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If you are a Clothing Brand, Pinterest Could Ease your Work

With millions of monthly active user, Pinterest may not be a social media giant like Facebook or Twitter, but it is a crucial social platform with prominence in “valuable demographics”. As of Q1 2019, there are 291 Million monthly active users of Pinterest. Besides, as of Q1, 2019, 98% have tried something new what they found on Pinterest. So Pinterest can be a good option for marketers seeking to promote clothing brands. They should not neglect the social platform as it is a very powerful tool to attract new customers.

Pinterest is a platform which offers a visual discovery tool helping its users to find different types of things of interest on the internet. Pinterest allows a user to visually share and find new interests by publishing, i.e., pinning images, or videos to their independent or others’ boards. Half of all U.S. millennials use Pinterest. Most importantly, 67% of Pinterest users are under 40 years of age, and most of them lie in the age group of 18-29 years. According to a study, 87% of people on Pinterest have purchased a product because of Pinterest, while 93% use the platform to plan a forthcoming shopping. Apart from this, 55% of people use Pinterest for shopping and buying new products. So you might lose the opportunity to reach probable new customers if your business is not there on Pinterest.

In this article, we will take a glance at how Pinterest could stimulate the growth of a clothing brand. The document reveals how brands can emerge and attract the attention of customers with the availability of more than 23 billion fashion ideas present on Pinterest. Even more, the platform has unveiled a new “Complete the Look” feature. It is a visual search tool that suggests relevant products in the category of fashion and home décor depending on the context of the scene.

Importance of Having a Business Profile on Pinterest

As mentioned above, more than 80% of people have bought something because they saw it on Pinterest. Thus Pinterest offers substantial marketing potential than any other social network. So I suggest Pinterest as a top alternative for e-commerce business. Following are some of the aspects which answers a question, how Pinterest has become a valuable asset for businesses?

  • Long-lasting Posts:

When any business post material on a social networking site, its average life span is a few hours. In short, the post vanishes over time. Whereas on Pins on Pinterest last longer than posts published on any other social media platform. Thus website traffic and sales lead obtained through pins, which particularly last longer.

  • Boost Brand Awareness on Pinterest

The number of followers on Pinterest have a more significant impact on the pins of your brand. The platform offers Smart Feed, a feature similar to Facebook’s News Feed. It is a high-level algorithm that identifies which pins users prefer to see in their feeds. As a result, brands having a higher follower base gain greater visibility. Try the influence marketing by several niche market influencers on Pinterest.

  • Buyable Pins – A new Way to Attract Customers

Previously, buyable pins were only available for Mobile users of Pinterest, but now they are available for desktop users. The exclusive arrival of buyable pins has enlarged e-commerce opportunities. Those pins act as a simple way to stimulate sales activity. As buyers, one can directly purchase products through the pins. Besides, one can find the buyable pins in search results, related pins along with a business profile. Thus the buyable pins are much better than the regular one.

How Are Businesses Flourishing on Pinterest?

Pinterest offers greater chances of success in e-commerce stores because the social network is full of enthusiastic and committed groups. So posting a sound material on the platform regularly will assist businesses to thrive audience in terms of boosting sales.

Here various brands can also find innovative and creative alternatives to reuse content and increase their reach by other boards. Sometimes, businesses even schedule pins on group boards to intensify the number of customers. Thus brands on Pinterest can develop a group of reliable and committed audience that actively shares exciting products with other users. In short, users will click the pins to buy the product without leaving the website. Many people turn to Pinterest before peeking into anywhere else. All in all, Pinterest is a shopping stop for shoppers, along with people seeking to connect with friends.

Categories Flourishing Through Pinterest

As of Q1,2019, Pinterest had 85 million monthly active users across the US. Mostly the users of Pinterest are millennials, and the number has surpassed other social networks, including Snapchat. Even more, there are a few groups of people who prefer to search on Pinterest than any other network. So there are some topics that perform surprisingly best on Pinterest.

Some of the categories working best on Pinterest are:

  • Travel
  • Home Décor – DIY Renovate Your Home
  • Women Style
  • Beauty
  • Food and Drink
  • Motivational Quotes

Some Surprising Facts About Pinterest Affecting E-Commerce

  • As of April 2019, more than 200 billion Pins are saved on Pinterest
  • Pinterest took the lead with 57% growth
  • Pinterest takes second place with 111% growth
  • Over 80% of pins are re-pins, compared to 1.4% of tweets re-tweeted
  • Around 25% of consumers reported buying a product or service after discovering it on Pinterest
  • As of Q1 2019, 77% discovered a new product or brand on Pinterest
  • As of Q1 2019, 84% pinners visit Pinterest when they’re confused about what to buy
  • Referrals via Pinterest are 10% more likely to actually purchase than those referred by Facebook; Pinterest grabs around 41% of e-commerce traffic compared to other social media sites
  • 76% of Pinners save items to buy later
  • 55% of people use Pinterest to shop and buy
  • Revenue from Videos grew by 3X from Q1 of 2018 to 2019, that is video marketing on Pinterest does a great job.

Pinterest is booming the e-commerce industry, now it’s your turn to try on the platform and make the most of it!

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