Grand Hall Library Rats Locations in Resident Evil 4 Remake – A Detailed Guide for You

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Hey there survival horror fan! If you‘re playing the Resident Evil 4 remake, you may be scratching your head searching for all 3 rats in the Grand Hall to complete the "More Pest Control" objective. Have no fear, I‘ve got you covered!

As a long-time RE superfan and survival horror expert, I‘m going to provide a complete guide to finding each rat location so you can check this task off your list. We‘ll explore the dreary dining hall, imposing armory corridor, and creepy library passage together.

With my detailed maps, tips, and step-by-step walkthrough, you‘ll eliminate those diseased rodents in no time. Let‘s get started ratting out their hiding spots!

Overview of Resident Evil 4‘s Grand Hall

Before we hunt for rats, let‘s discuss the grand hall itself. This imposing two-story chamber is one of the first major areas you‘ll explore in RE4. Acting as a central hub, it connects to key rooms like the dining hall, armory, library, and more.

According to Capcom, the lavish hall was inspired by real 12th century Romanesque architecture. The intricate wall carvings, arched ceilings, iron chandeliers, and checkered floor tiles create an atmosphere of faded opulence. I especially love the moonlight shining through the towering stained glass windows.

But not everything is beautiful here. Smashed furnishings, blood stains, and claw marks hint at some sort of prior struggle. As Leon, you‘ll need to be vigilant for any emerging threats as you search for rats.

Now let‘s get into the rat extermination details!

Hunting Rat #1 in the Dining Hall

The first pesky rodent has made its nest in the old dining hall attached to the grand hall. In its heyday, this room likely hosted elegant dinner parties and meals. Now, the once-lavish space lies in dusty ruin.

Shattered glass and porcelain crunch underfoot as you enter through the carved wooden door. Overturned display cabinets spill out broken china, and the long dining table is cracked down the middle. Faded paintings still hang crookedly on the walls as a grim reminder of better times.

As for the rat itself, you‘ll find it scurrying around the far right corner, between an broken china cabinet and collapsed dining table. Equip your knife or pistol and slowly approach it from the right side. When you get close enough, swiftly dispatch the vile vermin before it can flee.

With one down, two remain. Let‘s head to the armory corridor next to take down rat #2.

Locating Rat #2 in the Armory Corridor

Connecting the grand hall to the castle armory, this imposing stone passage serves as the hiding spot for the second pesky rat. Sinister gargoyle statues and elaborate wrought iron torch holders line the hallway, which leads past the armory room itself.

According to Capcom developer interviews, this corridor draws inspiration from real medieval castles. The arched Gothic ceilings instantly give me Hogwarts vibes! Dim lighting casts dancing shadows across the stone walls, keeping you on edge.

Your target lurks in the far right corner ahead, hiding between a small wooden stool and the wall. Equip your weapon of choice and crouch as you approach to avoid detection. When you spot the rodent, strike before it can flee into the shadows!

Now it‘s time to hunt down the final sneaky rat in the library corridor.

Finding the Last Rat in the Library Corridor

Your last target has set up its nest in the south passage leading from the grand hall to the castle‘s library. Faded burgundy carpets and elaborate oil paintings line the hallway. Up ahead looms the intricate wooden door leading into the library itself.

But before you enter, be on the lookout for the final rat. It‘s hunkered down in the far corner ahead, across from a marble statue of an angel. Equip your knife and creep forward, checking around the statue base and walls.

When you spot the rat, quickly slash at it before it has a chance to run away. Once it‘s dead, your pest control duties are complete!

With all 3 rats exterminated, return to Luis in the grand hall to finish the objective. Nicely done, you‘ve cleared out the viral vermin! Now Leon can focus on more dangerous threats…

Tips for Hunting All 3 Grand Hall Rats

Here are some expert tips to help you efficiently locate and eliminate all 3 rats:

  • Move slowly and check corners – use a flashlight if needed. Rats like hiding in dark crannies.

  • Equip your knife for swift kills. The rats only take 1-2 hits to slay.

  • Listen for high pitched squeaking which can reveal a nearby rat.

  • If a rat spots you, chase it down quick before it vanishes into the shadows. They‘re speedy!

  • Adjust camera angles to peer around objects and spot rats in their hiding spots.

  • If a rat gets away, recheck the area thoroughly. They‘ll respawn after a bit.

  • Farm rats for loot like chicken eggs to sell to the merchant. They reappear frequently.

  • The rats pose no real threat, but are infested with dangerous disease, hence the need to exterminate them.

Hopefully these tips will lead to a quick, stress-free rat hunt. Now let‘s get into some deeper analysis.

The Significance of Rats in Resident Evil Lore

On the surface, the rats in RE4‘s grand hall may seem like a mundane chore. But rodents actually have a long history within the Resident Evil universe‘s lore. Let‘s take a look at their significance.

Rats Spread the T-Virus in Raccoon City

In the early Resident Evil games, a viral outbreak transforms Raccoon City‘s citizens into zombies. Rats played a key role in spreading the deadly T-virus throughout the city by ingesting infected flesh. As capcom producer Shinji Mikami stated:

"The best way to infect the city was to choose a carrier that could infiltrate anywhere silently, undetected. That‘s why we chose rats."

So the lowly urban rat acted as the perfect stealth vector for the virus to spread rapidly across Raccoon City.

Plague Rats Appear in Multiple Games

Rats have appeared in several Resident Evil games, often carrying exotic viral strains. For example:

  • Resident Evil Outbreak: Scenario A – Infected "plague rats" overrun J‘s Bar bearing the T-Virus.

  • Resident Evil: Revelations – Ooze-infested rats attack in the Mediterranean ship‘s cargo hold and sewers.

  • Resident Evil: Dead Aim – Hunter γ infected rats populate the Umbrella Waste Disposal facility.

So rodents serve as a common viral transmitter and enemy in the series. The remake‘s grand hall rats continue this trend.

Rats Reflect the Gothic Horror Theme

On a thematic level, rats work perfectly with Resident Evil‘s gothic horror vibe. Rodents are creepy, disease-ridden pests that invoke thoughts of the Black Plague. Having them scurry through a medieval castle heightens the unsettling atmosphere.

As gaming site IGN said about RE4‘s rats:

"Their addition taps into a primordial fear of vermin that nests comfortably in the game‘s mix of Gothic horror and survival action."

So rats mesh well with the Resi franchise‘s blend of action, experimental viruses, and Gothic horror. Let‘s hope these grand hall pests are the last we see in RE4!

The Grand Hall Rats – An Annoying But Essential Objective

At the end of the day, hunting down three infected rats in a dusty old castle may seem more like pest control than valorous heroism. But every objective in RE4, big or small, helps build the eerie atmosphere and advance the story.

Clearing the grand hall of filthy vermin allows Leon to use it as a safe hub and push forward to more dangerous areas. And exploring its lavish yet unnerving rooms is critical for getting your bearings in the castle.

So while not the most pulse-pounding task, exterminating these viral rodents is nonetheless an essential part of your quest. With them taken care of, you‘re ready to head into the depths of the castle and begin unraveling its sinister mysteries.

Well, that concludes my complete guide to finding all 3 rats and analyzing their significance. Hopefully you found this deep dive helpful for knocking out this objective smoothly. Let me know if you have any other questions as you continue your thrilling rescue mission. Enjoy exploring the imposing grand hall, but watch your back! Even more chilling enemies lurk in the areas ahead.


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