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Increasing Earnings and Google Traffic to Online Articles

I will list down methods that would most likely work to increase Google traffic to your online articles if you can abide by it all, or some of it, at least.  To be honest, online articles need lots of exposure for success.  And that means to have lots of traffic to your individual articles, hoping that the numbers will increase with time.  And amongst all search engines, the one which is the most popular would definitely have to come from Google traffic.  The main reason that Google search engine is one of the biggest and most practical search engine ever is undeniable.  People from all over the world would know what Google is. 

And even if you are not good in computer knowledge, and don’t understand the mechanism of how your articles are crawled from your site to the different search engines, particularly Google, it is inevitable to know that more traffic equals to more success and earnings in your online articles.  That could mean for page impressions and ad revenues as well.  You may have a very successful and well written article, but if it’s not discovered by others, then there’s not really much point in it.

Here are some ways on how to increase your Google traffic to your online articles.

1) Get a social networking account

Promote and promote.  Work your way slowly and promote your contents online.  Make sure that the site you created an account with allows links to your articles.  Make friends.  If you are on a site like MySpace and Facebook, you might want to add friends (but not spam them), so that it increases the chances of them clicking and reading any of your articles.  If you are good and they are interested, they might bookmark your site or profile page to keep updates on your writings.

2) Invite your friends and family

If you don’t mind sharing with them what you write, you can give out your links each time via email or in direct contact to your friends and family.  If you want to have a more detailed go at it, you can even text them each time you update an article.  Provided they are happy with you sending them a text now and then.

3) Create an Ezine

You can submit Ezine articles to promote your profile.  When people like to read what you have featured, they will come back for more.  Ezine is one of the most successful platform for a writer to get noticed, and that can also be good should you have a business and want to make known to others.  I believe Ezine can create the back-links that you so desired, so choose your best performing articles.  If you don’t want to link up, you can also create totally new articles each time, but providing your homepage url leading to your other articles.  That would show a more professional image, which means that you are there for the love of writing and showcasing your talent at the same time.

4) Write quality content

This sounds easy, but to write quality content, it actually takes quite some time before someone can be good at their writings.  Start with a website like Helium, which is filled with lots of amazing articles that you can learn as you go along.  Contribute to different titles and you can also put through your homepage url leading to your online articles on other sites as well on your profile page.  If you write well and good, there is a very high chance that someone will check your profile and even click the other websites you feature.  In a small way, that is considered as a back-link, so that would automatically increase your Google traffic for sure, since majority of users discover things through Google.

5) Submit your homepage url to Google link

This means adding your url to Google.  Each time you create a new profile page, you can submit your url to this Google link.  If you are in Helium, you can copy and paste your profile link and add it.  This would take some time to get on Google search engine, but there is a very high chance that Google will index your profile and all your articles as well.  You don’t have to submit each and every article each time.  Just your profile page will do.

6) SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

You do not have to be pro to be good in your SEO.  If you are not one whom likes to do keyword search, then don’t do it.  Instead, use your creativity and create titles that are unique.  When your titles are unique, others might not have the same title and chances of them being discovered on Google traffic will definitely increase.  And make sure you repeat certain important keywords that is relevant to that article in your body of content.  This will also boost your SEO.  Anyway, you are writing for humans, not robots.  So write creatively and worry about the SEO later.  In most cases, it will come through naturally, because without realizing it, you might have created words which are unique in SEO and hence, increasing your traffic flow for sure.

With all being said, these methods are which you can follow to increase your Google traffic to your online articles.  The main point is never to give up believing that you can do it, and to create on adding new contents.  With time, patience and belief in yourself, success will come your way.  Good luck to all.

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