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How to Encourage others to Link to your Blog

Links, or back-links, are one of the keys to search engine optimization. This is because back-links to blogs can enhance their search engine page ranks. As such, expanding the number of back-links to a blog is a good way to enhance its search engine optimization. How then, can more back-links be gained from other sources?

The first thing to note is that the content of any blog is perhaps one of the most important factors. If the content included on the blog is exciting and informative, then certainly more will likely then link to the blog. Therefore, the first step is to begin expanding the blog’s content. In this respect, it is not necessarily enough to just add a few posts to a blog, and the blog will need to be updated on a more regular basis.

Aside from this, networking with other blogs can also be a good way to link build. In this respect, search for blogs on a similar subject or theme, and then check to see whether they include a blog-roll or link list. A blog-roll is essentially a blog link list that has a number of blogs included.

To have your blog included on other blog-rolls, then you will likely have to consider establishing your own, or at list have a link list where blog links can be added to. Then, start adding a few blogs to this link list. For those blogs that you do include on this link list, ask the blog’s author if they would then consider adding a link to your blog on their own blogs as well.

Another way that to expand the number of links to your blog is guest blogging. So, what is guest blogging? Well, guest blogging is when you provide posts for other blogs. Then, these posts can include author bylines and back-links to your own blog. As such, this too can be a good way to expand links to your blog.

There are a few guest blogging communities around. My Guest Blog is one good example of a guest blog community website on which you can register, and provide posts to which can be included on other member’s blogs. GuestBloggingsite.com is an alternative website where you can submit blog posts. When these blog posts are then added, additional links to your own blog can also be included.

These are a few good tips that may expand inbound blog links. Keep the blog fresh, network with other blogs, add a blog-roll to your blog with links to other blogs, and also consider guest blogging on other blogs as well.

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