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Increase your Business Exposure on Twitter

Twitter is a popular website that allows its members to write messages known as tweets for their followers to see. If you have a business, you can tell your followers as well their followers about it. You can increase your business exposure with this well-known website by following some simple steps.


In order to use Twitter, you have to be a member first. Sign up for a Twitter account by going to www. twitter.com and filling in the online form if you have not done so. Enter your web address and a description of your business to be displayed on your profile page. Since, your description must be fewer than 160 characters, it is important you word it carefully so that whoever reads it will get the message.


Log on to your Twitter account and start following as many people and many organisations as you can. Some of the people you are following will follow you in return. Twitter allows you to enter only up to 140 words for each of your tweets. Therefore, it is important that you get straight to the point. If this is your very first time you are promoting your business, tell your followers or anyone who can read your message what your business offers to the people. Use Twitter to write other interesting the message that can capture the attention of your followers as your message will be listed among other users’. Your message need not be directly link to your business. Once, a follower spotted your message and decide to continue to read it as he or she finds it interesting, he or she may also visit your website that you are using to promote your business. The followers of the people who are following you can also read your tweets and may in turn, want to follow you as well.

Use a search engine to look for special programs to help you get followers faster. If you found such a special program, check it out to see if it doesn’t violate the terms of Twitter before using it. If is it okay to use the program, use it and tell your followers about it. Your followers will especially those who need more followers themselves will appreciate your kind act and will most likely visit your website.


On your business card, include the words “Follow us on Twitter” along with your Twitter username. If you have a website, add a link to your twitter page with the words “Follow us on Twitter” as the link title. You can also deliver some pamphlets with the phrase “Follow us on Twitter” to some residents.

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