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How to improve your time on Twitter

Twitter is a fast-paced website designed for social networking. Time is valuable as days are busy with routine tasks and growing to-do lists. Make the most of your Twitter experience each day by using it to its full potential.

Number of Followers

Increasing the number of Twitter followers is a significant way to get more out of Twitter sessions. Followers are people connected to your network who have access to your “tweets” or public messages.

s are confined to 140 characters, including spaces. Reach more people with your succinct messages by increasing your followers.

More followers means that you will likely receive more retweets. Your 140 character messages are more likely to be read and recirculated around the Twitter network if you belong to a larger network. Possibilities increase in general with more connections.

Businesses will reach more prospective clients and personal users will make more social friends if they click the mouse to follow other people on Twitter. Often people who are followed will follow back if your profile shows similar content to their own profiles.

Who You Follow

Be selective as to which users you choose to follow on Twitter in order to make the most of the social network. Follow people of similar profiles to create meaningful connections. One way to find these individuals is by searching hash tags of interest within the “# Discover” section of the website.

By following people with similar interests both personally and professionally, your electronic feed of recent tweets will be full of people who have similar interests to your own preferences. These are people you will want to engage with, making Twitter a more positive experience. As well, the people will be more likely to read your tweets rather than a person with unrelated interests.


Regularly engage with other users to get the most of your Twitter experience. If people regularly see you on the website, they will be more likely to follow you back and engage with you. You will become more familiar with other regular users and form a connection to exchange information.

If you are using Twitter as a business tool, remember that networking is a two-way street. Rather than simply adding your own content through tweets to the electronic feed, take time to respond to other messages and interact with users. Ask your followers questions and retweet quality content. Many users will reciprocate by retweeting your messages and are more likely to read your content or head to your posted links.


Edit your profile to be interesting, informative, and relevant to your reasons for joining Twitter. If, for instance, you use the website to showcase your business, include the link to your website in your profile. Attach a brief description of the website to attract potential clients.

Attract quality customers with a quality profile. Setting up your profile professionally will help you make the most of Twitter.

Hash Tags

Add hash tags to your tweets to widen the number of interested readers. Hash tags give readers at a glance any additional information about related links or topics that interest you.

Using hash tags filters your tweets to be added to the “# Discover” section of Twitter in addition to your network feed. Users who log on to search the hash tag lists will come across your tweet if the specific word is mentioned with the “#” symbol in your tweet. Without the hash tag, you are missing out on being seen by these users. Broaden your readership by including hash tags.

With the popularity of Twitter growing on a daily basis, and days going by quickly, ensure you make the most of your Twitter experience. Add followers who tweet relevant, quality content, use the website regularly, and add appropriate hash tags. Enjoy your Twitter time!

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