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How freelance writers can find the motivation to write

Every writer will experience that moment, probably more than a few times, when they are just not sure what to write. For those who are depending on online freelance writing for income, even if it is not the main source of income, cannot afford to let these blocks keep them from completing the tasks they need to do. There are some ways to stay focused and productive.

Remind yourself of why you became a freelance writer other than the obvious reason; that you enjoy writing. If you felt the need to become a freelance writer, you probably needed more income than you were getting from your regular job, or you’re depending on that income alone. If you need to put a pile of bills in front of you to remind yourself of what’s at stake, then do it. For some people, that may just add to the stress, but it’s good to remind yourself of the consequences you could face if you don’t complete your writing tasks.

Get organized. Don’t just sit in front of the computer with a “to do” list and hope you can get all of the work done. It’s not enough to organize your tasks. You should also organize your time. Before you start your work, create a schedule for yourself. Write down a certain amount of time you want to spend on each project you have to complete for the day and do your best to stay on schedule. Also, make sure your writing notes or any paper materials related to your writing are organized and you know how to find them. Writing things down and making notes won’t help you if you can’t find that piece of paper when you need it.

Take a break when you need to. You obviously want to stay on task as often as possible, but sitting in front of your computer all day won’t help if your mind is blank. Don’t sit down in front of the TV if it’s something that is difficult for you to pull away from. Just take ten to fifteen minutes to pull away from your writing and relax, or take a walk or grab a snack. Whatever you do, don’t let it be something that is time-consuming and will only make it harder to get back to work.

Make a schedule that works for you. You want to be productive, but if you devote too much time to writing, you won’t be productive. You will just be frustrated. Find a day out of the week or the month that you will spend not writing. If you depend on writing for income, you obviously can’t just refuse to write when you get frustrated, but it’s important that you have those days every now and then that are not completely devoted to writing.

Reward yourself and remember past successes. When you reach a goal that was an upward struggle for you, reward yourself, whether that’s a big shopping spree or getting some ice cream to celebrate. When you are struggling, remember how good you felt when you finally accomplished something that was hard for you. Remind yourself of those feelings when you feel like giving up.

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