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Guide to Writing for Encyclopedias and Reference Texts

If you are a teacher and wish to assess your student’s ability to pull out information in a book, the best strategy is to use a study guide. A study guide is a list of questions that are usually separated by chapters. The questions are arranged in chronological order as the story takes place. The study guide can be used in individual or small group settings. The book can be read aloud or silently according to the teacher’s wishes and plans. This source will give a complete assessment of your student’s ability to pick out data from a text.

Study guides can be purchased for most books especially if they are popular with young adults or they are the classics. You can find most study guides online by using the keyword study guide and the title of the book. You need to shop around because some study guides are a lot more expensive than others when they are the same quality. Some have chapter summaries and others may have enrichment exercises or they may contain both. If it is a popular book, there may be used study guides for a much cheaper price on online bookstores.

One way to save money is to read the book yourself. Make up questions as you go along that deal with characters, plot, settings, and other content areas that need to be met. You can also create your own enrichment activities that will enhance the content you are trying to teach. A good idea is to create a bank of vocabulary words that the children will find in the text as they read it. You can create assignments where the students will define the vocabulary word, use it in a sentence, and be able to spell they word during the assessment.

Another cheap and non-labor intensive method of creating a study guide is to have the class create a study guide as they go. Each student could create five questions for each chapter. They could pick out words that they did not know or could not understand in context. After the chapter is read, have each child come up with an enrichment exercise. When you collect all the questions, vocabulary, and enrichment exercises, you can pick the best at compile an original study guide that has the interests of the students and the information you need to meet the content standard for you state or school.

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