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How to get the most out of using Twitter

Twitter is a popular micro-blogging service which has seen explosive growth since its original launch in 2006. The main appeal of Twitter is the short messages, called

s. From this 140 character limitation, millions of users have found many different ways to get the most out of Twitter – here are a few ways people are doing so.

Build a great network

Many business professionals all over the world are using Twitter to network with other businesses. Within each community on the web, Twitter has been found as a home for business owners and enthusiasts to talk with one another, share information and network toward new business goals.

Using the Twitter search feature, hunt down other users which have similar interests toward business and projects. Open up to them by asking questions or answering their own. Keep a daily report with one another and soon new opportunities will arise for each person to network and get more done.

Find new ideas

Twitter, with millions of

s going off every minute, can be a goldmine for finding new ideas for business, writing and life.

The appeal of Twitter is the ability to ask questions to the community. For business people, these questions can be the perfect market research in developing a new product or service.

Likewise, writers are always on the lookout for new ideas for articles and blogs. The constant ideas and information shared on Twitter are fantastic for finding what people actually want to read. Use Twitter to find information and later write about them on sites like Helium.

Finally, many Twitter users will tweet motivational quotes and quips which can inspire you to do something great – use them to motivate your life.

Keep up to date on news

Twitter has proven time and time again that it’s one of the fastest methods to find breaking news. As journalists rush to the scene, people right in the field flock to Twitter to give a live feed of the activities going on.

Major earthquakes, elections and events have been tweeted in real time, and many have used it to find safety and become motivated. Twitter has gone to the extent to influence major news outlets, such as CNN, Fox News and BBC, with up to date information.

Make money

Twitter has turned into a cash cow for many users. Between sponsored tweets, affiliate links and driving people to products and service pages, Twitter can provide a constant supply of qualified traffic to websites.

Businesses have also seen that Twitter can be very useful and get the most out of the service through customer service, product announcements and helpful information related to the business’ products and services.

Being a good Twitter user

The best way to get the most out of Twitter is to be a helpful and exciting person. Being helpful and exciting will drum up conversations which people actually want to participate in.

Helping one another on Twitter, finding resources and helping others out with the questions they have can equally provide a great experience when using Twitter.

The best way to get the most out of Twitter is to share information. Sharing information will help out the website but equally give followers the ability to find great information they’re seeking.

Use a Twitter tool

Twitter itself is very powerful but to get the most out of Twitter it’s best to use a tool. Twitter tools can come in a variety of software and services; the most popular being Twitter clients.

To get the most out of Twitter, track the conversation and build a following, use these:

  • deck

  • HootSuite

There are many other Twitter tools but these, by far, provide the best experience overall. Their ability to track conversations, shorten links, condense the chatter and help build relationships are essential to getting the most out of Twitter.

Build free traffic

Many bloggers and website owners have found Twitter to be one of the best ways to drive traffic. A single retweet can quickly spread across the service (and web) which leads to a flood of organic traffic.

In conjunction to creating great content, use tools like the retweet button on each webpage so users can quickly and easily share content with other users on Twitter.

Sharing great content will help make the most out of your Twitter experience as you’ll build authority, traffic and a community.

Getting the most out of Twitter

Twitter, as explained throughout this article, can be an amazing tool for anyone on the Web. Between sharing information, building a community, business ideas and interaction, Twitter provides a great service which all can benefit from.

To get the most out of Twitter, it’s important to always have fun. Just like any other service on the web, the more passionate you are with it, the more you’ll have fun which ultimately leads to a better time. Combine your passion with the previous tips and your Twitter experience will be simply amazing.

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