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How to use the Publisher Feature on Facebook

In February 4, 2004, Mark Elliot Zuckerberg managed to rock the world by launching the most popular social networking site, Facebook. Since then, millions of daily users exchange ideas, feelings, personal stories, favorite links and videos and bring their life to public through the various Facebook applications. The publisher is probably the most used feature in Facebook helping you to share your thoughts with the rest of the world.

But, what makes publisher such a great application? Released in this year’s May, publisher is actually a Facebook wall’s upgrade as now users have the ability to share rich content on their profile and on their friend’s profiles and not just simple text messages. Located at the top of either your profile or home page, you can post photos, upload videos, share links, write notes or comments and give virtual gifts to your loved ones. All these integrated applications make publisher the best tool of communication and posting on Facebook.

Using publisher is extremely easy enabling you to do whatever you want in only a few clicks. To do so, log into your Facebook account and open up either your home or profile page. There you will see a text box with the ‘what’s on your mind’ question prompting you to add the content of your liking. Specifically:

1. Write a Text Message

To write a text, simply type the message you want inside the text box and click ‘Share’. Publisher will automatically publish your story updating your status integrating it into the site’s main stream.

2. Add a Link

You can easily add a link of any web address outside Facebook and make it public to your profile. Extremely useful if you want to share a news bulletin, your favorite artist’s official page, your team’s latest victory or anything similar. Moreover, it is rather handy when it comes to business as you can publish your blog or business page and gain many new customers just by clicking on the ‘Share’ button.

You want the world to know your taste in music? Found a hilarious video in YouTube you desperately want to share with your friends and laugh your hearts out commenting on the shared video? Attach the video’s link and you are done! It is now available in your profile and home page!

3. Share a Video

If you click on the publisher’s text box, you will see an extra menu on the bottom of it offering you also the chance to upload your video. It can be either a video recorded straight from your webcam or saved in your computer’s hard drive. Just click on the appropriate tab, wait for a few seconds depending on the video’s size and quality and it will immediately be published. Of course, it must not violate the site’s Terms of Use as it will be automatically delete. Additionally, you risk the removal of your personal account that could end up being permanent.

4. Upload a Photo

You can easily upload your favorite photos straight from the publisher. The feature allows you to upload a photo saved in your hard drive, captured by your web cam or even create a whole photo album. Just note that only your album’s first four photos will be visible in your friend’s news feed.

5. Add a Note

This feature works exactly like writing a text message. Just remember to click on the ‘Note’ tab, type your thoughts and hit enter.

6. Add a Virtual Gift

If you want to enhance your personal text message or comment or say something by sending a gift, you will find publisher the perfect feature for you. Once you click on the text box, many of the Facebook applications you currently use will be automatically enabled. Choose the one you want, find the ideal virtual gift, type alternatively the text you want and press enter. It literally enriches your personal message or birthday wish!

Remember that any content shared via the publisher tool will appear as an update of your current status and will show up to your friends’ home page as news feed. Of course, you can modify the privacy settings and control which people will receive updates from you and which not.

Publisher is here to make your virtual life easier! Enjoy!

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