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How to Monetize your Blog by Selling Products

Bloggers who are interested in making money from their blogs have a number of options for monetizing. While advertising programs such as Google AdSense or Kontera are good options for many, others prefer a more direct way of generating revenue. This is where product blogs can provide additional sources of income.  Here are some of the options available for bloggers interested in selling products.

Sale of e-books and reports

Bloggers who are interested can create their own e-books or reports to sell to visitors to their blog. Creating an e-book or several small reports that are in the same topic as their blog can help generate sales. Possible options also include purchasing Private Label Rights e-books and reports that can be sold with little or no modification. Many of these come with sales pages, thank you pages and all the information needed to begin selling on a blog.

Affiliate Programs

There are several options for bloggers to sell products through their blog using some trusted and respected affiliate programs. Many online retailers will offer bloggers the option of selling their products in return for a commission. Traffic can be driven to the blog through social media marketing or through e-mail and article marketing.

Google Affiliate Network – Google’s network includes retailers who offer bloggers a commission based on actual sales. These affiliate programs often offer plug-ins or simple inline links that can be used on a blog. Commissions are paid through the Google AdSense program and can be very lucrative for bloggers who have a strong niche and good marketing skills. Some of the partners in this program are high-end retailers such as Target, Barnes & Noble and Sears to name a few.

Amazon Affiliate Program – Amazon is a well-known and respected provider of services. Bloggers can take advantage of their high quality products ranging from books to groceries by becoming an affiliate. Amazon provides bloggers with several options for including products on a blog including links to specific products and widgets that are designed to promote specific products or specific product categories. This is an excellent option for bloggers who enjoy writing product reviews as they can write a good review and then include a link to the product.

Commission Junction – Another well-established and recognized affiliate program that bloggers can take advantage of is Commission Junction. Through their network of retail stores and comparison shopping sites, bloggers can create an online store on their blog. This is one of the oldest and fastest growing affiliate programs available online and they have continued to be a force to be reckoned with maintaining relationships with more than 60% of the top 100 retailers online.

Cafe Press – Bloggers who are interested in selling unique items such as corporate gifts, personalized mugs or t-shirts should check out the affiliate program offered by Cafe Press. This option offers bloggers more than two million different stores that they can select products from to display on their blog. Commissions are approximately 15% of product sales.  Bloggers can select specific products, stores or a combination of the two to help monetize their blogs.

For bloggers who are interested in earning money through selling products, these are only a few of the options available to them. There are hundreds of different affiliate programs that can be used for earning money. Bloggers should be aware of all of the terms and conditions of all programs before they sign up. Many have specific restrictions that must be closely adhered to. Failure to adhere to the terms may result in account suspensions.

Bloggers who are good at writing product reviews or have a strong reader base generally fare better than someone just starting out blogging.  However, most of the affiliate sites offer some form of training for effectively creating a blog that will attract attention and provide bloggers with information on how to earn money from their blogs. One of the biggest advantages to these types of programs is that the blogger does not have to be concerned about product deliveries, collecting money or taxes.

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