How to Get Toedscool in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet – A Comprehensive Catch Guide

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Looking to catch the rare and elusive Toedscool in Pokemon Scarlet or Violet? This comprehensive guide will walk you through everything you need to know to successfully track down and catch Toedscool during your adventures in the Paldea region.

As a seasoned Pokemon trainer, I‘ll share expert tips and strategies to help you add this unique grass- and ground-type Pokemon to your team. Let‘s get started!

All About Toedscool – Stats, Abilities, and Behaviors

Before we get into the catch, you need to understand your target. So what exactly is Toedscool and what makes it so tricky to find and catch?

Toedscool is #244 in the Paldea regional Pokedex. It‘s a lizard-like Pokemon with a green body, yellow underside, large yellow eyes, and little root-like feet.

One of Toedscool‘s signature qualities is clinging to the roots and shadows of trees. It uses camouflage and stealth to avoid threats. Here are some key stats and facts about this elusive Pokemon:

  • Type: Grass/Ground
  • Abilities: Leaf Guard (prevents status conditions in sunny weather); Evolves into Toedscruel with Swift Swim ability
  • Height: 2‘4"
  • Weight: 16.5 lbs
  • High Defense and Sp. Defense – excels at avoiding damage
  • Shy and Sensitive – will immediately flee if spotted or threatened
  • Nocturnal – more active and easier to find at night
  • Spawn Conditions – hides among tree roots and in shadows; specific wooded areas

As you can see, Toedscool‘s abilities and behaviors make it extremely difficult to encounter and catch. But the payoff of adding this unique Pokemon to your team makes it worth the effort.

Where To Find Toedscool‘s Habitat in Paldea

Now that you know what to look for, where exactly can you locate Toedscool‘s habitat in the Paldea region?

Toedscool spawns among the trees within the forested areas of far eastern Paldea. Specifically, you‘ll want to search northeast of Artazon city, in the woods bordering the coastline.

I recommend exploring these specific areas where I have encountered Toedscool consistently:

  • Path to the Ancient Ruins – wooded route east from Vimara Village
  • Coastal Woods north of Porto Marinada – trees along the cliffs
  • Southern Tailgrass Fields – patches of forest south of Citron Cavern

Make sure to systematically check every grove of trees within thesezones. Look for Toedscool clinging to exposed roots or concealed in the shadows between trees.

It can appear during both day and night, but seems slightly more active under cover of darkness. Having a nocturnal hunt for this elusive lizard can boost your chances.

Map of Toedscool Habitat Area in Paldea

Some other signs that you may be close to a Toedscool include rustling grass, flickering shadows, and the sound of Pokemon cries. Investigate any unusual activity thoroughly.

With persistence and patience in scouring these wooded areas, you should eventually spot the distinct green and yellow coloring of a lurking Toedscool.

Battle Strategies for Catching Toedscool

You‘ve tracked down Toedscool‘s hideout. Now comes the real challenge – catching it before it flees!

Wild Toedscool will immediately run away when encountered. So you need to combat its swift escape tactics. Here are some expert battle and catching strategies I recommend:

Have a Catching Pokemon with Status-Inflicting Moves

Your best bet is to have a Pokemon that knows status-inducing moves like Stun Spore, Sleep Powder, or Thunder Wave. Paralysis and sleep will prevent Toedscool from escaping on the first turn.

I suggest catching Pokemon like Shiinotic, Parasect, or Tangela which can learn these moves. Grass-types are ideal for their type resistances against Toedscool.

Sneak Carefully to Initiate Battle

Once you‘ve identified Toedscool‘s location, carefully sneak within catching range. Sudden movements or sounds will scare it off, so move slowly and strategically.

Approach from the side or behind so Toedscool won‘t see you coming. Have your catching Pokemon ready in the first slot.

Save Before Attempting Catch

Since the catch will likely take many tries, make sure to save your game right before you initiate battle. This lets you reset and retry while avoiding lost progress.

Have Lots of Ultra/Dusk Balls

Stock up on Ultra Balls, Dusk Balls, and other enhanced Pokeballs before hunting for Toedscool. The catch has low odds, so you‘ll need lots of balls.

Dusk Balls work especially well due to Toedscool‘s nocturnal nature. Set yourself up for catch success.

Keep Trying and Resetting

Don‘t get discouraged if Toedscool breaks free and flees over and over. This is normal. Just reload your save and keep attempting the catch.

Eventually you‘ll land that critical paralysis/sleep turn and nab Toedscool in a Pokeball through sheer persistence.

Follow these steps and you‘ll overcome Toedscool‘s escape artist tendencies. Then you can move on to training your new Pokemon partner.

Leveling Up and Evolving Toedscool

Once caught, you‘ll want to level up your Toedscool and evolve it into the mighty Toedscruel. Here are some tips:

  • Evolves at Level 30 – gain EXP through battles to hit this mark
  • Ideal moves to teach – Earthquake, Solarbeam, Leech Seed, Stealth Rock
  • Use Protein, Carbos, Calcium – boost Attack, Speed, Sp. Attack
  • Battle diverse opponents – defeat different Pokemon types
  • Remain patient – can take time for shy Toedscool to warm up

When it evolves into Toedscruel, your patience and perseverance will pay off. Toedscruel gains a stat boost along with the Swift Swim ability, allowing it to move rapidly in rain.

Here are some strong move options Toedscruel learns through leveling:

  • Level 34 – Muddy Water
  • Level 40 – Zen Headbutt
  • Level 47 – Power Whip

With dedication, you‘ll cultivate the power within your newly caught Toedscool and evolve it into a fierce Toedscruel.

Why Catch Toedscool? Key Benefits for Your Team

Beyond the satisfaction of catching this elusive Pokemon, what benefits does Toedscool offer for your team?

  • Strong unique type combo – Grass and ground is very effective offensively
  • High defenses – can withstand super effective attacks
  • Cool shiny form – alternate green/pink coloring
  • Leaf Guard ability – prevents status conditions
  • Swift Swim powers up Toedscruel – excellent for rain teams
  • Dragon and bug resistance – can counter common meta threats
  • Completes Paldea Pokedex – needed for rewards/achievements
  • Fun to use in battles – quirky animations and moveset

Toedscool also provides nice type coverage if your team is missing a grass or ground specialist. Its shy personality makes it feel special to earn Toedscool‘s trust and loyalty.

I highly recommend the rewarding investment of adding Toedscool to your Scarlet/Violet squad.

Expert Tips For Catching Rare and Elusive Pokemon

Beyond Toedscool, there are many rare and elusive Pokemon that can be tricky to catch without insider knowledge. Here are some pro tips:

  • Use status moves – paralysis, poison, sleep, freeze prevent escapes
  • Inflict damage first – lower HP to weaken without knocking out
  • Have lots of strong balls – Ultra, Dusk Balls, Quick Balls on first turn
  • Approach carefully – don‘t scare them off before battle starts
  • Save beforehand – reload and retry if they escape or KO
  • Abilities like Arena Trap/Shadow Tag – prevents fleeing
  • Have a fast Pokemon with False Swipe – drops HP without KO
  • Exercise patience – may take dozens of tries, but keep at it!

Follow these steps and you‘ll master capturing even the most stubborn legendary and ultra beast Pokémon.

Toedscool Catch Guide Recap

Let‘s recap the key steps to snagging Toedscool in Pokemon Scarlet/Violet:

  • Find it clinging to tree roots in eastern Paldea forests
  • Engage carefully to avoid scaring it off immediately
  • Use status moves like Stun Spore to prevent fleeing
  • Save beforehand and retry if it escapes
  • Have strong ball types – Dusk, Ultra ready
  • Level up to evolve into Toedscruel at 30
  • Teach strong moves – Earthquake, Solarbeam, etc.
  • Add Toedscool to fill team weaknesses

With persistence, the right prep, and some luck, you‘ll capture the elusive Toedscool and gain a powerful grass/ground ally.

Now get out there amongst the trees and start your Toedscool hunt – I wish you success in overcoming the challenge!


Written by Alexis Kestler

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