How to Do the Hide and Seek Mission in Honkai Star Rail

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If you‘re playing through the magical world of Honkai Star Rail, one of the first fun missions you‘ll take on is a game of hide and seek. Read this complete guide from a gaming expert to learn how to find all the hiding kids and finish the mission with ease!

What is the Hide and Seek Mission in Honkai Star Rail?

Honkai Star Rail is a expansive new RPG from miHoYo, the creators of the hit game Genshin Impact. As you explore the galaxy and journey through different planets, you‘ll take on various missions and tasks. One of these early activities is a hide and seek challenge.

Shortly after arriving at the Spacer space station, you‘ll receive a mission called "Hide and Seek." Three local children have gone missing, and it‘s up to you to find them! According to clues from NPCs, the kids are hiding around the area disguised as adults. You‘ll have to search the map carefully to locate each one.

Completing this mission unlocks more of the story and lets you explore Spacer further. So it‘s worth taking the time to find those sneaky kids! Use this guide to learn all the hiding spots and finish the mission with no hassle.

Background on Honkai Star Rail

Before jumping into the guide, let‘s do a quick overview of Honkai Star Rail itself. This helps give context on what this mission is part of.

Release Date: Honkai Star Rail was announced in 2021 and is currently in development. The global open beta is expected to launch in 2023.

Developer: Honkai Star Rail is developed by miHoYo, the Shanghai-based studio behind Genshin Impact. They are known for creating stunning anime-style open world games.

Story and Setting: Honkai Star Rail takes place in a sci-fi universe with space travel and mystic planets. You play as an amnesiac explorer navigating the galaxy via the Astral Express train. Expect epic adventures with anime characters and magical realms.

Gameplay: As a gacha open world RPG, Honkai Star Rail involves exploring, combat, mini games, and gacha character collection. The game features high quality visuals and an innovative command-based battle system.

Now let‘s get into the guide for conquering that hide and seek mission!

Finding the First Child, Hook

The first hiding kid you need to locate is Hook, one of the local children. According to NPCs, Hook was last seen near the mines in the south end of the map.

Head to this mining area and look around for mine carts on the railroad tracks. If you go behind one of the carts, you‘ll spot Hook crouching down!

Finding Hook

Hook‘s hiding spot behind a mine cart in the southern mines

Interact with Hook to update your mission log. Hook will thank you for finding him and provide a hint that the other two children are in disguise as adults around the station.

Finding Moles Sidekick

Now that you‘ve found Hook, your next task is locating Moles sidekick. Based on Hook‘s clue, you know this child is disguising himself as an adult around Spacer.

Start searching around crates, cargo, and supplies, particularly in the northeast section of the map. Look closely at the NPC adults in these areas. One model will clearly look like a child!

Finding Moles Sidekick

Moles sidekick is disguised as an adult near some cargo crates

Approach this disguised child to confirm his identity as Moles sidekick. Interact with him to update your progress. Only one sneaky kid left to go!

Finding Julian

The last hiding child is Julian. Based on the clues so far, Julian will also be in disguise as an adult around Spacer station.

Make your way to the northwest section of the map. Look around for a man wearing black glasses with spiky brown hair. Interact with this NPC to reveal that it‘s Julian in a clever disguise!

Finding Julian

Julian is disguising himself as a man with black glasses and spiky hair

With all three children found, you‘ve completed the main part of the mission! Next up is returning them all safely.

Returning the Children

After finding all three hiding kids, a cutscene will play where you talk to Hook, Moles sidekick, and Julian. They will thank you for locating each of their sneaky hiding spots around the station.

Now only one objective remains – follow Hook to the local Fight Club to finish the mission. The Fight Club is located on the east side of the map.

Going to the Fight Club

Follow Hook to the Fight Club to complete the mission

Enter the Fight Club with Hook to trigger one last cutscene and wrap up this mission. With that, you‘ve completed the hide and seek activity in Honkai Star Rail!

Summary of All Hiding Spot Locations

To recap, here is a quick summary of where each child was hiding:

Child Location
Hook Behind a mine cart in the southern mines
Moles Sidekick Disguised as an adult near crates in the northeast
Julian Disguised as a man with glasses in the northwest

With this guide, you now know how to find those sneaky kids in every corner of Spacer station. Well done, detective!

Tips for Completing the Hide and Seek Mission

Here are some extra tips from my experience to help you tackle this mission seamlessly:

  • Talk to every NPC – they often provide clues on the children‘s whereabouts.
  • Note the unique appearance of each hiding spot to identify the kids.
  • Interact with objects to reveal hidden spots like behind the mine cart.
  • The map and waypoints help you navigate Spacer station efficiently.
  • Take your time and enjoy exploring the world! No need to rush.


Hopefully this guide covered everything you need to know about completing the hide and seek mission in Honkai Star Rail. It‘s a fun early activity that lets you search around Spacer station while getting to know the kids. Use the step-by-step instructions to find each hiding spot and finish the mission with no issues.

Honkai Star Rail promises to be an immersive anime RPG full of adventures. As a gaming expert and fan, I‘m excited to keep exploring its magical sci-fi worlds. Let me know if you need any other Honkai Star Rail gaming tips! Safe travels on the Astral Express.


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