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How Social Media Is Transforming Web Design

According to www.blog.hootsuite.com, 69% of adults from the United States are using at least one social media platform. The social media platforms have been responsible for radically altering the manner in which customers are constantly interacting with content. Therefore, after the social networking platforms, customers will look for a similar, interactive, and intuitive experience on your website as well. This has been responsible for transforming the definition of web design and also changed the manner in which the websites are being designed currently.

Given below is a list of the top transformations that social media has brought about when it comes to web design.

Social sharing icons

Before the social media platforms, link building as well as brand visibility was considered to be the domain of forums, online directories, paid strategies, lead magnets, and direct blogging. However, with social media becoming an important platform that helps in increasing the awareness of brands, generate traffic, and leads to consumer engagement, brands have started using these platforms for growing their business.

This is one of the most important reasons as to why the social share icons have an important role in web design. It is crucial to place the social icons properly and they should also be designed in such a manner that they can lead to engagement and draw in qualified traffic from different parts of the world.

Interactive design

Earlier, web design was limited to how consumers were accessing content and how they were constantly interacting with people. Social media has revolutionized this completely and also changed the manner in which content can be accessed, shared, consumed, and also brought about a lot of differences regarding how people interact with each other. This has greatly affected the manner in which consumers perceive as well as judging businesses. People are constantly expecting out of the box content, good experience, and interactivity when they are going to visit your website. Therefore, you need to concentrate on creating the design of good quality on all your social media profiles.

Crawling as well as swiping

Before the social networking platform started gaining popularity, the content of long-form was responsible for creating a bad and unwanted user experience. Apart from that, scrolling was considered to be a failure of any website as well. This is why websites started breaking content into huge chunks, which gave rise to multiple pages.

After social media happened, web design started becoming more responsive, and content was realigned, in order to ensure that they were viewable on all devices. Also, swiping and scrolling have definitely become important parts of the experience of the users. With the help of the parallel design, websites have the chance of keeping the audience engaged for a long time.  If you are on Instagram, you can use Like4Like within the captions.

Visual content

The engagement on social media has completely changed the structure of contents. Currently, images of high resolution as well as videos are crucial in order to make any content successful.


Before the advent of social media platforms, it was extremely difficult to keep the users engaged. However, social media has completely changed the web design game and has also been responsible for improving the experience of the users.

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