Why Is Instagram Music Not Working & How To Fix It

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Instagram music not working? Don‘t worry, you‘re not alone. Many users have been reporting issues with adding music to Instagram stories, reels and posts.

The music sticker feature is supposed to make it quick and easy to add songs to your Instagram content. But errors like "music unavailable in your region" and "couldn‘t load music try again" can get in the way.

As a social media marketing expert and tech geek, I totally get how frustrating issues with Instagram music can be. There are few things worse than spending time creating amazing video content, only to have the music sabotage the end result!

The good news is – most Instagram music problems can be fixed with a few simple troubleshooting steps. I‘ll walk you through why Instagram music stops working and the best ways to get it back up and running properly.

Stick with me and you‘ll be rocking out to your favorite tunes on Instagram again in no time!

Why Does Instagram Music Not Work?

Before we dig into fixes, it helps to understand what causes Instagram music to fail in the first place. Here are the most common reasons the music sticker stops working:

Outdated App Version

Keeping apps updated is a digital hygiene must. But it‘s easy to forget and let those updates pile up!

Running an outdated version of the Instagram app is a prime suspect for music not working. The developers are always tweaking the code and older versions become incompatible.

Updating to the latest Instagram app version clears out bugs that can interfere with music.

Server Outages

With over 1 billion monthly active users, the Instagram servers have their hands full! Server outages and technical issues are bound to happen.

When the backend servers encounter problems, music and all other Instagram features are liable to glitch.

Weak Internet Connection

Your home Wi-Fi or phone data plan needs to be strong enough to power bandwidth-hungry apps like Instagram.

A weak, unstable internet connection prevents the music files from loading correctly.

Licensing Restrictions

The music available in Instagram comes through licensing deals with artists, record labels and publishers.

They control which songs can be used, often restricting songs by region and platform.

Account Type Differences

Personal accounts on Instagram have access to more music than business or creator accounts in some cases.

Switching your account type can suddenly take away music sticker features that previously worked.

Device Compatibility Issues

The devices we love eventually show their age. Outdated operating systems, low storage space, and hardware limitations can hinder Instagram music.

App Bugs

Even when everything seems fine on your end, bugs in Instagram‘s code can still pop up and cause music glitches after updates.

With the most likely culprits in mind, let‘s go through each fix…

12 Ways to Fix Instagram Music Not Working

1. Check Instagram Server Status

Is it just you? Or is Instagram down for everyone right now?

Before you spend time troubleshooting, first check the Instagram server status at

If there‘s a spike in recent Instagram outage reports, give it some time to recover. Global outages bringing Instagram music down rarely last long.

2. Update Instagram to the Latest Version

Here‘s an easy fix you can try in under a minute.

Open the App Store (iOS) or Play Store (Android) and check for any Instagram app updates. Download the latest version.

Updates regularly include bug fixes and optimizations that improve music functionality.

3. Force Restart Your Phone

Restarting your phone refreshes things and wipes away gremlins.

On iPhone X or later – hold Side and Volume Down buttons together until the power off slider appears.

On earlier iPhones – hold Power and Home buttons together until Apple logo appears.

On Android – hold down the Power button for up to 30 seconds until phone restarts.

Once your phone is back up, reopen Instagram and try the music sticker again.

4. Check Your Internet Connection

Without stable internet, you can say bye-bye to tunes.

Make sure you have a strong Wi-Fi or mobile data connection when trying Instagram music.

On Wi-Fi, move closer to the router. Or switch between Wi-Fi and mobile data to isolate the problem.

5. Reinstall the Instagram App

If updates and restarts aren‘t working, try uninstalling and reinstalling the Instagram app:

  • iOS: Tap and hold the Instagram icon until the (X) appears to delete it.

  • Android: Tap and hold the Instagram icon, then drag to Uninstall at the top.

Then open the app store and redownload a fresh version of Instagram. Log in and test music again.

6. Allow Instagram Through Firewalls

Security apps and firewalls can sometimes block Instagram music without you realizing.

Make sure to add Instagram to your allowed apps list in any antivirus, VPN, firewall or security tools you use.

7. Free Up Device Storage Space

Low storage capacity on your Android or iPhone can contribute to Instagram glitches.

Clear old photos, videos, and files through your phone Settings to free up more internal storage room.

8. Update Your Operating System

Having an outdated OS version can spell trouble for app performance.

On iPhone, go to Settings > General > Software Update to get the latest iOS.

On Android, go to Settings > System > Advanced > System Update.

Staying current helps prevent operating system-related issues.

9. Try Instagram Music on Another Device

If you have access to another phone or tablet, install Instagram and check if music works there.

This quick device test can reveal if the issues are isolated to just one device due to hardware limitations or software bugs.

10. Switch Instagram Accounts

Does Instagram music work fine on some accounts and not others?

If changing account types recently caused problems, switch back:

  • Go to your profile > Settings > Account > Switch to Personal Account

11. Use a VPN

VPN apps can mask your real location and help you bypass regional music restrictions.

Connect to a server in another city or country where the song may be available.

(Note: Using a VPN to access unauthorized content may violate terms of service.)

12. Contact Instagram Support

If you‘re still stumped after methodically trying the above steps, reach out to the Instagram support team through the in-app Help Center.

Explain in detail when the problems started and troubleshooting attempts. They may be able to fix account or app issues on their end affecting your music access.

Why Are Some Songs Missing from Instagram Music?

When searching Instagram‘s music library to add songs to your Story or Reel, you may not be able to find certain tracks.

Unfortunately, Instagram doesn‘t have rights to all songs for use in Stories and Reels. Availability comes down to complex licensing agreements.

According to Instagram‘s help pages, there are a few key reasons you can‘t locate a specific song:

  • The artist or record label has chosen not to license the song for use in certain countries or regions.

  • The song contains unauthorized samples or interpolated portions that Instagram cannot license.

  • The song is a cover version or live performance that Instagram doesn‘t have licensing rights to use.

  • The artist or label has requested that Instagram block the song from Stories and Reels.

If you can‘t find a song, here are some creative workarounds:

  • Try searching alternate song titles, remixes, or live versions that may be available.

  • Use a short section of humming or lyrics not covered by licenses.

  • Combine the desired song with your video externally before uploading.

  • Simply post your story without music and include the song name in text.

  • Find similar music that matches the vibe if the exact song is unavailable.

While licensing issues can be frustrating, avoiding copyright penalties is wise. Never upload unauthorized full tracks ripped from other sources.

By the Numbers: Key Instagram Music Stats

Getting perspective on how widely music is used on Instagram can help explain the prevalence of issues:

  • Over 1 billion Instagram users tap into music libraries for stories and reels each month

  • The Instagram music sticker is used in 1 in 5 videos on the platform

  • Over 90 million videos with music are shared to Instagram daily

  • Top artists featured in Instagram stories in 2021 include Drake, Billie Eilish, The Weeknd, and Justin Bieber

  • As of October 2022, Instagram offers a catalog of over 50 million songs available

With massive demand from users and creators, hiccups are inevitable. But awareness of scale provides helpful context.

Top Instagram Music Troubleshooting Tips

To summarize, here are my top tips for resolving Instagram music problems based on likely causes:

App issues: Update Instagram app, reinstall app, force restart your device

Account issues: Switch to a personal Instagram account

Internet issues: Check connection strength, use different Wi-Fi or mobile data

Device issues: Free up storage space, update operating system

Location issues: Try using a secure VPN in different country

Licensing issues: Search for alternate versions of song, use short snippets

Other issues: Contact Instagram support for help with unknown problems

Hopefully with some diligent testing and patience, these tips will have you rocking out to the perfect soundtrack on Instagram.

But I get it – troubleshooting can be tedious. As a last resort, consider engaging an Instagram management service. They act as technical experts on your behalf to resolve account and app issues just like music.

Your Instagram Music Questions – Answered!

I know troubleshooting Instagram music can lead to plenty of questions. So I‘ve put together some common FAQs with quick answers:

Why does it say Instagram music isn‘t available in my region?

Licensing deals limit certain songs by geographic region. A VPN can help you change regions to access restricted music.

Can I legally use copyrighted songs on Instagram?

Technically no, unless you have licensing rights. Use short clips only of popular songs to be cautious.

Why does Instagram music work on Android but not iPhone?

iOS and Android apps function the same, but device age, storage space, software issues may differ.

Why did Instagram music stop working when I switched to a business profile?

Business accounts have greater restrictions. Switch back to personal if changing types caused music issues.

How do I fix it when Instagram music won‘t load?

Check internet connection strength. Reinstalling the app can also help get music loading again.

Why does it say this song is unavailable for this video?

Certain clips get flagged for restriction. Try re-uploading video or choosing different song.

How do I add music that‘s not in Instagram‘s library?

You‘ll need to download the song then combine it with your video externally before uploading for full control.

I hope these Instagram music FAQs provide some quick clarity! But feel free to reach out if you have any other questions.

Now go fix that music and make some viral-worthy Instagram content!

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