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Get “Twitterpated:” This Year’s Top Ten Branding Strategies To Tweet By

Let’s face it: like Bambi and his pals, we have been completely caught off guard and infatuated with various branding goals and brand management strategies. Instead of love for another person, we’ve fallen in love with social media as one of the fastest growing and effective marketing strategies available. We have embraced this excitement as a way to attract others to gain company trust and brand loyalty. With a 140 character limitation, it’s amazing how the art of using Twitter can really help boost your companies’ marketing efforts and corporate branding strategies.

Even though Twitter works well as an individualized platform, there has been a dramatic shift from posting personal life updates like dinner creations or political opinions to a new marketing tool where companies advertise their products and services. These branding tactics have essentially re-designed the industry for various types of branding strategies. Below are ten strategies every company should try when using Twitter in their marketing campaign.

1. Snap the Perfect Pic

Ultimately, one of the most effective branding strategies is uploading a photo to represent the face of your company by including your brand logo. Since it will accompany everything you type, make sure your digital trail encompasses your company’s mission and values. Don’t forget to include your brand’s signature colors and design as a JPEG, keeping in mind that your uploading limit is 700kb.

2. Become a Listener

Before getting overambitious about making your presence known, do your research and listen. On Twitter, your goal is to create a strong, engaged following that appreciates similar interests and passions as your company. Branding yourself can begin with researching their hashtags. Also, a great tool to use is Topsy.com, which allows you to see how your audience interacts with your company through streamlined graphs. Or, incorporate

deck into your data analysis to listen to conversations being held about your company.

3. Follow the Leader

Accrue followers by following them first and hoping they will return the favor. In addition to a 140 character limitation, Twitter also limits the number of people you can follow to 2,000 per account. However, there is a slight catch. The limit is based on the ratio between followers and following, which makes this platform unique to incorporate into this list of effective branding strategies.

4. Look to the Stars

Much like following to be followed, add the red carpet list to your company’s account. Follow some well-respected celebrities and comment on their tweets. Once you establish a rapport with them, you can slowly mention them in your tweets as people that would enjoy your product or services. Remember, they have a strong influence to society.

5. Tell a Good Story

Always tweet original content that is unique to your company. Be sure to include trends, breaking news and credible sources to be informative and entertaining to your followers. Avoid “spammy” language and incorporate your expertise to drive your content. Show your versatility and become a piece of media instead of just pushing a product.

6. #classy #effectivebrandingstrategy

Popularized by Twitter, the hashtag can help your company begin a platform-wide conversation and help you determine what social groups will have a strong connection with your brand. As a general rule of thumb, stick to two tags per tweet to avoid becoming overwhelming and annoying. To improve your branding strategies, use the Twitter toolbar or hashtags.org to help you research.

7. Make Yourself Known

Stay connected and current in social media trends by associating your Twitter ID with your electronic signatures and digital presence. Think of this as your new identification and always include it with your online articles and correspondence. This will help your following grow and remain connected.


All the Time

, tweet and retweet. Make your company known through content from different perspectives and demographics. Focus on connectivity and try to promote engagement by tweeting at different times of the day to include various followers. Use the word “you” to address each follower and demonstrate that your company cares. For example, 12 Keys Rehab reaches out to their followers to inspire them in becoming an advocate for themselves, especially with generating New Years resolutions.

9. Go for the Gold

Twitter is unique in many ways, but now has taken a new turn as the golden age of followers ranging from “ages 55-64 bracket has grown 79% since 2012.” Don’t ignore this new demographic, because it poses as one of the undercover gems in branding strategies. Make sure to  include their interests and beliefs by posting certain content to this focus group.

10. Tie It All Together

Show off your company’s versatility and connect Twitter with other multi-media platforms. Share pictures and videos to appeal to your audience by embedding YouTube videos into your tweet by including its URL. Or, you can share audio files through AudioBoo, and Twitpic helps you upload pictures to Twitter. This will help you connect your followers to your company’s mission.

Although there’s a good number listed above, there are even more branding strategies available to make your followers become truly enamored with your company. Start today with some of the basics to help your company break apart from all the digital noise.

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