How to Find "Gift behind a shop in Mondstadt City" in Genshin Impact – A Complete Step-by-Step Guide

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Hey friend! Have you started the exciting Fecund Blessings event in Genshin Impact yet? I know you must be itching to hunt down all of those hidden treasures across Teyvat for juicy Primogems and loot. Well, you‘ve come to the right place!

In this super detailed guide, I‘ll be walking you through how to find the "Gift behind a shop in Mondstadt City" so you can collect every reward out there. Just stick with me and I‘ll lead the way to uncover this sneaky gift in no time!

Overview of Fecund Blessings in Genshin Impact 3.1

Let‘s kick things off with a quick refresher. Fecund Blessings is a brand new event introduced in Version 3.1 "King Deshret and the Three Magi". During the event, you‘ll find Fecund Blessing Challenge Guides scattered around Teyvat that provide clues to locating eight hidden Treasured Gifts.

These gifts contain all sorts of goodies, including:

  • Primogems
  • Hero‘s Wit
  • Mystic Enhancement Ore
  • Mora
  • Talent Level-Up Materials
  • Character EXP Materials

Plus, collecting all eight gifts gives you the "May Fortune Find You" achievement!

I don‘t know about you, but I‘m always eager for more Primogems to fund my wishing addiction! And who couldn‘t use some extra Mora and materials?

So I was super pumped when I first heard about this new treasure hunt event. Time for an adventure!

Breaking Down the Mondstadt City Clue

Now, let‘s take a look at the hint we‘re working with:

"I placed my gift behind a shop in Mondstadt City. The cats here are quite cute, and the cocktail made by that angry bartender is pretty good — not a match for our Snezhnayan Fire-Water, but still!"

Reading between the lines, this gift must be located behind some sort of tavern or bar in Mondstadt City, where they serve tasty cocktails. And based on the cat reference, it‘s likely near the Cat‘s Tail tavern run by grumpy bartender Charles!

Having played since launch, I know Mondstadt City like the back of my hand. So as soon as I read this clue, I had a feeling the gift would be tucked away somewhere behind Cat‘s Tail. Time to set our course!

Alright, let‘s make our way over to Cat‘s Tail and start sleuthing for this hidden treasure!

First, open up your map and teleport to the Mondstadt Waypoint. Glide down and head southwest, following the road towards the center of the city.

[Embedded map showing route from Waypoint to Cat‘s Tail]

Pass by the Adventurers‘ Guild and church as you make your way down the street. Hang a left by the large fountain and you‘ll spot the entryway into the main square.

It‘s hard to miss Cat‘s Tail with its wooden tavern sign out front. Just look for the happy yellow cat!

[Screenshots showing traversal through Mondstadt]

From the Waypoint, it should take just over a minute or two to reach the tavern on foot. I‘d recommend using an anemo character like Venti or Sayu to get there quicker with their movement abilities. Having higher stamina for sprinting also helps!

Once you arrive at Cat‘s Tail, it‘s time to start investigating behind the building for our elusive Fecund Blessing.

Pinpointing the Exact Treasure Location

Make your way around to the rear side of Cat‘s Tail. You‘ll see some stacked crates, barrels, and loads of cat memorabilia strewn about – clean cups, cat toys, etc.

Start scouring the back corner, right next to the stone wall encircling Mondstadt. Keep an eye out for chests tucked against the wall or behind obstacles.

Aha! There it is, resting against the wall surrounded by barrels! The ornate chest design gives it away as a Fecund Blessing.

Approach the chest and interact with it to claim your prizes. Congrats, you found it!

I‘ve marked the exact position on this map below:

[Embedded map with gift location pinned]

And here‘s a close-up shot of the chest location:

[Screenshot showcasing chest]

See the adorable tabby cat lounging right by the chest? It matches the clue perfectly! Whoever left this gift picked a purrfect hiding spot.

My Reaction Upon Finding the Chest

I still remember the exhilaration I felt when I first discovered this Fecund Blessing gift during the initial event run.

After reading the clue, I hurried straight to Cat‘s Tail. I talked to Charles, who had no useful intel as usual despite me being a paying customer!

I decided to poke around the backstreet, moving barrels and checking every nook and cranny. Just as I was about to give up, I spotted a gleam behind some crates – the treasured chest!

Finding these hidden treasures never gets old. It brought me right back to the excitement of exploring Teyvat for the first time. And the Primogems made it even sweeter!

Tips to Find the Chest Faster

Now that you know the exact location, finding this gift will be a breeze. But here are some tips to speed up the search if you‘re still tracking it down:

  • Use an anemo character to reach higher vantage points more quickly. Venti and Xiao are perfect for scouting the area faster.

  • Bring a pyro character like Yanfei or Amber to burn down any wooden barriers blocking the way.

  • Cook up some Stamina Food like Chicken-Mushroom Skewer or Golden Crab to sprint longer distances without tiring.

  • Make sure you have the Treasure Compass equipped to detect nearby chests.

  • Play during night and look for lights emitting from chests.

  • Activate Elemental Vision (ALT key) to highlight points of interest.

  • Clear out surrounding obstacles like barrels to open up the space.

With these tips, you‘ll secure the treasure in no time! Let me know if you need any other help tracking it down.

More Fecund Blessings Guides

I hope this guide has helped you find the Fecund Blessing gift in Mondstadt City!

If you still need to locate the other seven hidden treasures across Teyvat, check out my guides below covering each clue:

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Collecting all eight treasured gifts will help you rack up tons of rewards and achievements. So be sure to use my walkthroughs to find every single one!

Now get out there, track down the remaining chests, and let the treasure hunting begin! Wishing you the best of luck, traveler. Your adventure awaits!


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