lead your party to prevent self-destructing Explosion.

With the follow chain mastered and these pro catching tips, adding Tarountula to your squad will be a cinch!

Evolving Tarountula Into a Powerhouse Spidops

Once caught, you‘ll want to evolve your Tarountula into the stronger Spidops as soon as possible.

Evolving only requires leveling Tarountula to 15. With some easy battles against wild Pokémon and trainers, you‘ll hit this in no time.

The payoff is worth it – Spidops boasts sizable boosts to Attack, Special Attack, and Speed compared to its pre-evolved form.

Make sure to teach Spidops strong Bug-type attacks like Lunge, Leech Life, and X-Scissor to take advantage of STAB damage. Your opponents won‘t know what hit them!

The Ideal Nature for Competitive Tarountula

While a Tarountula of any nature can be usable in casual playthroughs, you‘ll want to pay attention to its nature if using it competitively.

For PvP battles, the optimal natures are:

  • Adamant: Boosts Attack, lowers Special Attack

  • Jolly: Boosts Speed, lowers Special Attack

  • Timid: Boosts Speed, lowers Attack

Aim for one of these natures when catching Tarountula to ensure it has the right stats boosted for competitive battling.

You can also mint it later to change nature, but it‘s easier to just catch it correctly the first time!

Tarountula‘s Vital Stats and Biology

Now that you‘re a master at catching it, let‘s geek out over some of Tarountula‘s key stats and biology!

This is the height, weight, and other vitals of Tarountula according to the top Paldea researchers:

  • Height: 1‘4"
  • Weight: 18.5 lbs
  • Color: Brown and yellow
  • Behavior: Docile, nonaggressive

Tarountula likely draws inspiration from various real-world tarantula species native to South America. In particular, the Pinktoe Tarantula has a similar vibrant coloring.

Like real tarantulas, Tarountula produces strands of silk from its mouth. It can use these to immobilize prey and also swing from trees in its forest habitat.

As a bug catcher myself, I can assure you Tarountula makes an excellent addition to any trainer‘s lineup. With the strategies in this guide, you‘ll have no problem catching one!

Let me know when you finally get your Tarountula – we must compare notes and battle them someday!

Frequently Asked Tarountula Questions

Let‘s wrap up with answers to some common questions trainers have about finding and catching Tarountula:

What level does Tarountula evolve?
Tarountula evolves into Spidops starting at level 15. Get it a few battles to hit this evolution benchmark quickly.

What Pokéball is best for catching Tarountula?
Quick Balls, Timer Balls, and Dusk Balls provide the best catch rates if used properly. Stock up before starting the follow chain.

Where can I find a Tarountula after catching one?
Tarountula hangs around trees and tall grass in the plains south of Mesagoza and east of Levincia. Check these areas if you need another.

Is Tarountula rare or hard to find?
Tarountula is common if you use the follow chain method. The key is catching Fomantis and Pawmi first in its habitat area.

And that wraps up this epic Tarountula catching guide! Thanks for reading, trainer. Now get out there and start that follow chain – your fuzzy new Tarountula awaits!


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