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Iphone Introducing new Wave Journalism

The iphone has achieved several accolades for the innumerous innovative and splendid features and applications introduced in it. The iphone applications which make use of a wireless network have successfully bridged the gap between people living in different parts of the world. The ability of these applications to make use of an available wireless network to perform various tasks has also encouraged the journalists to promote mobile journalism.

In earlier days, newspapers and magazines were used to get news about the events taking place in the rest of the world. Nowadays, the iphone users make use of the application named AP Mobile News App to read news about the happenings taking place all around the world. The iphone has resulted in the birth of a new form of journalism which is known as mobile journalism. The iphone allows its users to take advantages of its features such as camera and video phone to capture various crucial moments and upload it to social networking sites such as twitter, facebook or youtube. The iphone makes use of an application named TwitPic which has been developed by a third party to allow users to transfer pictures to their friends when they login to their Twitter accounts.

The various tools which are needed by a citizen journalist are as follows:-

The iphone 3G possesses a voice recorder which is capable of filtering out the unwanted ambient noises. It can be used by a mobile journalist who owns an iphone to interview a person at anytime time of the day. The iphone can be placed at a reasonable distance from the person who is conducting the interview in order to wash out the ambient noise or can be placed on a medium such as a table. The iphone supports an application called Ustream Broadcaster. Users who are registered to use the video website Ustream can easily upload audio and video clips to this site using their iphones. Similarly, the users of the iphone can also upload their pictures and videos to a social networking website called Social Stream. At times, the video may be of poor quality. However, even a poor video is capable of stating a important message. The Iphone makes use of an application called Realdirector which allows its users to modify video and audio clips by trimming and joining them. The users can also add their own titles to the various clips. It can be used to combine various street interviews together. The iphone supports applications such as Notespark and Evernote which synchronizes and creates a back up of the notes on a remote server which helps in preserving the work even when the cell phone gets lost. The iphone supports an application named WordPress Application. This application allows the journalists to combine their own views and pictures or videos together and submit a post in different blogs.

The iphone supports a large number of applications which can facilitate the growth of the number of mobile journalists in the coming days.

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