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How do you Add Graphics to your Myspace

     To display graphics from any part of the web, your browser looks for a line of code that tells your computer where the image is stored. Making graphics appear on your pages, like Myspace, is as easy as finding the location of the graphic, and knowing where to put the code that tells your browser where to look for the picture. The bit of code that let’s your computer know to pull up an image, graphic or photo, looks like this:

Your computer will pull up any image location that you put in-between the ” ” marks above. Some examples of image locations are:


     Finding image locations can be done by surfing to the page were your image is located. By right-clicking on the image, a context menu will appear with “Properties” as an option. By clicking on “Properties” you will be shown all of the information your computer has about the picture. In the new window, click and drag your mouse from the beginning of http:// to the end of the address (Warning: Some images are protected and won’t give you the address.  If this is the case you will not see an image extension, like .jpg .gif or .png, at the end of the address). After it is highlighted, you can either right click and select copy, or press the ctrl and “c” keys on your key board. This will save a copy of what you have highlighted. You can then put what you copied into any other area, that you can type, by right clicking and selecting “Paste” or by pressing “ctrl” and “v” at the same time. We are not ready to do this yet!

     If you have learned to use sites such as Photobucket, you know that they provide areas that you can simply click and all of the code necessary to paste will be copied. The next step is then to find the area to paste what you need to paste.

     In Myspace, you can insert an image code (along with it’s address/location in-between the ” ” marks) into any one of your profile edit entry text areas. This means the “About Me:” section, your “Interests” section, anywhere! Some people even put an age in the comment that appears next to their profile pic. If you have not copied your code from a site like Photobucket, you will first need to find a spot for your pic in your profile and type:

to close the code, and save your profile. If you copied your code from a graphic website, there is a good chance that you will only have to paste your code and be done.

     You should then go to your profile to see how the graphics, fit in. They can often seem big or push things to areas you do not want them. You may want an image centered instead of aligned to the left. Below are some examples of code that allow you to play with alignment, and the size of your images.

     You can change the numbers to anything you like, to pinch and stretch your image. If you keep your numbers of the same proportion of the original, you won’t have to worry about it looking distorted. You can find the original proportion by right clicking in the image, where it was originally displayed on the web, and selecting “properties”. If the image has a height of 400 and a width of 200, then changing the numbers to 200 and 100 respectively (in your code) will reduce the image to %50 of its original size. Enjoy your new ability, and remember that if any questions should arise, Helium is your friend.

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