Unlocking Jake‘s Combos in MultiVersus

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Hey friend! If you want to maximize Jake the Dog‘s potential in MultiVersus, you need to learn his tricky combos. Jake‘s stretchy, shapeshifting moves take time to master – but they let him unleash some seriously sneaky combos once you get the hang of them.

As an avid MultiVersus player and fighting game fan, I‘m going to showcase the ins and outs of Jake‘s combo game so you can impress your friends and dominate your matches!

Getting to Know Jake the Dog

For those new to the Adventure Time universe, Jake is Finn‘s best friend with magical powers – he can stretch, morph, and grow to ridiculous proportions! This gives Jake an incredibly versatile moveset for comboing opponents.

In MultiVersus, Jake excels at close-range fighting as a bruiser-class character. He lacks projectiles, so Jake must get up close to pressure enemies with high-priority attacks. Once Jake is in combo range, his stretchy limb attacks can rack up damage and carry enemies off-stage.

According to pro streamers like Hungrybox, Jake has untapped combo potential thanks to his ability to chain aerials together. Let‘s break down the key moves that make Jake‘s combos deadly:

Neutral Air: Jake spins rapidly, hitting enemies up to 5 times. This is his fastest attack and easily chained.

Down Air: Jake pogos enemies with his skateboard. A strong vertical KO move when spiked.

Side Air: Jake kicks with a stretched leg. One of his best combo starters/enders.

Up Special: Jake stretches vertically. Used to extend air combos if canceled.

Side Special: Jake launches forward riding Lady Rainicorn. Covers distance and starts combos.

Down Special: Jake transforms into a weight. Drags foes down and meteor smashes.

Now let‘s explore Jake‘s most potent combos utilizing these abilities!

Bread-and-Butter Combos

These reliable combos work at most damage percentages:

Neutral Air > Down Air: Short hop, fast fall, and L-cancel the Neutral Air into the Down Air spike for 22% damage.

Down Throw > Neutral Air: Down Throw pops enemies up for following up with a Neutral Air for 18% damage.

Side Air > Neutral Air: Fast fall the Side Air and chase enemies with a Neutral Air for 25% damage.

Up Air > Neutral Air: Drag opponents down with Up Air and connect the Neutral Air for 18% damage.


Use these combos to accumulate over 40% damage:

Neutral Air Loops: SHFFL (Short Hop Fast Fall L-Cancel) Neutral Air up to 4 times to juggle opponents. Deals 3-4% per loop, 40% total.

Side Air > Fast Fall > Neutral Air: Follow up a fast fallen Side Air with more Neutral Airs to deal 32% damage.

Down Throw > Neutral Air > Up Special: Extend the combo after Neutral Air with Up Special for 28% damage.

Side Special > Neutral Air: Rush in with Side Special and juggle with Neutral Airs for 22% damage.

Kill Confirms

End stocks early by finishing these high-damage combos:

Down Air > Fast Fall > Up Smash – Spike with Down Air into Jake‘s strongest ground move.

Up Throw > Up Air – Up Throw launches enemies into Jake‘s deadly Up Air spike.

Down Throw > Side Special > Neutral Air – Chase with Side Special and juggle into Neutral Air.

Down Special > Jump > Up Air – Meteor smash with Down Special into a lethal Up Air finisher.

Situational Combos

These combos require specific positioning or damage percentages:

Down Air (Off-Stage) – Spike opponents horizontally with Down Air for early edgeguard KOs.

Down Throw > Down Air (0-20%) – Connect Down Air after Down Throw only at low percentages.

Back Throw > Side Special (Near Ledge) – Throw enemies off-stage into Side Special spike.

Down Throw > Neutral Air (100%+) – Down Throw to Neutral Air kills at very high percents near top blast zone.

Optimal Maps & Platforms

Certain MultiVersus stages give Jake the space to extend air juggles:

  • Tree Fort and Sky Arena – Large undersides and platforms to SHFFL aerials.
  • Scooby‘s Haunted Mansion – Floating platforms to jump between for combos.
  • Trophy‘s E.D.G.E. – Side platforms to utilize for fall-through combos.
  • Cromulons – Low ceiling and walls to bounce opponents between for vertical combos.

Advanced Combos and Extensions

Once you‘ve mastered the basics, try these advanced combo techniques:

  • Back Air > Fast Fall > Neutral Air – Add a Back Air before chaining Neutral Airs.
  • Side Special > Down Air – Rush off-stage with Side Special into a Down Air spike.
  • Down Throw > Side Special – Bounce opponent off ground into Side Special launcher.
  • Dash Attack > Neutral Air – Low percent combo starter.
  • Falling Up Air > Up Smash – Drag down Up Air into Up Smash finisher.

Perks Which Enhance Combos

These perks synergize well with Jake‘s combos:

Triple Jump – Gives Jake more jumps to extend air juggles off-stage.

Collateral Damage – Increased attack speed after getting hit allows rapid follow-ups.

Hit Me If You‘re Able – Grants armor on attacks like Neutral Air to resist interruption.

I Dodge You Dodge We Dodge – Extra dodges let Jake evade and punish whiffed attacks.

Tips for Executing Tricky Combos

Here are my top tips for landing Jake‘s combos consistently:

  • Utilize short hop fast falls to quickly chain aerials.

  • Time your second jump quickly after connecting hits to stay on opponents.

  • Dash or drift forward after launching foes to extend combos.

  • Cancel lag with dodges, fast falls, or specials to smoothly link moves.

  • Learn to L-cancel Jake‘s aerials to minimize landing lag.

  • Use platforms and walls to extend air juggles.

  • Practice combos slowly, then speed them up once the timing clicks.

  • Go into Training mode and turn on Hitboxes and DI to refine combos.

With enough practice, you‘ll be stunting on foes with Jake‘s stretchy combos. Now get out there and show ‘em what Jake the Dog can do!


Written by Alexis Kestler

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