How to Get Unbanned on TikTok – A Detailed Guide

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Have you recently found your TikTok account banned? Seeing that dreaded “Your account was permanently banned” message is upsetting, but don’t lose hope. With the right appeal process, you may be able to recover your account.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through how to get unbanned on TikTok, from submitting an appeal to avoiding bans in the first place. Whether your ban was justified or a mistake, follow these tips to get back on TikTok.

Why Was I Banned on TikTok?

Before appealing a ban, it helps to understand why it happened. There are a few key reasons TikTok hands down account bans:

Community guideline violations – This is the most common cause of bans. If your content goes against TikTok’s rules, the platform will remove it and potentially suspend your account. Severe or repeat violations often lead to permanent bans.

Underage activity – TikTok requires users to be at least 13 years old. Accounts belonging to younger children are banned. TikTok also bans underage users from livestreaming.

Spam/fake engagement – Using bots, fake accounts or other shady tactics to artificially inflate your follower count or engagement is grounds for a ban.

Impersonation – Pretending to be another person or brand without permission can result in account suspension.

Hate speech/harassment – Abusing other users with hateful or harassing content goes against TikTok’s inclusive values and will get you banned.

Intellectual property violations – Uploading others’ content without permission, whether videos, images or music, often leads to account bans.

Security/safety threats – Accounts deemed dangerous or threatening to the TikTok community can be removed without warning.

So before appealing, think back on what content you recently posted and interacted with on TikTok. Identifying possible guideline violations will strengthen your appeal case.

How to Appeal a TikTok Ban

If you feel your ban was unjustified, or resulted from an honest mistake, you can appeal to TikTok for reinstatement.

Follow these steps:

1. Navigate to the Appeal Form

The first step is accessing TikTok’s “Share your feedback” form where you’ll make the appeal:

It looks like this:

[Insert screenshot of feedback form]

This form allows you to report any issues experienced on TikTok, including account bans.

2. Fill in Your Contact Info

In the top section, enter two key details:

  • Email address – Use the same email associated with your TikTok account. TikTok will contact you here regarding the appeal.

  • Username – Input your TikTok username, like @funnyvideos456. While optional, this helps TikTok identify your account.

For example:

Email Address: [email protected]
Username: @funnyvideos456

[Insert screenshot filling in email/username]

Providing accurate contact info is crucial for getting a reply about your appeal.

3. Select Ban Appeal Topic

Scroll down to the middle section of the form:

[Insert screenshot of middle section]

Here you’ll select the topic as “Account ban/suspension” from the dropdown menu.

Then choose the sub-topic:

  • Banned account (not age-related) – Select this if banned for things like spam or community violations.

  • Banned account (age-related) – Choose this if banned for being under 13 or livestreaming while underage.

The sub-topic helps TikTok route your appeal to the right team.

4. Describe Your Appeal

In the “How can we help?” field, briefly explain your ban situation.

For example:

“My TikTok account was permanently banned on July 14, 2022. I believe this ban was a mistake, as I have not violated any community guidelines. Please reconsider reversing the ban on my account.”

Be honest about why you think the ban was incorrect or unfair. Providing details helps TikTok investigate the context around your removal.

5. Attach Supporting Documents (If Needed)

If you selected the “Banned account (age-related)” sub-topic, you must attach a photo of yourself holding a piece of ID with your birthdate visible.

This verifies you meet the minimum age requirements. Appeals for underage bans won’t be processed without ID documentation.

Otherwise, including screenshots as evidence to support your appeal is optional.

6. Submit the Completed Appeal Form

Once you’ve filled everything out, click “Submit” at the bottom to send your appeal to TikTok.

You should see a confirmation screen that your feedback was received.

[Insert screenshot of submission confirmation screen]

And that’s it! The hard part is done. Now comes the waiting game.

What to Expect After Submitting a TikTok Ban Appeal

Within 1-3 business days, you should receive an email response about your appeal from TikTok.

  • If your appeal is successful, TikTok will reinstate your account and reverse the ban! You can then log back into your profile.

  • If your appeal is unsuccessful, TikTok will notify you the ban will be upheld. This likely means the violations were severe enough that the platform does not feel comfortable allowing you back.

  • In complex cases, it may take longer than 3 days for TikTok to reach a final decision. Be patient and avoid sending multiple appeal forms, as this will only slow the process.

  • If after 5-7 business days you still have no reply, it’s okay to submit the appeal form again. There’s a chance your initial request was missed.

The waiting period can feel long when you’re eager to access your account again. But try to be understanding as TikTok’s moderation team reviews your unique situation.

Tips for a Successful TikTok Ban Appeal

Wondering how to improve your odds of getting unbanned? Keep these tips in mind:

Be honest – Don’t deny violations you know happened. Taking responsibility looks better.

Politely apologize – If you did break rules, apologize and acknowledge your mistake.

Suggest improvements – Offer to delete any questionable content to reassure TikTok.

Provide context – Explain mitigating circumstances around the violation, if relevant.

Follow up – If denied initially, politely ask for reconsideration after 30+ days.

Submitting a thoughtful, sincere appeal backed by evidence gives you the best shot at redemption. However, it’s ultimately TikTok’s discretion whether to overturn a ban.

What If My TikTok Appeal is Denied?

Unfortunately, not all appeals succeed. If TikTok upholds your ban after reviewing your case, don’t lose hope. You still have options:

  • Wait and re-appeal – Try filing another appeal after 30+ days have passed. Cool down period over, TikTok may reconsider.

  • Start a new account – As long as you steer clear of old violations, a fresh account can let you get back on TikTok.

  • Use a friend’s TikTok – If you can’t create a new account, see if a friend will let you post from theirs.

  • Focus energy elsewhere – Getting banned can feel unfair, but may be a sign to take a healthy break from TikTok anyway.

  • Contact TikTok support – If multiple appeals are denied but you feel certain the ban was a mistake, try reaching out to TikTok’s support email or social media.

The appeals process doesn’t always go as hoped. But staying persistent and creative can help you find your way back onto TikTok.

How to Avoid Getting Banned on TikTok

The best way to get unbanned is to avoid bans in the first place! Here are some tips:

  • Read the community guidelines fully – Know which content is not allowed on TikTok to prevent violations.

  • Avoid copyrighted material – Don’t reupload others’ content without permission to steer clear of takedowns.

  • Credit sounds/audio properly – Adding song credits prevents licensing issues.

  • Keep your account suitable for all ages – Don’t post mature or inappropriate content.

  • Be kind – No bullying, hate speech, harassment or threats. Build up others!

  • Report rule-breaking posts – If you see concerning content, flag it so TikTok can remove it.

Following TikTok’s guidelines to a T and staying vigilant about policy-breaking posts keeps your account in good standing. Being a positive member of the TikTok community is the ultimate secret to maintaining access.

FAQs About Appealing TikTok Bans

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about navigating the TikTok ban appeals process:

What information does TikTok need to unban my account?

TikTok needs your email address, username, details on why you feel the ban was unjustified, and photo ID if age-related. Providing as much context as possible helps.

How many times can I appeal a TikTok ban?

You can submit the feedback form to appeal as many times as you’d like. However, bombarding TikTok with appeals is counterproductive. Wait at least 30 days between appeal attempts.

Can someone else appeal to get my TikTok unbanned?

No, appeals must come directly from the account holder. This ensures TikTok is evaluating an appeal from the source.

Does contacting TikTok support help overturn a ban?

Potentially. If polite appeals don’t work, it can’t hurt to also reach out to TikTok’s support email or social media pages. But manage expectations, as support avenues are limited.

If I get unbanned, will my old videos still be there?

If your account is reinstated, your TikTok videos should still be present unless removed for guideline violations. However, data like followers and likes may reset to zero.


Getting banned from TikTok can feel devastating, especially when you’ve worked hard on building up your account. But don’t abandon hope. With a strategic, polite appeal explaining your situation, you have a legitimate chance of getting your profile reinstated.

Even if the appeal falls short, continuing to follow TikTok’s rules on new accounts can eventually get you back to posting. Stay persistent yet patient, and focus on adding value to the TikTok community however you can.

Were these tips on how to get unbanned from TikTok helpful? Let us know if you have any other questions!


Written by Alexis Kestler

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