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How to Make Money from your Content how to Increase your Daily Views

One of the best ways for writers on Helium or on their own blogs to make more money is to increase their daily page views. Most people understand that without increasing page views, their earnings will stagnate or will begin dropping. This is true for those who write on sites like Helium and also for those who maintain a blog. Increasing daily page views can be done in a number of ways to help you make more money.

1. Write Quality Content – The more quality content you write, the more likely it is that you will develop a steady group of readers. These are readers who will nearly always visit your newest articles and blog posts because they know they will find helpful information that is presented in a clear, easy-to-understand manner. These readers know your work is well written, relevant and well researched. They are the most dependable sources for increasing page views because they will also recommend your articles to other readers.

2. Social Bookmarking – Social bookmarking is a great way to get your articles in front of more people. Using the most popular social bookmarking sites can help you increase your viewers. Increasing viewers will lead to making more money from your articles by increasing daily page views.  Social bookmarking can also help you build important links to help increase the page ranking of your articles.

3. Linking – Linking your articles in forums where they are allowed, linking them in your blog (on relevant posts), and providing links to your articles when responding to questions on sites like “Yahoo! Answers” can also help you make money from your articles. These methods of linking to your articles creates new traffic and more viewers. 

Sites like RedGage also offer a unique opportunity to link your articles and earn additional money. Not only will you earn money from RedGage, but you will also earn money when users click through your link on RedGage and read your full article. Because RedGage also offers the opportunity for the community to rate your work it can help increase your credibility and build a long-term reader base.

4. Twitter – Twitter offers users the opportunity to interact with other Twitter users and provide links to their online articles. For those who have a large Twitter network, this often means that they are able to make money from articles by increasing page views. Those who share their articles on Twitter can realize substantial earnings increases from page views.

Twitter networks include not only the users following, but the followers following as well. This can mean that even if you have only 100 followers, your “tweets” can be seen by upwards of 1,000 or more other followers. Chances are that at least one person will be interested in the content of your article.

5. Create a Zone – If you have a number of articles that are in one category, consider creating a Helium Zone to highlight them. Once you have created your zone, “feed” it regularly with your newest articles in that category and promote your zone. Having multiple zones that cover various subjects will help you promote your writing and can act as an online portfolio as well.


There are a number of ways that you can make money from your articles by increasing daily page views. Not every method is going to work for every person. Having a diverse portfolio of high quality articles is the first way to make money from your articles.

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