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How to Leverage Instagram Stories to Improve Audience Engagement?

Since the launch of Instagram stories in 2016, Instagram has seen a drastic boost in the audience’s engagement on the platform. According to research and statistics, Instagram has evolved as a direct competition to Snapchat after it introduced stories feature similar to Snapchat. Since the update, the short disappearing videos succeeded to grab the audience’s attention. In April 2017, Instagram stories surpassed their top competitor by 25%. As stated by Brian DiFeo;

“There is potential for 2 or 3 times more engagement on Stories versus regular posts.”

Unlike Instagram feed, Instagram stories supposed to be more laidback and less-filtered in nature. You don’t need to spend time on your story to make sure everything being casted is pitch-perfect and flawless. Here you meant to publish less filtered, realistic behind the scenes moment which you don’t want to post on a permanent field. However, if you want to keep them forever, you can add them to the Instagram story highlights.

In this blog, we are going to discuss some exciting tips which will help you create Instagram stories that your audience will love engaging with. So let’s begin.

Ask for the Feedback/ Suggestions

Instagram stories allow you to generate quick and fun polls and feedback forms that your audience find quite interesting to get engaged with. Generate surveys that are simple with straightforward questions. Prepare polls where just one click is enough for them to send their response. For example, you can ask which time do you want us to post stories and give them 3 options you find feasible for story posting. If you want descriptive answers, you can prompt them to engage with you through direct messages.

Brand Mentions in Instagram Stories

Brand mentions is one of the best tactics through which you can get 2x to 3x times more engagement to your Instagram stories. Suppose you have bought new linen dresses from a brand, the brand already has an impressive number of followers on Instagram, now all you need to do is to mention that brand in your Instagram story. This way, your story will be sent to brand in their DM, chances are high that the brand will reshare your story in their story. This will maximize your views and a segment of those viewers would even go ahead and follow your account.

Structure Audience Engagement with Stickers

Stickers are the perkiest and fun features of Instagram, which keep your audience hooked to your story until the last segment. Stickers add spark to your otherwise static stories and introduce the fun element which results in increased interactivity. From interactive questions to countdowns and emoji dragger slider, there is a variety of features that help you know your audiences’ opinion in a fun and effortless manner. For instance, if you are indecisive about which recipe you should share on your Instagram, you can simply add a question using the mentioned features.  Simply ask them to upvote their favorite option by selecting the answer or dragging the slider.

Hint People to turn the Volume Up

Most of the people spend time on social media with their phone’s sound off. If you want people to hear you in Instagram stories you need to add a text overlay saying “We need to talk” or you can add a GIF or sticker indicating that here, you need to turn the volume up. This way, your audience will not miss the message that you want to convey them. Other than that this boosts audience interaction with your brand and they most probably would want to get in touch with you in the future as well.

Cue Them to Hold and Read

If you have shared a post which contains descriptive text, you need to mention “press to hold.” It freezes your story, and it doesn’t progress toward the next segment. Other than that if you are adding a piece to your story, which requires more time for the audience to figure out the question that has been asked. For example, you have shared a visual that requires more than 15 seconds for them to figure out what is happening in the image you should prompt your audience with a ‘press to hold’ signal, else your message will fail to garner the engagement it deserves.

Redirect from Story to Feed

People visit your Instagram story from suggestions, some may also be visiting you from comment sections of where you have left a comment while some may be visiting you from a different account’s story share. All in all, you might be getting more story views as compared to your Instagram’s feed post. Keeping the engagement rate of stories in mind, you can avail yourself of the Instagram stories and mention your new post with ‘tap to see’ mention. This will redirect maximum visitors to your new post ultimately increases the viewers’ interaction with your posts.


Instagram has a variety of untapped features that you are yet to explore and using which you can improve and amplify your Instagram’s story and feed engagements. Instagram stories are easy to create and maintain, as well as they allow you to be more visible on the platform. Stories are a great way to show the intimate and warm side of your brand’s personality where people feel more comfortable to be more interactive, not only this but it builds trust and lets people come near to you for a friendly interaction.

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